Saturday, February 7, 2015

8 years of misunderstanding, finally cleared. 傷, 不许追人。

Few weeks ago, I got a real shock from a good friend of mine, who used to be my ex. It might be the alcohol that wrung an admission from him; he didnt actually say it all out but he sang out the song(we were in a ktv pub with another friend) and asked me to read the lyrics. I didnt know which was worse.

From the title "傷追人", I knew it was nothing good. But I didnt expect it was soooo bad.



作曲:側田@On Your Mark
編曲:Ted Lo/側田@On Your Mark



知了電腦雜誌 舊信合照
護照尚有一個電爐 欠你這麼多

*我最多 把軀殼暫時就當不屬我
 麻木去受你 最後重擊一趟
 怕什麼 我堅拒為情敵駁火

 原來傷懂追我 不必去躲*




我最多 把軀殼暫時就當不屬我
麻木去受你 最後重擊一趟
怕什麼 我堅拒為情敵駁火
傷口早已忘我 分開得夠清楚

This 4 minutes song felt like the longest 4 minutes of my life, with colour draining off my face every second. My other friend exchanged nervous glances with me while "he" sang. Apparently, that friend was as shocked as I was, for "he" hardly gets sensitive and emotional, being the "cool guy". But our friend told me after the breakup, "he" sang that song frequently for some time.

For awhile, I couldnt understand it at all. It seemed alittle..too....exaggerated. Broke up only mah....why sound so serious..... But it all started to make sense when I recalled that fateful night where we parted after a quarrel and realized we couldnt be friends anymore. He saw how I left with a friend who came to fetch me, who eventually became my bf and then my hubby, Adr.

It was around 8 years ago.

Sigh... at the moment of realization, I felt so bad, so bad, so bad.

He actually thought I had a new guy and that's why I wanted a breakup. And he thought I was showing off when I arranged to meet Adr right after that. God no! Nothing like that. I will never 2-time or ditch a bf for a new guy. And I never thought he will come chase after me and thus saw Adr and misunderstood both of us. It's not that we got something to hide but I also knew it wasnt appropriate. So I arranged to meet Adr somewhere further away, like a 10minutes walk. I never thought he will follow me, worrying that there was no cab around. And for the record, I definitely wasnt seeing Adr then. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW ADR LIKES ME THEN. After 6 months then I know. Yeah, after that we got together. BUT we were only purely friends back then. Talk about short, I only know about his feelings after 1 year.

I'm that clueless.

We got together 6 months later after I broke up.

But my ex didnt know. He was so angry then that he shouted nothing pleasant at me when he saw Adr. Alright, he shouted, "You f*cking having an affair right?!" To which, despite I was angry, I did rebutted "WHAT THE HELL YOU TALKING?!"

I mean that's the best I can managed being accused of something so degrading and being shouted in public. Of course we never talked since then. But I never knew the misunderstanding carried on for as long as 8 years, causing him so much hurt. I really dont know. It wasnt the most amiable breakup but I thought it was okay because it was kinda mutual? And there is no 3rd party. I NEVER dreamt he thought otherwise!

Years passed and we are now still good friends(1st few years no contact until a mutual friend asked us to play mahjiong together). Maybe I should be glad he said it out, so that I have the chance to clarify. When I said my piece, he was still dubious and said, "Yeah right, and you got attached soon after and then married the next year".

Duhz...ya...married is married. I mean we got hitched quite soon after being together for 1year plus and that is NOT because we started when I was attached! I will never do things like that! In fact, initially, after Adr made his feelings known after I was single for a few months, I said I prefer to stay single because I was enjoying my single life.

I may not be the best girlfriend BUT I have never 2 time anyone in my life.

Anyway, that probably explains why despite my ex and I got back into contact years later, I always have the feeling that he despised me for something. Zzzz. He still treats me well like a good friend lah...but that arrogant attitude....argghhh!

Now I understand why....sigh....

Okay least the truth comes to light....albeit after 8 years...

That's me. Lazy to explain myself. Thought everyone trusts me and understands how I'm like. Apparently notttttttttttt.

Thinking back, I probably cant be friends with an ex whom I think had ditched me for another girl and presumably, showing off by strutting off with her infront of me. Worse still, married her 1+ year later.

I got to take my hat off him...for his magnanimity....I probably cant do the same. He's single for the past 8 years despite there are ladies who like him(it's not because of me okay, think he didnt meet anyone he likes). I really hope he can find a lady who can bring him happiness. That will be my greatest wish. And of course, friends forever. I will always be there if he needs me.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

PTPS Gathering!!

This gathering is really unlike the normal ones I have! Except 2, the others I haven meet for close to 2 decades!!! These are my primary school classmates and my closest through my 6 years because we were classmates for pri 5 and 6. Probably the 2 years which we still remember "some things". Although we laughed so much when we brought up the past and compared with our personality now. Most of looks the same but I think there's much changes in most of our personality! And it really seems funny! We chatted about anything under the sky but mostly about how we are doing, working in which industry and asking how are the others who cant make it that night. I'm sure we'll have more gatherings though. =)

It's really very heart-warming because you know why, it's like, despite we haven seen each other for so long, we dont have inhibitions, we speak whatever's on our mind. (I dont see anyone being super cautious with words). Apparently, our girls are more gung-ho than the guys who are very well-mannered. It's so funny with with their "nabei" and "fcuk" flying all around but hell I love my girls like that. Lol. 200% better than girls who act demure and innocent and then be a bitch behind you. And I actually thought every group sureee have some irritating people who'll asked where you're staying and he/she owns how many private properties and why arent you staying in one, OR, why are you still single or things like that, OR,why you never consider change job etc etc. 

BUT NO! All are so humble and nice. And I'm super glad all my ex-classmates are doing well and happy with their lives. =D

When you reach a certain age, you wont care whether your friends are rich or not, or the age gap between both of you(I never care about these though), but rather how REAL they are.

Of course if they're so REAL about being a bitch, then that's another story. 

Hmm on second thought...I dont really mind least they dare to be one. Like me, I'm quite a mean bitch too. But at least if I dont like you, I dont act that I like you. I dont expect you to like me too. And if you are my friend, I'll tell you my honest views all the time. And I hope you do the same to me. What I hate most is those hypocritical ladies who acted totally different from who they really are. The most disgusting part, is they can actually act they careddd so much for you when everyone is around, but behind drives a spike through your back when you are not looking

I can never chastise myself enough for 1 incident. Almost all my friends(guy and girls) told me this girl is something wrong and couldnt be trusted, and I even defended her by saying, "How is it possible? She treats me soooo well you know. Maybe there's a miscomm and that's not what she meant. She's really a nice girl."

Haha In the end, I'm that fool lor. Always the last to know. Guess what, all my friends said the same thing. "Now then you know ah."

It's not funny. Humph!

PTPS hunks and babes, gather soon again!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

So much pain *edited*

So much had happened last year and for now, it only seems the peace is temporary and a typhoon is secretly brewing. 2014 had been a year of ups and downs. Even now coming Jan 2015, it's not totally smooth, both in my work and my social circle.

For my work, it's much too sensitive to say it here. In fact, I've kinda long ago ditched blogging because I'm just tired; I'm really tired to blog it out although I used to feel better after doing that. But well I thought this blog is like almost dead and not many people reading it so heck. As you grow older, you'll be disgusted and terrified at how things can get complicated just because other people dont feel secure because of whatever that is important to them. Since I cant really change the outcome(as for my work issue) because the power lies in others' hands, I tried to stay optimistic and and stop thinking about it.

My philosophy: If there's nothing I can do to change an outcome, or I've already done everything to change an outcome, and yet I still cant, then I will just get it out of my mind.

It seems there can be more possibilities with how I'm doing in my social circle. I made some friends, some real some fake, got closer with my existing friends, as well as losing some. But I'm still glad those of my closest are still around, offering their ears for my comfort. I love them so so much. Sometimes dearie complains that I meet them wayyyy too much. I told him, "Count yourself lucky too that I have them, for I couldnt have walked so far with you, granted you are such an uncaring and insensitive man."

He shut up. Hahaha!

Actually in life, friends come and go. Usually I'm cool. Many asked me why I just cant let go, of a certain she who had for god-knows-why reason to kick me out of her life, and literally out of our usual social group. I said I cant let go because we had been the closest friends for more than a decade. She tried so hard; to pull people to stand on her side to dislike me altogether. When it's kinda not possible(well some are closer to me while some are just neutral), she goes to the extent of splitting up the groups into 2 even when our dear mutual friend had a birthday! It merely means, "I simply cant stand the sight of you, no matter it's celebrating people's birthday or not."

To this extent, I was really appalled. Did I seduce her husband? Did I kill her family? We're the kind who hanged out at least once every 2 weeks, hanged out alone as well as go tours together. I introduced her to almost everyone of my friends, pulled her to join my circles.

Obviously my neutral friend who was having the birthday was kinda stucked in the middle too, and he said the other group had booked him this weekend and he'll celebrate with us next weekend. Which is like, ???!!! By then his birthday already over. I'm quite restless when things happen to me, it makes me super sian BUT I get extremely frustrated when things get too far and create problems for OTHER PEOPLE. In this case, it's my friend's birthday party. And I told the group that please go and enjoy all of you without me, I will meet the birthday boy alone for dinner next week to make it up to him.

Just couldnt stand the whole hoohaa is because of me and spoiling our dear mutual friend's birthday party.

However, my friend and the whole group decided to "wait for me" to celebrate his birthday together because some of them also got disgusted at how this whole saga and refused to join the other group. Which I think she dont mind, she only hates me, not my friends. In fact, she tried very hard to pull my friends over to her side. Arggghhh machiam primary school like that. Common we're all grown-ups. Her close friends stay in her group, my close friends stay in mine, and some neutral ones stays in both. It's fine isnt it? Why need to complicate more? Does she really need to gather ALL into HER group and make everyoneeee ostracize me like she did?


In any case, we celebrated our dear mutual friend's birthday the same weekend, albeit different days.

You know how ironic it is. I've never stopped my friends from joining the other group despite her aggressive recruitment exercise. I'm more of someone who knows she wasnt welcomed and decided to stay away(Thank god I still have other friends lah). Because if I'm around, she wont be around.

And you know what....she gathered one or two very loyal followers(friends whom I'm not close with)...and they actually kicked a mutual, NEUTRAL guy friend out of their chat group, just because they thought(from what I heard) he's closer to me and are afraid that anything negative they talked about me, that mutual, neutral guy friend will come and tell me. Maybe they thought he's my spy or something.

My first thought is, want to talk bad about people then dont scared people know lo.....but anyway, they really think too much. They really think we very free go out always talk about these politics, as if the underlying storm is already not sickening enough. My guy friend simply bo chup one. I also dont talk about them to him nor ask him to "side with me" or things like that. He never ask, I also never say. Say for WHAT? Zzzz. Like I said, he's neutral and I'll like to leave it as that. But apparently, they dont like. And they hate anyone, just anyone who seeemmms to be slightly closer to me or hit it well with me.

My guy friend so poor thing. Nobody likes to be kicked out of a group chat, there are other neutral people inside the group too and it kinda affects the friendship of some people. I cried so much about this one night(in public, wah lau paiseh till want to die) because I felt SO SORRY towards my friend. And there my friends tried to console me again, by saying "Aiya nevermind small thing lahhhh...if me also will kick him out de laaaa, he always never talk hahaha"

But we know it's not a small thing!

And guess what, I totally dont know what I did to incur her hatred.

I always naively thought, well time will tell, truth will surface. I keep thinking maybe we had a misunderstanding and it will cleared up in time. I'm not one who bear grudges and I assumed everyone dont.

But apparently not! The grudge grew even stronger with the both of us absolutely not seeing each other(but still brewing beneath). HOW CAN THAT BE? Because I talked nothing of her, except the part where I really missed her friendship(in the beginning). Through time, nobody mentions her infront of me, because I will feel pain. They can see. So many people asked me to let it go. I got better with time...but...

I JUST couldnt understand it. Although I dont know what I've done to piss her...ok lah I know sometimes I'm too direct and blunt and offended her. I chastised her on **Edited...deleted...sigh....I think I better dont say.......** Said that in a group chat, pissed her off big time. So I ordered a bouquet of flowers to her house as apology. Sigh....I thought she was appeased and I thought all was well. But ever since then, she gets edgy and over-sensitive at whatever I said. At times, I dont even dare to talk anymore because she gets pissed with whatever I said. But we've been like that for the past 10 years......I mean, she should know me well and I should have know her well, we've been communicating in this style for the past 10years and everything was good! Why problems only surface now?

Until a close mutual friend came after 6-8months and told me the REAL reason for her hatred for me.

**Deleted....dont wish to say much.........**

In any case....

I'm tired.............really tired. 心很累。

While I dont bear wishful thinking that we can be back to be like old times, but really...can the whole saga stops....I'm old already....I'm really not up to all this mind games and 勾心斗角。 I just hope everyone can be happy, I can be happy.

I dont get it why people can only be happy only when hurting me again and again...Does it really make them happy? I really dont know how long I can endure all this pain...Everytime she does something against me, even up till now, surprisingly I dont even hatred for her at all, I just feel pain. So much much so much pain.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cooking with Philips Airfryer

Hi Everyone!! A belated Merry Christmas and an impending happy new year to all of you!!
Time flies and in a few days time, it will be the end of year 2014 already. Been neglecting this blog because I was busy and through time, simply lost the urge to write. Even while I'm typing now, it feels so weird. Lol. That being said, I'm still active on my facebook, Maybe age is catching up haha, I've been pretty much into cooking as well as making desserts, mainly with my Philips airfryer, Aerogaz Slowcooker or 3 tier Playbear Steamer. Sometimes I post recipes too, therefore feel free to follow me. =)

Chicken Cordon Bleu with honey ginger apple glaze

Vanilla Soufflé

Blueberry Chessecake

Chocolate Lava cake

Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup

All the dishes above(except the soup, by Slowcooker) are prepared using Philips Airfryer. =D If you're interested for the recipe, can drop a comment. I've been trying to eat healthier and no doubt, the airfryer can really reduce the amount of oil used. Previously I've been plagued by very persistent and bad cough which always come at night. Thanks to the haze. I've spent alot on medical bills. During 1 gathering, my friend recommended me this ready packet of chinese herbal ingredients for making soup. It was really yummy and I've noticed drinking it really stops my cough! If you're interested to know then can leave a comment ya.

Lastly......taken from my facebook
"At the vet. Saw a male doggy who wanted to befriend her, Vickki immediately sat down and act 淑女, with her paws(hands) closed together infront of her. Imagine how shocked we are(it's super unlike her, we voiced out aloud at the same time) "

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ditch These 4 Bad Habits to Free a Closed Mind

The way you communicate as a leader will grow significantly when you adopt the following principle: People have positive intentions.
There are rare exceptions, but people for the most part want to be respected and appreciated for their contributions in life.
Yet things don't always go as planned. And who hasn't made a mistake? With this in mind, business leaders should refrain from immediately passing judgment on others and take the time to wrap their thoughts around all aspects of a situation. By becoming more compassionate and giving others the benefit of the doubt, it's possible to gain insight into the causes of any atypical behavior. 
To foster a more unbiased approach, tune into your empathetic side. This requires revising certain modes of thinking, such as taking sides in a conflict. 
In Heart-Centered Leadership, I discuss the value of not judging or assuming but arriving at an understanding. This is a core principle for anyone in a leadership position to consider and put into practice.  
Try to develop healthier habits of mind. Identify and take responsibility for hypercritical tendencies, including the inclination to stereotype and make snap judgments about what people do.

1. Shed resentment.

Many people are quick to jump to conclusions, take sides, hold grudges and remain attached to a judgment of others. They turn to projection and blame. It's not uncommon for people to project onto others what's hidden in their own thoughts.
When you judge harshly, hold on to resentment and assume the worst, this comes out both verbally and nonverbally. Words and actions create impressions that may take on more power over time. When you see your thoughts becoming jaded by a layer of resentment, practice patience and remember to forgive, which is the ultimate antidote to resentment.   

2. Gain perspective.

Failing to view circumstances from another person's perspective is short-sighted. This leads to defensive behavior and the belief that someone or some force is behind the strain and difficulties in your life.
Instead of assuming or judging, stop, take a breath and attempt to gain some perspective. Then it's possible to discover that you may be reacting in a knee-jerk fashion. Flex your empathy muscle by asking better questions to get to the core of a matter. “How can I help?” is a simple question that can move mountains. 

3. Avoid complaining.

Complaining or reacting first and asking questions later is a trap that many leaders fall into. Be mindful of condemning others without providing positive insight or a collaborative solution. Pause before speaking and consider the impact of voicing your resistance or criticism. It's not your role to be the judge, jury and executioner. The paradoxical dynamic is that the more people stay in judgment, the more harshly others criticize them.   

4. Stop postponing support. 

When your mind and body are tired and stressed, you're more likely to make harsh judgments and poor decisions. Consider your workload and coping abilities. If you don't schedule time for fitness, social life and family, it's easy to bypass them. An additional benefit for a leader or business owner who practices self-care is that this demonstrates leading by example and encourages associates to do the same.
Making snap judgments and assumptions and being unwilling to understand others affects everyone, personally and professionally. It takes considerable effort but when you become more open-minded, things will shift in a positive way. Consistently making every attempt to understand the behavior of associates, customers, friends and family rather than automatically assuming that you know what happened or what someone else is thinking will yield significant and enduring rewards.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


不管從哪一方面來說 白羊本身就是一個矛盾的個體。與白羊相戀須知:1.很慢熱 我很冷漠 2.很直接 討厭轉彎 3.不喜歡說話 也不喜歡你太吵 4.喜歡自由的感覺 討厭囉嗦5.心智很成熟 看事很透徹 6.很絕 7.需要行動證明你愛我。
羊羊內心都很善良很柔軟。羊羊內在的感性絕對不會亞於雙魚,羊羊真的是毫無心機地活在這個世界上他(她)善良得如此無私,往往讓人覺得不真實。他(她)很怕很怕被人誤解 尤其是被自己在乎的人誤解。
羊羊人看上去不拘小節,其實感情上道德上有絕對潔癖,觸動原則的任何錯誤哪怕再小都沒有辦法彌補決絕的轉身,不回頭,不難過,不留遺憾 ,不內疚,因為內心已經想的很明白,問心無愧,犀利得一塌糊塗。
你的一點關心,心思細膩的白羊會記得你對他的好 把自己的愛毫無保留的送給你,白羊是不被瞭解的 可他們不會怨誰。他們會傻傻的認為 讓我承擔吧 別讓別人也受到傷害。所以 別讓他們最有魅力的笑容成為掩飾痛苦的偽裝 認真愛白羊。你會知道白羊的愛 是充滿淚水的。
白羊的反擊力很強吵架的時侯羊羊可能會說一些很讓人傷心的話,相信我,羊羊真的不是故意的。那是他(她)的直覺反應,吵架就是要吵贏嘛!羊羊很可能一說出口就後悔了,可是經常很難拉下臉來 衷心的道歉。不要跟白羊生氣,放他(她)一馬我保證他(她)心裡會很感激,對你加倍的好。
羊很懶,不想活得那麼累,能簡單儘量簡單,不愛解釋,始終認為懂自己的不用解釋,不懂自己的不必解釋,不相管那麼多不相干的事他(她)們只挑自己愛做的事,要麼不做,要做就做到最好。其實羊羊也是完美主義者,極端主義者,要麼破碎 要麼完美,不要中間。

牛兒有大地的特質 承擔一切 喜歡保護弱小 擅長照顧別人 簡直到了犧牲奉獻的地步 尤其對於情人的要求 會放在第一位 甚至不等對方開口 都能察覺對方心意 事先為對方準備好。牛牛的心很軟 很敏感 會因為悲劇的情節或他人的不幸而流淚。
牛牛:特悶騷 特害羞 特膽小。沒有安全感 佔有慾強 控制慾強。容易胡思亂想 多疑 極敏感 嫉妒心強 容易吃醋。忽冷忽熱 忽遠忽近。愛顧影自憐 雙重性格 嚴重精神分裂 特大號神經病。
牛牛的愛情 講究一步一個腳印 而不是敗絮其中的徒有外表。牛牛一旦愛上了 就一頭紮進去 他們會從細節入口 一寸寸的呵護這份緣妙不可言的愛情。金牛對待愛情的這股認真勁兒 即使沒有甜言蜜語 卻實實在在做著牽手到永遠的努力 牛牛給予的愛情你傷不起。
牛牛脾氣很倔 如果有一天 真的把他(她)惹怒了。絕對敢和你同歸於盡。讓牛牛消氣很容易 不管是金牛男還是金牛女 也不管對異性或者同性 只要你撒撒嬌說兩句軟話 保準牛牛不會再有脾氣。但如果是欺騙他(她) 那你要做好被傷心的準備吧 牛牛的世界對欺騙者可是很無情的哦。
金牛不善於改變 他(她)喜歡的 就會一直喜歡;他(她)不喜歡的,就永遠都不會喜歡。 金牛可以為朋友兩肋插刀 可以做任何事。但他(她)討厭被別人利用 所以 如果你想與金牛交朋友 就不要利用他。如果他(她)知道了 雖然嘴上不說 但是心裡會開始慢慢討厭你。
牛牛生性渴望理解 卻不奢求理解 安於孤獨。他(她)的優勢在於對於別有用心的人 能夠一眼看穿 並完全做到視若無睹。也許當自鳴得意時 牛牛想的正是不和這頭牲口一般見識!看他(她)就是這樣的心態 清高地忍讓 憂鬱地承受 卻酷得乾脆利落 只要不觸動他(她)的底線 一切都好。
一向以守財奴出名的金牛 面對自己重視的人卻可以非常的大方,對牛牛而言 一些不必要的花費是可以省下來的 但若遇到重要時刻他(她)可是花大錢絕不手軟 尤其對情人 更是大方 對牛牛來說 花多少錢在情人身上 是表現愛意的最好方式 只要覺得有價值 牛牛是不會捨不得的。

逃避是他們的習慣,他們對自己渴望的東西總是先退到一邊 似乎毫不關心然後突然撲上去。 他們沒有很強的適應能力 卻有天生的領悟力。他們以自我為中心 懂 得自我保護。他們最害怕孤獨 但又注定了孤獨。他們有很多秘密 他們把真實的自己藏於夜半的寂靜和午間笑聲的明朗中。巨蟹經常會說「我覺得」「我想」 他喜歡用敏銳的第六感來表達想法和感情。不喜歡複雜的環境 他喜歡呆在安靜的地方做他喜歡的事 喜歡跟志同道合的人組成一個小圈子自娛自樂。巨蟹座善良 體貼 不計較 會細心的記住好朋友的生日。或許多愁善感 但仍然會在最難過時給你微笑。
巨蟹是十二星座中最為戀家的星座 他們是現代的模範伴侶 他們無論走到哪裡都不會忘記家裡有人在等著自己 遇到巨蟹座的戀人是最大的幸福。巨蟹是一個很感性的星座 一旦陷入愛情就會想要時時刻刻跟對方黏在一起。所以對痴情的巨蟹來說 每次結束一段感情 都是最痛苦的經歷。
巨蟹天生悲觀 脾氣古怪 會突然爬進保護性的殼裡。在受傷後金牛座很少反擊 只會放棄 逃避是他(她)的習慣他(她)對自己渴望的東西總是先退到一邊 似乎毫不關心 然後突然撲上去。 他(她)很念舊 喜歡舊東西。他(她)最注重的就是安全感 希望被保護,卻常常是一個人。他(她)希望有屬於自己的空間 喜歡獨處。
巨蟹不喜歡受別人限制他(她)不喜歡任何東西過於圓滿 對他(她)來說有缺陷的人生才是完美的 缺陷是靈魂的出口。他(她)的快樂都是微小的事 比如看見一隻小貓或小狗。收拾乾淨自己的家 看著在花瓶裡有水珠的香水百合。。。很多巨蟹喜歡顧影自憐 喜歡自己舔傷口。他(她)心裡想什麼從來不說 別人也猜不到。
巨蟹座的人有包容心 一般不會為了一點芝麻小事而耿耿於懷,具有容人的雅量 很少拒人於千里之外 再加上其有禮貌 善交際 富幽默感之迷人個性及對人道主義的尊崇 會有許多朋友。事實上巨蟹座的人經常會在強悍的外表下 隱藏著一顆柔弱的內心他(她)就像這星座的表徵--螃蟹。
巨蟹總說著無所謂的話 喜歡瞎想 尤其是讓人流淚的情節 巨蟹夏天露出皮膚時厭惡被陌生人觸碰到 在公車上最為顯著 巨蟹討厭裝的人 但有時候自己也不得不裝 還裝得挺真的 巨蟹笑起來完全不顧形象 任憑周圍怪異的眼光也不會收斂 巨蟹的心思很簡單 不喜歡勾心鬥角。

雙子對異性有一種莫名的感覺 不一定是愛 也許是喜歡 也許是好奇,但肯定不是別人想的那樣。雙子好像特別能發現別人身上的優點 可怕的探險家 雙子對愛情的感受和別人是不一樣的 不過經歷多一些就不一樣了。
孤傲是因為他們自信 雙子善變是因為世界在改變 雙子沒有耐性是因為他們發現了不值得 雙子冷漠是因為他們害怕被傷害 雙子花心是因為他們沒有找到真愛 雙子不在乎是因為你沒有看到他們的敏感。 雙子們一直都只想把自己的快樂帶給別人 卻只把悲傷留給自己。
一般都說雙子花心,可當雙子遇到真愛 就是另一副模樣 他會失去以往的瀟灑 面對愛人 不敢說過激的笑話 雖然這是個視幽默為生命的星座。他變得貼心 變得患得患失。因為他不願意失去唯一的真愛 在雙子心中 真愛就是唯一 不是某一類 而是某一人。
雙子一半明朗一半憂傷 一半冷漠 一半熱情。 對陌生人無害,對不熟的人外熱內冷 遇到喜歡的人反而有種疏遠感他(她)會害羞。 有時很霸道 強烈的佔有慾 怕麻煩 所以不喜歡和人搞曖昧。 他(她)把感情也當作一種藝術欣賞他(她)選擇慢慢雕琢細 細細品位.。似乎都看起來傻傻的 這是一種自我保護方式。
雙子私底下總是很任性和小孩子氣的固執 即使是錯 下次還是固執;他(她)決定要做的事 就會堅持到底 只要想做就會把它做到最好;他(她)其實很開朗 不開心的時候就會隱藏自己 只是想讓自己顯的更獨立更堅強;他(她)不善表達自己的情感 所以常常用沉默取代表達。雙子 記得一定要幸福。
雙子一到,宇宙顛倒。無論是小打小鬧的整人招數 還是大製作大手筆的陰謀愚人 在他(她)那裡統統看得到。有一招使一招 沒一招想一招 愚不到人不痛快 愚到人了太痛快。雙子就像一個導演 專導整蠱大戲。若有個雙子的朋友 可要千萬注意 別一不小心成了他(她)戲裡倒霉的男女主角。
雙子對人際關係並非那麼重視 更不會刻意地去經營。雙子要的只是風平浪靜 和諧共處。雙子見人說人話 見鬼說鬼話的初衷並不是為了討好別人 只不過是為了避免麻煩。雙子並不喜歡糾纏在複雜的人際關係中 因此 話語會選擇配合 那只是為了自己輕鬆自在。

射手不記仇 但隨意的一句貼心問候射手必定記在心中。他們待人友善 真心對待朋友。但如果被朋友出賣 射手就會當作教訓 不去計較 遠離這種朋友 心裡傷心 但也要表現得堅強。他們喜歡和好朋友一起說說八卦 聊心事。射手不喜歡把自己藏得很深 喜歡跟別人分享好的事情。
射手對人真誠 但內心總有不安。在生人面前很拘謹 混熟後像哥兒們一樣可以交心 很豪爽不做作。射手寧願當眾人眼中嘻嘻哈哈的開心果 也不願讓你看到他(她)的淚。但這不代表他(她)不會難過。若你看到了他(她)的淚 證明你跟Ta很鐵;若因你讓他(她)流淚 那你很可能就會失去他(她)。
射手如果很愛你 絕對不允許自己在和你戀愛的時間裡跟其他人有曖昧言語 射手覺得愛一個人就要全心全意 要絕對忠誠。TA真的很專一 如果他(她)不愛你了 他(她)會直接給你說拜拜或找理由離開 因為他(她)不想拖泥帶水他(她)會用快刀斬亂麻的方式結束這段戀情 放棄愛你。
射手的性格 用一個字來概括就是快 大膽冒險 毫不怠慢的做任何事情 追求速度是他(她)的愛好 自由奔放也是他(她)追求的人生。對他(她)來說 人就應該直接朝著目標前進 一路的風光就算再美好 也只會是匆匆一瞥 就如同一些不重要的人一樣 只是過客 並不值得留戀。
射手座很簡單 不喜歡跟別人去爭些什麼 吵些什麼 除非觸及底線 。射手座看似堅強 其實在平靜的外表下 內心很容易受傷。 射手座會偽裝 即使遍體鱗傷 還是固執的假裝一副無所謂的樣子。臉上依然掛著天真無畏的笑容 射手不會耍心機 講義氣夠朋友 對待感情認真專一。
射手最讓人愛的地方和最讓人擔心的地方就是天真。雖然具有哲思,可太過善良和輕易相信別人的性格很容易被人宰割。他(她)認為,世界就是自己看到的那樣。黑就是黑 白就是白。想法太直接。射手是傻人有傻福 無知者無畏 大步的前行 福很容易到 禍也很容易到。射手需要有人在身邊。
射手談戀愛時容易胡思亂想 不能忍受被忽略的感覺 一點點也不能,另一半不理他(她)就會自己胡思亂想一堆 鑽進死胡同後出不來。然後另一半一個電話 又瓦解了所有了胡思亂想。想要控制 卻又下不了決心。射手錶面堅強 內心軟弱 想要佔有 卻又怕太過火 不停地自信與自卑交雜。
獅子座抑不是平常的孩子 他們像黎明的曙光 永遠帶著一股朝氣。獅子總是喜歡指使別人 有著天使的笑臉 惡魔的心。獅子像最虔誠的教徒 守護和敬仰著最美的夢 用笑容祭奠悲傷 他們本有那一雙愛笑的眼睛 望見天空時卻溢滿悲傷 或者正在祈禱著 天空不要為他們掉眼淚。
獅子們總是心軟 即使是面對著那個一次又一次傷害自己的人。獅子很固執 但是面對著一個很在乎的人 固執的性格卻消失了。獅子很傻很天真成天以為開懷大笑就可以忘記內心深處的疼痛。獅子總是這樣 總會去安慰傷痕纍纍的同伴 而自己的傷口卻只能由自己來治癒 他們真的很笨。
獅子吃軟不吃硬 經常口是心非 很樂觀又很悲觀 安全感不多,有點感性 有些話即使害怕錯過也不說 常常被人騙 小敏感 小潔癖 小心軟 害怕受傷 總說自己不孤單 其實很寂寞 對陌生人冷冷的 熟悉後就嘻嘻哈哈 總表現的很堅強 其實很軟弱 總被人誤解 卻不願解釋。
獅子給人感覺一向大大咧咧 不拘小節。其實 外表看似粗獷的獅子,也有他(她)小小細膩的一面。獅子的心思慎密 有強烈的保護欲,懂得照顧每個人的感受。獅子是不懼任何言辭的 有獅子出沒的地方,旁人不會感到孤單 氣氛永遠不會冷場。除非 獅子情緒不佳,刻意想使場面冷淡。
獅子重感情,容易滿足 更容易受傷 總有一種被忽視的感覺 付出的遠超過得到的 很固執 不懂得放棄 一點點事就胡思亂想 在別人面前笑得很開心 一個人的時候卻很落寞 陌生人前很安靜 朋友面前胡鬧 不喜歡一個人逛街 心情不好時喜歡聽憂傷的歌 經常不經意的發呆。
獅子看起來很堅強 不容易讓人看見心傷。在感情中就算分手,也會帶著無所謂的面具 默默承受一切。也正是因為這樣 要強的獅子會讓大家誤以為對情傷無所 謂 可以很快好起來。事實上 獅子對愛情非常有責任感 一旦愛定某人會非常認真的付出 獅子一旦決定了方向 就不容易改變。

處女座有時很憂鬱 也許在外表上嘻嘻哈哈 但當自己一個人的時,也許會故意找傷心的事回憶 感嘆命運的悲慘 然後第二天再抱著飽滿的精神面對朋友們 那種氣氛也許是可以營造出的悲慘 給自己的脆弱找個理由 告訴自己可以堅強 的確很堅強 至少不願讓別人看到眼淚。
處女們不愛說話 外表冰冷高傲 讓人無法接近 他們似乎是天生的悲觀主義者 因為理性的完美主義而瞻前顧後 他們總是低頭默默地自卑 卻永遠沒有害人的勇氣他們絕對不會在你困難的時候離你而去 會堅強的陪你度過難關 他們在面對痛苦挫折的時候 往往勇敢得令人佩服。
處女愛一個人的時候真的是「死了都要愛」 充滿羅曼蒂克的愛情藏在內心深處 一但你通過考驗 他決定付出時 壓抑的情感都將爆發出來 他會變得積極而大膽。所以 能被處女座選中的人是很幸福的 只要你是真的誠實 知性 負責。那麼處女座人寧願犧牲自已 也不會勉強所愛的。
處女為人知性 冷靜 理智 顧全大局 知性的代表; 面具下 處處們也是很敏感的 又多疑 還超級的悲觀。神經纖細 甚至還有點神經質 像個孩子一樣 只要一感覺到不安全了 就會內心彆扭糾結。表面看起來對很多事情都不在乎 其實內心糾結得要死 需要別人哄著逗著。
處女對任何事都要求過高 極其挑剔 但實際上處女本身也是最沒底,最矛盾的人。外表強悍到沒人真正敢融入進去 TA需要很多關愛,需要有一份堅定的安全感來鞏固內心的不安。處女最大的毛病就是缺乏安全感 就因為常年把自己保護得死死的 處女內心就是希望有一個人能看穿TA全部的脆弱。
處女座的人喜歡在傷心的時候聽傷心的歌 喜歡在開心的時候和在乎的人分享 常常口是心非 想拒絕卻開不了口 朋友挺多 但懂的不多 不喜歡主動聯繫別人 但絕不是不在乎 不喜歡欠別人 也不喜歡別人欠自己 很安靜也可以很瘋。不要覺得他(她)沒心沒肺他(她)只是對很多事看得很開。
處女的情緒來自內心深處 所以一旦發洩出來就會像火山爆發一樣,一發不可收拾。所以 處女需要與瞭解自己的人在一起 這樣才可以每隔一段時間就抒發一下自己的心事 把悶在心裡頭的不愉快全部掏空。對處女而言抱怨是有益健康的 請愛處女的人接受他(她)偶爾吐吐苦水 發發牢騷。

天蠍座討厭虛偽 討厭謊言 討厭欺騙。其實天蠍經常硬撐 即使一百個委屈 都習慣用自己的方式 獨自一人承擔。真正痛苦的時候 其實沒人看得見。他很注重公平 凡事都會分得清清楚楚 不會去佔別人便宜。他非常重感情 只要他真心認定的朋友 都會真心對待。
天蠍不愛發短信 也不愛打電話 懶蛋一個。對特別的人會例外,自尊心很強 強過金錢 強過事業 也強過愛情。天蠍座需要慢慢相處 因為天蠍座是個被動的星 座 慢熱的星座 放不開的星座 一見鍾情很難發生在天蠍座身上 天蠍的愛需要時間。他們會喜歡很多人 卻很難愛上一個人。
對愛,蠍子的賭注總是壓得很大 如果能贏 那麼他(她)將成為這個世界上最幸福的人 所有其他的都可以不在乎了。可一旦輸了 那份痛將使得再次關閉他(她)的心扉 從此不再對任何人打開 因為在他(她)的生命中已經承受不起第二次這樣的打擊了。也許他(她)還會笑 用笑去掩蓋那流血的傷口。
有人說天蠍心狠 說他(她)會很快忘記過去 而如果有人走進了天蠍的心裡 他(她)會很難轉身 捨不得轉身 即使帶給他(她)的會是傷痛。天蠍把自己小小的包裹起來 其實 天蠍很怕寂寞。他(她)很怕自己心愛的那個人消失 怕自己太依賴那個人 也許會覺得他(她)冷漠 其實天蠍會在心裡每天想千遍萬遍。
天蠍不喜歡爭吵 大多數情況下會用沉默來代替內心的不良情緒。但若遇到十分氣惱的情況他(她)會發威 結果是口不擇言 不用費勁地說世界上最惡毒的語言說出來給對方聽 中傷對方。但過不了兩天 天蠍自己會主動反省為自己的言語感到失態和後悔。
天蠍座的人不大會接受別人的意見 即便是他人不停地規勸 表面上點點頭 心裡還是有自己的一套。天蠍不大懂得察言觀色 如果愛人情緒有變化 天蠍會胡思亂想許多 認為會是自己哪裡做錯了。然後就會招來愛人的不滿!事實上天蠍並不想這樣 只是性格缺陷他(她)容易想太多。
蠍子沒事喜歡胡思亂想。性格與脾氣都比較極端 嗜睡 摯愛音樂,易被感動 喜歡跟喜歡的人身體接觸 恨不得把身體揉進去那種。有些悲觀 支配欲 有較強的依賴感 偏執 苛求完美 雙重性格 一般很抗拒有人走近 不喜歡聽見周圍有人不停交談 經常表現出對什麼都不在乎。
天蠍有時候令人難以揣摩 日常生活中 他們的思維方式甚至會讓你痴迷。他們不僅性感無比 而且還賦有精力 他們對其他任何異性都會冷酷到底 而對自己的老婆 則是溫情綿綿。而且蠍子其實很好哄的 只要你的手機時時為他們開著 不要不接他們的電話 出去聚會願意帶著他們 那麼蠍子絕對是最棒的伴侶。
當天蠍和自己的戀人鬧彆扭時 開始的時候他們會很堅決 大有一種決不首先向對方妥協的勢氣。時間一久 天蠍就開始想對方的好了 於是自己主動找上門和戀人和好如初就像什麼都沒有發生過。雖然蠍子的內心是有些氣的 但一見到戀人就又「傻」過去了 這就是我所瞭解的天蠍 自我矛盾加自我折磨的天蠍。
天蠍生性渴望理解,卻不奢求理解 安於孤獨 更樂於孤獨。天蠍的優勢在於 對於別有用心的人 能夠一眼看穿 並完全做到視若無睹。也許 當你自鳴得意時 天蠍想的正是 不和這頭牲口一般見識。看 天蠍就是這樣的,心態 清高地忍讓 憂鬱地承受 卻酷得乾脆利落。只要你不觸動他的底線一切都好。
天蠍座的人酷愛權力 喜歡有自己的思想方法。錢和物質對你是不可缺少的 但從不用它來束縛自己的手腳 你對那些對自己的事業 工作有過幫助的人 總是唸唸不 忘 肯為你們慷慨解囊。天蠍座的人需要經常不斷地處於忙碌之中 喜歡親自動手去做 喜歡改善自己的工作和生活環境 喜歡更新自己的想法。
天蠍座談戀愛時容易胡思亂想 不能忍受被忽略忽視的感覺 一點點也不能,如果另一半不理他(她) ,他(她)就會自己胡思亂想一堆 鑽進死胡同後出不來。然後另一半一個電話 又瓦解了所有了胡思亂想。想要控制 卻又下不了決心。天蠍座表面堅強 內心軟弱 想要佔有 卻又怕太過火 不停地自信與自卑交雜。
天蠍不會輕易付出愛 她們會保護自己。如果能經受住天蠍百般的考驗和魔鬼式的訓練 那麼他會幸運的成為她的愛 她們怕太認真 怕她們太強烈 不愛的時候冷的 像冰 愛的時候熱情似火 讓你很能適從。她們的思想是比較偏激的 要麼愛 要麼徹底的不愛。所以天蠍的愛永遠都是轟轟烈烈的。

天秤座的人心地善良 有古道熱腸和仁愛之心 富同情心而看重感情,處事力求公正與中庸 不願偏激 誠實溫和 是個理想主義者 生性浪漫 有自我犧牲的傾向 個性堅強 聰明 進取 具有靈活而好質問的腦子 常有非凡的構想。
天秤很容易受傷,很容易自卑,很容易滿足,很容易愛上一個人,很容易流淚 很容易……但是很難走出悲傷 很難忘記一個人 很難背叛友情和愛情 很難有心機 很難拒絕 很難對得起自己。天秤寧願犧牲自己的利益都會保全他人的利益 天秤真的值得深交。
追求完美的秤子一直在等一份不帶瑕疵的愛 秤子不會隨便愛,可一旦愛了便奮不顧身 單身的秤子執著堅持 寧缺毋濫 很多人以為他(她)高要求 其實只有枰子知道他(她)只想找對感覺。一旦拍拖了 傻傻的秤子便會掏心掏肺付出 無怨無悔去愛。秤子是個敏感脆弱的星座 拍拖時 對方就是他(她)們的整個世界。
天秤有時候心裡會莫名的難受,不知為了什麼 有時候 同周圍的人說說笑笑 卻覺得異常寂寞和孤獨 靜靜的看著窗外 會覺得自己是個容易被遺忘的人。有時候 冷眼看著身邊的人吵吵鬧鬧。有時候 覺得這個世界真的很假 很虛偽 真想就從這個世界上消失。
別以為善於交際的天秤擁有非常好的脾氣 那就大錯特錯了。如果他(她)從來沒有對一個人大發脾氣 那麼只能說明一點他(她)沒有把這個人當作真正的朋友 證明此人還沒有真正的走進TA的內心深處 至少尚還有一絲距離。一般天秤座的人在自己十分親近的人面前都會比較放鬆 但也容易發脾氣。
天秤給人的感覺 永遠是氣質優雅 好像不會生氣 總是很溫和的態度,對誰都很好的。其實私底下 也只會在很親近的人面前表現出懶散的 無理取鬧的樣子。秤子都是比較理性的 很少會感情用事 在衡量中會給人猶豫不定的感覺 如果給她一點時間 那絕對的會很乾脆利落。
天秤座的人心中總是放著一桿平衡的秤 不喜歡平靜的生活突然被打破,有著協調 愛好和平的性格。天秤的守護星是維納斯 他(她)對於美與和諧有著自己的喜好和唯美的見解。天秤天生外形優雅 舉止溫柔大方 無論男生女生都有難能可貴的高雅品質 身上總是會蘊藏著藝術的才華和靈感。

懂事又靦腆的摩羯 安靜 守本分 做事謹慎 踏實又有計畫 但是在內心深處卻深藏著自相矛盾的心:一方面有積極 熱情的個性 對自己喜歡的人或工作 有股不服輸的勁 令人刮目相看;另一方面 冷淡 沒耐心 出奇地不屑態度 從不會勉強自己去接受一份內心不認同的感情。
摩羯的人笑起來像個孩子 冷起來是個謎。一抹溫婉純真的笑容就能掩蓋一顆多愁善感的心。對於感興趣的事情執著的可怕 對於不感興趣的人連裝也難 拒絕一切裝的人事物 性格敏感,佔有慾強烈 缺乏安全感而有依賴感。喜歡胡思亂想,過份回憶過去沉浸悲傷難釋懷 自責心令人汗顏。
摩羯單純,善良,敏感。他(她)的單純與善良是深入骨子裡,容易相信一個人 相信一份感情 哪怕是在傷害之後他(她)依舊會好了傷疤忘了痛 他(她)把這樣的感受自己吐進了靈魂裡 折磨著自己 時刻不曾停歇。事實上一點點跟傷痛有關的事物 都可以刺傷摩羯的心。哪怕再微笑他(她)也會感知得到。
摩羯座的人都真性情 愛恨分明 總是口是心非。如果吵架 沒有多想,一定下一句話說的比對方更狠 更沒有退路 然後不知道得意個什麼。要命的自尊 喜歡簡簡單單就好 不喜歡世俗 一根筋想問題。開心時候什麼都能丟一邊 不開心時候一句話也不願意說。
摩羯低調 內向憂鬱 常常裝出一副嚴厲的姿態 給人感覺很冷漠,其實內心是火熱的 很善良 尤其是自己看重的人 受傷就會想要逃避 多數是吃軟不吃硬 脾氣很大 但是對事不對人 他(她)凡事都想靠自己完成 不想周圍的人為他(她)操心 ,他(她)很重視自己的面子 所以很少有人真正瞭解摩羯。
摩羯並沒有現實中強悍開朗 那句我很好 其實信不得。摩羯很缺乏安全感 一個痛心的觸點就能讓他(她)淚流滿面。摩羯其實眼淚很多 看不見他(她)的眼淚只是TA不願流露悲傷的情緒。摩羯最愛黑夜 因為黑夜是他(她)的保護色能將眼淚隱藏。請不要讓摩羯在黑夜裡流淚 其實摩羯都很脆弱。

天生樂觀的水瓶,最明白的是人生沒有後悔這兩個字 所以 他們不會對過去的不愉快有太多不滿 因為過去就過去了 在意也無濟於事 快樂也是一天 不快樂也是一天 他們會帶上好心情 朝著前方奔跑 如同愛情。只要有感覺 就會什麼也不在乎的瀟灑的談一場如痴如醉的戀愛。
水瓶的熱情可以把你融化 水瓶的冷漠可以讓你對自己產生懷疑,水瓶的霸道往往叫你無可奈何 水瓶的聰慧讓你連連嘆息 水瓶的冒失讓你斜線三條 水瓶的固執讓你火冒三丈 水瓶的幽默讓你覺得人生並沒有那麼多不快 水瓶故裝的堅強會讓你產生想疼惜的念頭。
水瓶真愛的門檻:專情 善良 純真。水瓶的人98%都是愛情的逃兵,心裡很想愛 可遲遲不放馬過來 抑或乎冷乎熱 只因水瓶害怕愛情。水瓶是屬於回報型的戀愛星座 只要你對他好 他可以為你放棄天使般的生活 水瓶座從不介意過著平淡的生活 水瓶會讓大家的生活充滿樂趣。
水瓶基本上是個很痛苦的人。表面上總是很有活力 很快樂的樣子,可是沒人的時候他(她)們又總是很憂傷。水瓶總會被一種莫名的悲傷籠罩 他(她)們不會讓別人發現。水瓶座的人很怕被傷害怕被拋棄 也怕帶給別人傷害和不快樂 只能自己硬挺著一切。所以水瓶很神經質 精神脆弱 容易感傷。瓶子對感情反應比較遲鈍 容易出現弄不清自己的感覺 不清楚想做什麼 覺得迷惘。在對方沒有非常明確地表示感情時會退怯 覺得愛情是兩廂情願 不想勉強對方。因為害怕失去 在沒有完全確定前決不輕易付出感情。也許是缺乏安全感 也許是對自己的保護 也可以算作是一種自私。水瓶堅持追求自由 但這並不代表他(她)的行為大膽開放 水瓶所追求的自由是精神上 思想上的。他(她)可能今天研究心理學 過兩天去學爵士舞 下個星期到醫院當義工。水瓶可以屬於社會上任何一個族群 但又不是真正屬於那一個族群。水瓶屬於自己 似乎沒有任何人可以完全的佔有水瓶。
瓶子有時很虛偽,不要指責他(她)瓶子之所以選擇虛偽 是因為有人勉強瓶子做不願做但又拒絕不了的事 瓶子不習慣承諾 也不懂得拒絕 最擅長的是難為自己。瓶子不想別人難過 只好令自己難過。瓶子總是固執地認為自己有超乎尋常的承受力 將自己想得太堅強 而把別人想得太脆弱。

雙魚座的人不會放棄世界 卻會放棄自己去成全別人 他們懂得原諒和理解 無論這一秒他有多討厭一個人 下一秒看到那個人脆弱的一面 他還是會去無條件地幫助 他 傻得讓人心疼。他們的執著只是針對自己的 寧願孤獨的面對一切 因為不知道怎麼表達自己的內心 所以他們選擇了沉默。
魚魚的內心真的是很溫柔 不管是男魚還是女魚 這種溫柔都是無處不在的 但絕不是嬌柔做作的那種 而是有一顆明事理的心。 魚兒懂得尊重別人 這並不是人云亦云 事實上 魚兒沒有那麼多的好奇心去在乎每個人的想法 對自己不在乎的人 又何必較真呢 這是魚兒做人的道理。
雙魚容易動感情 一動就是真的。但一旦一段感情結束了 對於魚魚就是結束了。魚魚是一個容易感動的星座 只要能夠感受到別人是真正在乎自己的 就會情不自禁地愛上對方。一旦魚魚和你好上了 那叫一個專一一個好啊 魚魚甚至會為了愛人 很少聯繫朋友 異性朋友就更不聯繫了。
雙魚座是一個具有強大慾望的星座 他們面對權力以及財富是那麼的野心勃勃且不加掩飾的撲面而來 這樣的性格必然能夠造就雙魚成就一番大事業 但霸道的雙魚卻有唯一的軟肋 就是感情。若雙魚不成功 唯一可能就是他們會敗在感情上 能夠超越感情的雙魚 前途不可限量。
愛幻想的雙魚 經常會為現實和夢想的相違背而痛苦不已 感情豐富,卻又極度脆弱。在十二星座裡 可謂是依賴心最重的。在他(她)覺得可以依靠的人面前 就像是一個十分聽話的好孩子那樣 溫和 順從。會撒嬌 做些小動作引起別人的注意 偶爾搞搞小惡作劇 讓人又氣又愛就像小孩那樣。
對於雙魚來說 世界上最重要的東西是感情 一條精神上滿足的魚,可以沒有其他東西 就已經是最幸福的人。任何感情對於雙魚來說都是重要的 愛情很重要 但不見得會比親情更重要。 對於魚魚來說 感情是單純的 是單獨的。魚魚可以原諒對方的一切 只要那個人是真心對他好的。
雙魚吃醋時不愛說話 也不會明講。只是有點氣嘟嘟的一個人生悶氣,說話語氣有點陰陽怪調 不給好臉色看。可是魚兒們的心很軟 在同伴做錯事的時候 或者生他(她)人氣的時候 其實很想不再理會 非常得想 但是魚兒做不到 內心雖猶豫掙扎 可是過不了多久還是會妥協。

Monday, November 10, 2014



1. 你不問,我不說,這就是距離;
2. 走不進的世界就不要硬擠了,難為了別人,作賤了自己,何必呢?
3. 有時候,不小心知道了一些事,才發現自己所在乎的事是那麼可笑。
4. 誰不虛偽,誰不善變,誰都不是誰的誰。又何必把一些人,一些事看的那麼重要。
5. 其實總是笑的人,真的很需要人疼。
6. 在乎我的人,我會加倍在乎!不在乎我的人,你憑什麼讓我繼續?
1. 人在的時候,以為來日方長什麼都有機會,其實人生是減法,見一面,少一面。
2. 別人怎麼看你,和你毫無關係,你要怎麼活,也和別人毫無關係。
3. 面子到底多少錢一斤,我們為什麼要在乎別人的看法。
4. 有一天你會明白,善良比聰明更難。聰明是一種天賦,而善良是一種選擇。
5. 不聞不問不一定是忘記了,但一定是疏遠了,彼此沉默太久就連主動都需要勇氣。
6. 不要在心情糟爛差的時候,用決絕的話傷害愛你的人。
7. 有時候,沒有下一次,沒有機會重來,沒有暫停繼續。有時候,錯過了現在,就永遠永遠的沒機會了。
8. 用心甘情願的態度,去過隨遇而安的生活。
9. 所有的問題都是自己的問題。
10. 有時候,我們明明原諒了那個人,卻無法真正快樂起來,那是因為,你忘了原諒自己。
11. 一個人有生就有死,但只要你活著,就要以最好的方式活下去。可以沒有愛情,沒有名牌,但不能沒有快樂。
12. 其實,人都是很賤的,愛你寵你的人你不稀罕,對你冷若冰霜的卻是窮追不捨。最後搞的遍體鱗傷的還是自己。
13. 不要的東西,再好也是垃圾。
14. 如果你沒瞎,就別用耳朵去了解我。
15. 真正的厲害不是你認識多少人,而是你患難的時候還有多少人認識你。
16. 那些不需要解釋的事情,從你張嘴那一刻起,你已經輸了。
……人生煩惱就12個字. 放不下. 想不開. 看不透. 忘不了!