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How to taobao large, bulky and heavy stuff or furniture to Singapore

Hi guys! It has been a long time since I blogged. This time round is because toooooo many friends are asking me how I taobao my stuff. I can easily talk 15minutes or more on it each time(because it's kinda complicated) and it's still not very clear so I decided to blog an entry for my friends to understand better. :)

I just moved in to my new home in Jun 2017 and I taobao quite alot of stuff because I was unable to find most of the things I want in Singapore. And some of them are simply cheaper in taobao.

My friends asked me what I taobao? I was like "erm..haha...everything?"
I wanted a rose gold/copper kitchen with a marble-theme living room. Therefore I outsource alot of stuffs overseas, including U.S websites etc. 

Although I taobao alot of things and generally had a great experience, I still do not encourage buying items which are too costly/fragile/made-of-wood. Because I heard even if you activate the insurance, the max claim you can get is S$200. And if you going to spend a big amount of delivery charge, if the fragile item(e.g, chandelier) arrived in Sg broken, your heart will be broken too. Lastly, I also heard of cases where people bought wooden items/furnitures, the wood attract mites. 

Initially, I asked my friends and they encouraged me to use EZbuy. However, I realized for the bulk and extensive items I need to purchase, the delivery charges will be very expensive if I use EZbuy airfreight. Therefore I googled and use instead. I had used their sea freight and I feel their service are quite okay. Do note sometimes, for some items(usually big items), taobao provide DIRECT shipping from Taobao to Sg and the charges may be comparable too. If so then dont need go through this hassle. Communicate with the seller

Advantages of Taobao2sg's Seafrieght
- Cheap for bulky and heavy items
- Cheap for ALOT of items - especially small items
- Need declare GST - pay extra 7%

- Long delivery time, 2 weeks to 1month plus
- Chinese platform 

I heard some people got problem using Alipay to pay for their taobao purchases so they have this option call 淘宝代付款,aka, they pay for you.

Disclaimer: The last I used them is around 9months ago and I'm not very sure if there are significant changes, do check out the website and read. However the screenshots I took are from the website today itself.

Using seafrieght, 1 cubic metre(volumetric 1metre x 1metre x 1metre) only costs S$90 for delivery(20 items). More than 20items may need extra charge per item.
It doesn't consider weight. However delivery can take from 2 weeks to more than a month and you need to file 7% GST. You need to declare the S$ price at taobao2sg, submit it online, pay the delivery charges PLUS the GST amount, and they will file it for you.

-- 送货费:货在中国,发货提交时选择送货上门加$20;货离开广州后才要求我们安排送货,送货费$30。
-- 遇到节假日、查柜、双11、圣诞节等物流高峰期, 可能会延长到货时间。
-- Taobao2SG 无附加操作费:无论顾客一批海运有多少大大小小的包裹, 我们员工都会小心帮您打包,不会对包裹数量多的客户, 另外收取费用。您那些零零散散的小包裹, 我们一样会细心处理.
--  重货,如瓷砖、石材等,按1立方米=500公斤计算,不是按体积计算。

For example, this outdoor swing chair is 2 cubic metre. Aka, 2 x S$90 = S$180
Super small items is 0.01cubic metre
When you bought alot of stuff, the delivery to home is free. Mine is all free because I bought alot.

Summary of steps: 
You need to open account at BOTH taobao2sg and
Copy the warehouse address of taobao2sg and put it as the address in your taobao account, so that the things you buy gets shipped to taobao2sg's china warehouse.
Buy things at taobao, pay for them with alipay(credit).
When things arrived at taobao2sg's china warehouse, manage them online at taobao2sg website by grouping them into shipments, the total volumetric weight will be shown(calculated and determined by taobao2sg, only after they arrived at their warehouse), pay the delivery charges(calculated by them) and GST(after you declared their price). 
The goods will be shipped to Sg and either be ready at their Singapore warehouse(Tradehub, jurong) or gets delivered to your Sg address. 


You need to open an account at taobao2sg
Any queries you can whatsapp 88130282
You will be given a CM number, it's your unique number. For e.g mine is CM3071
Make sure to put this in your taobao account so that your purchases get shipped to the warehouse and kept under your account. 
Copy this warehouse address to your taobao account.

NOTE: NEW ADDRESS from 1st April 2018 is (Postal code)510030 广州越秀区粤溪北路138号明德商贸圆 C4-1楼106A (CM-XXXX) !!! (IGNORE THE ADDRESS IN THE PIC BELOW) CM-XXXX--> XXXX is your own UNIQUE ID.
NOTE: NEW ADDRESS from 1st April 2018 is (Postal code)510030 广州越秀区粤溪北路138号明德商贸圆 C4-1楼106A (CM-XXXX) !!! (IGNORE THE ADDRESS IN THE PIC ABOVE) CM-XXXX--> XXXX is your own UNIQUE ID. 

NOTE: NEW ADDRESS from 1st April 2018 is (Postal code)510030 广州越秀区粤溪北路138号明德商贸圆 C4-1楼106A (CM-XXXX) !!! (IGNORE THE ADDRESS IN THE PICURES!!) CM-XXXX--> XXXX is your own UNIQUE ID.
Put this address into your taobao account address

Put the new address in your Taobao account(must put CM- _ _ _ _). (Mine was old address because I didnt update the new address). My CM number is 3071, put your own unique 4 numbers.
NOTE: NEW ADDRESS from 1st April 2018 is (Postal code)510030 广州越秀区粤溪北路138号明德商贸圆 C4-1楼106A (CM-XXXX) !!! (IGNORE THE ADDRESS IN THE PIC ABOVE) CM-XXXX--> XXXX is your own UNIQUE ID.

After you open your taobao account, you can start to buy items. For example, choose the address according to the taobao2sg address. Settle the purchase and pay by Alipay.

Then you need to open Alipay(支付宝) account too.

Add your credit card

After you purchased your items, you can go taobao2sg to do your "homework"
-Report your purchases

Since I don't have purchases now, I don't have very realistic screenshots for now. You're supposed to key in your purchases info so that the warehouse know you have items coming. However, I noticed sometimes when I key in late, but the info are already there. All in all, you just make sure the warehouse did receive ALL the items you buy BEFORE you arrange the shipment to be ship back to SG.

Follow the steps. Left side menu also show the steps flow.

Sometimes, if you need to double check the seller ship your items correctly, you can whatsapp the SG number to ask them to open your package to check for you, by giving them the shipment number. They charged S$3 per package. Take note though, sometimes after they open up the package and then wrapped up again, it may not be as protective as they first arrived and they run the risk of arriving broken when the items reach SG. However, if you didnt check, you run the risk of shipping something broken or something shipped wrongly all the way back from China. So decide for yourself.

Declare GST

After your items arrived, declare GST.
Group into shipments
Pay delivery charge + GST charge by Paylah to Taobao2sg.
Then whatsapp to the SG number in the main page, your account value will be updated within a day or two.

Take note the free warehouse period(below). Exceed will have charges
China warehouse 20days --->So buy all your taobao items all at 1 go, and take note their shipping schedule, try to make sure all can arrive within 20 days so that you can ship all at 1 go without incurring extra warehouse charges.

Sg warehouse 7days  ---> Arrange delivery from Sg warehouse to your house OR collect your stuff from their warehouse within 7 days. Sometimes website may not be updated immediately even if the items reached the warehouse, if so then whatsapp them.

Although all this looks troublesome and complicated, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. And it's very satisfying if you are able to source unique stuff which matches your home's theme. For example, I love this painting from taobao which matches the theme of my living room. This is just something I'm unable to find in Sg. And I simply love my rose gold tap. Lol.

Do read seller reviews before you confirm a purchase. Good luck and happy shopping.

Phew. This entry took longer than I expected. :(

Hope it helps.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Tips for long-lasting shine-free summer makeup in Singapore!!

Yoz Yoz!! It has been decades since my last post! Geez! Been so busy but I suddenly have some blog-spiration now so I thought I'll pen down a post before I lost interest! Haha!

It's now the end of May and we're going soon into the hottest month, JUNE in Singapore!! Oh manzzz! It's so hot that I almost got scalded in the shower and no, my water heater wasnt even turned up high!

As I'm seldom indoors, it's my everlasting dream to have super long-lasting makeup. I always envy friends with great skin, and most of all, dry skin! Because their makeup never melts! At most, they look abitttt shiny that look simply dewy! Alas, too bad mine is combination skin, with oily T-zone and dry cheeks. So saddddd! =( It's sooooo difficult to NOT appear as an oil rig! So here I've compiled some products/tips which are super useful to ME in helping to stay as shine-free as I can.
I hope they are equally useful to you!  \(^o^)/

(P/S Sometimes don't have the time and I'll skip a few steps. Haha)


1) Use a cooling spray/mist.
The point is to lower the temperature of your skin. You need to start right! Else, just after application, you can feel your makeup is already starting to melt. Zzz. Dont use a too hydrating mist though!


2) Use a oil-controlling toner OR oil-controlling sunblock OR a primer(lazy, seldom use)
They can help your makeup to lasts longer and control your oil secretion.
Of course you should always use a sunblock in sunny Singapore, choose a light-weight one, milky or watery type.

3) Use a light-weight moisturizer just before makeup so that your skin is not too dry for makeup to glide. Alternatively, a light hydration mist works too. Cream based are a no-no.

This depends on how oily/dehydrated your skin is. Some people can apply makeup directly while some has skin which are too dry for the initial makeup. For me, I still prefer to do light moisturizing and then use a more oil-controlling foundation to last the day INSTEAD of skipping moisturizer and then using a more hydrating foundation.


1) Use facial sponges
Facial sponges absorb extra oil in your foundation/bb cream, can help to mattify your foundation. In addition, when you use facial sponges to apply, it's also more cooling and helps your makeup to last longer, because our fingers has temperature. It also helps to let your makeup to glide on more smoothly and reduce cakey-ness and reduce patches. You can either glide them across your face or else bounce them off your face to blend properly.

You can use any shape, but this type of textures(below) works better. They're very soft and toi toi type. Don't buy those which is a flat rectangular shape and feels harder and less toi toi to the touch. Beauty blenders are great but I find them too troublesome to wash regularly and too expensive to throw on a daily basis. I just use these disposable ones. SASA one's are also fine.

So my friend asked me before why her makeup appears to be patchy when she uses sponge and foundation doesn't seem to blend evenly. Ok reasons may be because
a) Skin is too dry
If so, moisturize first, OR apply foundation with sponge in a bouncing action instead of gliding across face, OR use a more hydrating foundation, ahh, but if so then makeup wont last le)

b) Pump too little foundation
You need almost double the amount you need when you use sponge instead of fingers

c) Sponges are not suitable, change another brand/type

d) If have dry debris hindering blending, it may be because of the product you used before applying foundation. Try changing your sunblock/primer

e) If really really still can't blend well then do a gentle exfoliation/scrub before everything to get rid of dead skin.

2) Avoid cream-based products

I know rightttttt, some cream-based blushers are so prettyyyyy! But usually they just end up enlarging your pores and making you shine like a disco ball down the day. SO, if you really like that natural flow effect, I think LIQUID blushers or tints(right pic) and MOUSSE/GEL blushers(left) work better. Or else, traditional powder blushes are still better in reducing the oil that your face secretes and reduce clogging pores.

But the tacky part is that these blushers are more difficult to apply on. You can dab abit on facial sponge, slowly dab and blend on cheeks then lightly powder on it.

3) Avoid highlighters which are too bright or glittery. 

I think they are okie for night outs, but day time is really not very suitable as they'll look doubly shiny. Matt and subtle highlighters are OK for daylight. And you do not necessarily need highlighters to highlight your face; You can use a concealer which is 1 tone lighter than your skin tone. =) 
I usually use a drier formula for nose and chin(T-zone) and a more moisturizing formula for under eyes. GENERALLY, sticks are drier form, followed by lip-gloss applicator types, followed by cream-based(in a pot), though it really depends; you gotta try it out. However, I rarely use stick or too dry types as it's easy to become cakey. And do use a brush instead of fingers(got temperature)


4) Summer make-up products
I think all these can be lumped into 1 point. As in, oil-free/lasting foundations, mattifying powder, water-proof/smudge-proof eyeliner. All these are pretty straight-forward. =) These are the items I love. =D

For the lips, I really don't like to apply lipstick or having my lips sticky. Only on RARE occasions, like wedding dinners then I apply lip gloss. Most days, I use this; Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. It's like a mousse but has a velvet finish. I simply love them to bits. They are totally weightless and a DREAM to use in humid and hot Singapore because you totally can't feel them on your lips. But yet, they can be so pigmented. You can control the colours by the amount. If you want a light and natural hue, just dip a green bean size(yes that tiny) onto the middle of your lips and blend it out. I love how my lips look naturally pinkish and so smooth to touch too. If you want a richer coloured lips like Korean stars, then apply more for a gradient effect; it will look brighter and richer. They are VERY easy to control to achieve a NATURAL gradient lip than other lip tints in the market. The last time I tried a liquid lip tint, my hubby asked if I was sick. Zzz.

Granted, these are really not lasting. But, I don't mind re-applying, rather than having a rich, heavy and creamy lip colour on my lips. I bought almost the whole collection but kinda regret because I think most colours look about the same or can be controlled to look the same by building it on. So just buy 1 or 2 distinct colours will do.

5) Makeup Setting spray
You spray this after your makeup is done, so as to make it more lasting. Hmm...I heard about this, however, I've never used one which is effective. The Urban Decay one didn't work for me. And I think it's hard to find one which doesn't change your final look. So well, just an option for you to consider.

Hope you've enjoyed this post!!! Cya!!! Smuacks!!!

Missing last year this period(May) where we're in Barcelona. It's soooOOo cooling. Boooooo!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Don't EVER shop from TOBI again, NOR engage USPS to deliver your stuff.

Don't EVER shop from TOBI again, NOR engage USPS to deliver your stuff. USPS CLAIMED that my address is incorrect and hence resend my package back to San Francisco without even calling me. Fking stupid. My address is TOTALLY CORRECT. And TOBI expects me to pay another $10 for delivery. This is not my 1st time ordering from them and the previous time was OK. I emailed them, requesting them to liase with USPS as they had made a MISTAKE but TOBI just patronized me with an email and demands $10 for re-delivery. Looking at TOBI's attitude, even if I pay $10 despite it's not my mistake, if USPS still continue to claim they can't track my address nor do they give a call to me, the package is still gonna to be resent back to TOBI. And TOBI doesnt give a SHIT.

So yup, I'm NEVER going to shop there again. Utterly ridiculous and disgusting customer service. They said they will refund me, let's see when my money comes back. Waste my time doing the browsing and purchase. Sickening.

You can shop at your own risk.

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Posted by 台灣達人秀 on Monday, December 21, 2015

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Healthy Recipes

Came across a very useful website which shares healthy recipes categorized by your needs!!

I just wish I have some time to try out some of the dishes. Will try

No doubt, the one which caught my interest.


Lately tummyaches have been very prone after meals....not to mention my IBS......sigh....

Enjoy!  Let's all stay healthy together!!