Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Don't EVER shop from TOBI again, NOR engage USPS to deliver your stuff.

Don't EVER shop from TOBI again, NOR engage USPS to deliver your stuff. USPS CLAIMED that my address is incorrect and hence resend my package back to San Francisco without even calling me. Fking stupid. My address is TOTALLY CORRECT. And TOBI expects me to pay another $10 for delivery. This is not my 1st time ordering from them and the previous time was OK. I emailed them, requesting them to liase with USPS as they had made a MISTAKE but TOBI just patronized me with an email and demands $10 for re-delivery. Looking at TOBI's attitude, even if I pay $10 despite it's not my mistake, if USPS still continue to claim they can't track my address nor do they give a call to me, the package is still gonna to be resent back to TOBI. And TOBI doesnt give a SHIT.

So yup, I'm NEVER going to shop there again. Utterly ridiculous and disgusting customer service. They said they will refund me, let's see when my money comes back. Waste my time doing the browsing and purchase. Sickening.

You can shop at your own risk.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


獅子們請分享讓人了解你們,善用分享標註身邊的獅子。達人秀合作頻道: 鍾揚【秀出你的代表作】►你將有機會獲得百萬曝光,成為下一個網路傳奇 #影音 #達人秀合作頻道 #鍾揚 #投稿入選
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Healthy Recipes

Came across a very useful website which shares healthy recipes categorized by your needs!!

I just wish I have some time to try out some of the dishes. Will try

No doubt, the one which caught my interest.


Lately tummyaches have been very prone after meals....not to mention my IBS......sigh....

Enjoy!  Let's all stay healthy together!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Barclays Asia Trophy Finals 2015 (BAT2015)

Hi everyone!
Selamat hari raya to all my muslim friends and clients!! Hope you all enjoy the long weekend!

It had been a super wonderful long weekend for me! Had sashimi buffet lunchie and hightea cakes session with the tai tai girlies group. Had lots of drinks with my very trusted very-eh-lim gang. Caught movie and also my first ever live football match in a VIP suite too. It was truly a very awesome experience!

The buffet dinner!!

You probably couldnt believe the food tastes SO GOOD! The seafood were all huge, juicy and fresh, I just couldnt get enough of it!

Arsenal VS Everton
Total attendance 52K+!!

Ars - Eve, 3 - 1. Felt kinda sad for Everton although I'm a supporter of neither. Both played VERY well but yeah Ars better. The referee seemed to be pretty biased towards Ars, although both teams were not really rough in this game. I thought it doused the spirit of Eve, especially when 1 goal wasnt counted because it was judged as off-side. From our view here, it was on-side. Eve weak defense from 2nd round onwards, not much stamina as Ars and I realllllyyy think they gotta change a goalkeeper... Eve's spirit is really admirable! Still chiong after 3 - 0. Oh well. first live match, cool experience! 

Ootd. Cheap backless ice blue dress from taobao, altered abit for $10 I think!
Love my leafy pendant from U.S. Made with real leaf and plated so each and every 1 is unique!

My hubby so funny lor....say my pictures always like to act innocent. Damn rubbish lor. I said I where got act, I only never smile only. Because I smile always weird weird one, not natural. Dont smile then become bitchy face. Sigh.............

Love my gold MK mini pouch bag! Saw it selling at S$400 in Sg(not boutique) and I only got it from U.S. at US$175. Happy lor! Hee!

Actually I'm really a pretty simple girl. Easily contented, easily happy. I dont dislike people easily, it's almost quite impossible for me to hate someone. Even if there is, hate fades away quickly because...I also dont know why, it will just fade away. Zzzz No matter how much I dislike a person because of how badly he or she had treated me before, I will still feel a tinge of sadness if something bad happens to them. I'm not saying I'm a veryyyy kind person or anything. I'm just saying, I'm like that. Tend to feel alot, form alot of impressions, give alot of opinions but usually I'm refering to the subject matter at hand, I dont bear grudges easily.

Which is probably why I DONT understand how in particularly some girls can hate me so much. Quite the most ridiculous thing happen to me during a guy friend's birthday party at a club; his female friend actually purposely splashed drinks on my chest. And no, the bitch is perfectly sober. Seriously it's WTF. You know this is the kinda thing which Ah lians do during their teenager years at places like Sparks etc.

And I'm retired-from-clubbing 33 year old auntie. She's no better lah, probably around 37 year old. Divorcee with 3 kids and do weekly clubbing at Shanghai dolly. But seriously, her actions and the way she behaved, really like chao ah lian lor.

So tempted to paste her picture here but dont want lah, since she got kids.

I wouldnt step into a club unless it's some good friend's birthday party or it's really some public holiday gathering. And it was a dear friend's birthday that night.

I saw this chao ah lian less than 5 times at gatherings and we hardly tok because I'm not the friendly type and well, I can feel she doesnt like me even from the 1st impression. Seriously I dont care whether she likes me or not. But this lao ah lian really behaved like a rough chao ah lian. There was once when we were at dolly, being with mutual friends gathering, like maybe a year ago. She was pestering a guy friend of mine to drink, chasing him round and round. And he finally took refuge by hiding behind me, AS IF me standing at 1.5m can shield him like that. Of course cant lah. For whatever unexplainable reason, that pissed Miss Chao Lao Ah Lian big time. That face, as black as coal. And that night, while my friend was signaling me to go over to his side, she elbowed me when I was just behind her. Nabei, she so tall. When she elbow me, it's exactly at my NN lor. So painful.

From then on, I tried to avoid her. But seriously, what I did? I did nothing! I really feel all these problems I have is my guy friends 害 one. The same exact guy, somehow, always have females chasing him around to force him to have drinks and he always find me to be the shield. Once, he stoop to even saying that I'm his gf, to stop his swarm of.....bees. Like what can I say? I dont even need to say anything, I merely smiled politely. And one of those girls....who looked like 10 years younger, immediately asked me with a snicker, "You're his girlfriend? old are you? Not very young liao right?"

I TELL YOU HOR MY FIRE~~~~ BUT STILL, I calmed down and said something peaceful. Dont remember what I said, because too long ago.

Ok. Fast forward to the day of my friend's birthday party where the lao ah lian splashed me drink. Prior to that, we were having drinks at a hotel room. I was trying my best to get the very skillful birthday boy to drink by playing 5-10 but to no valid. He too pro liao lah. I had no choice but to resort to card games which got to do with luck and people. So I was spreading the cards out and well, during a birthday party, everyone tend to get friendly with ALL the people. And this guy, whom I dont know, asked me how to play the game. SO, I explained to him, plus giving him tips on how to make the birthday boy drink by using our cards, since that's the ultimate aim; to make him drink and drink.

THEN, another guy friend JOKINGLY said infront of allllll of us, " dont tackle him leh....he is XXXXX's 菜 leh......"

The guy clearly looked embarrassed.

I said, "I DID NOT."

He said, "Got hor.....

I said, "I REALLY DID NOT! If I really got that intention, I go out immediately let car knock down and DIE okie!!"

I WAS THAT ANGRY. Like how the fck I know this stranger is whose whose friend and whowho like him. AND, I didnt even INITIATE to talk to him! He was just asking me how to play the card and I merely explained! It's not as if wahhh we laughed together, I slapped his hand or things like that.


Immediately after that, I went into the washroom and I AVOIDED the guy with a 10foot pole. Eventually all of us left for dolly. Whatever the case is, I'm totally AWAY from the guy the whole time in dolly. Erm wasnt until I got abit seh, my 2 girlfriends helped me to go toilet etc and he followed wanting to help(dont know where he pop out from). Eventually my gfs sent me home.

So...the chao ah lian is XXXXX's bff, so I dont know if the splashing of drinks is somehow linked to this guy or not. Seriously the weirdest things happen particularly in this group. Another guy fren got drunk in the hotel too and talked so loudy, "FION! You are married! You must be happy okie! You must be truly happy...."

I'm like........oh boy...please dont start again. Although I dont really like to share my personal stuff when there're alot of people whom I dont really know, me too announced loudly as a acknowledgement of my friend's...erm....blessing. So I said loudly too, "Yesss! I'm MARRIEDDDDD!! And I'm very happily MARRIEDDDDD! Dont worry ya!!"

My another guy friend thought I berserk liao. Zzzzzz know when I'm really angry I can spew alottt of vicious words. But maybe it's the age(I've mellowed down), I merely walked away angrily after she splashed on me. You must think me coward though... Those vicious words were in my heart(as to why she may behaved like that) but I never did say them out in any way. YD saw someone splashed at me but it was dark so he didnt see who. Got friends in the group asked me but I didnt say, because I want peace, I dont want more chaos. I did tell my some very close friends about the incident but none of them are in this group, neither do they know the chao ah lian. It's just my only way of....releasing my bottled anger.

Quite the only thing I posted in my fb was, "To the person who splashed me drink, PLEASE GROW UP!"

So you wonder why am I posting this.

Firstly, no one from that group knows I have this blog, so they'll never got to hear my rant.

I want peace. But I just want to ...say it feel better.



I mean...really....why?? Really because of that incident or what? I'm a curious cat. But I cant and wont probably go ask her. I really dont even meet her as she's basically not in my circle. I saw her few times only and we hardly interact.


Saw her sharing this link on her fb,

The Real Reasons The Hottest Girls Never Have Boyfriends

Really serious?

Maybe she is just pyscho.

Life of a shortie

THIS IS SO FUNNY! YES, and TOTALLY Meeeeeee! #shortielife #whocanunderstandme :P

15 Struggles Only The Shorties Out There Can (Unfortunately) Relate To

Posted Jul 16, by Christen Grumstrup
Sometimes...being short...really sucks. 

1. You're always looking up:

Which, isn't a terrible thing...but sometimes gets annoying. We feel for you Kim, really. 

2. Mirrors become a real issue:

3. When your friends are really tall:


4. Laundry becomes an issue:
Every time. 

5. Long skirts become long dresses:

Perks of being short. Sometimes. 

6. It becomes your excuse for almost everything:


7. Half the world is out of your site:

Twitter: @Sam_Halliday
Preach it, Nicole. 

8. What you eat even becomes an issue:

Top row? No way. 

9. Surrounded by tall people:

Just makes you feel so, so small. 

10. Trying to get into the group circle:

11. Moving the seat way up or using a pillow is totally necessary when driving:


12. When someone feels they can use your head as an arm rest:


13. Countertops become the floor:

14. Jeans are always too long:
Struggle for life.

15. Sitting on tall chairs becomes the most difficult task:

Just act casual.

H/T WittyFeed