Thursday, July 3, 2014

March 2014 4days 3 nights Phuket trip @ Swissotel Phuket Resort

A very much overdue post. Nevertheless, a very memorable and enjoyable trip with dear hubby, with compliments from company.

Many of my colleagues had the same package but I heard some grumbling that they had to drag their luggage up to as high as 4 storeys of stairs just because the hotel doesnt have a lift. Fortunately, we were given the ground level without even requesting it specifically. I guess it's our lucky trip. =D It also means we're a stone's throw away from the pool.

I think ours is a suite? Ahhh....I guess so(since it comes with a quite a big rectangular living room), I'm not even sure.

 (Beware the pool gets deeper and deeper as it gets further away from the bar, as deep as 1.8m. No security guard)

Other than a few restaurants, cafes, tailors, a mini mart and Kamala beach within walking distance, you need transport for other day/night markets, shopping and beaches. Cab fare is extremely expensive, like maybe more than S$60. The hotel provides transport to the town for shopping. There is this Friday and Sunday markets with some shopping. Cant say the shopping are fantastic as compared to BKK as Phuket is a tourists place but can find a few gems. If you're interested, do book your holiday during the weekend.

 We had been settling our meals more than 4 times at this non-airconditioned humble cafe called Jasleen near the hotel. It was SO GOOD. Dearie and I concluded it's the best thai food(although the dishes we ordered are not super thai-style) we ever had, even after compared with those we had in BKK. The prices are reasonable, as I can say, and somehow, during the daytime, there is a 20% off too. Service is good too.

Pictures of some of the different dishes we had for the whole 4days 3 nights trip.

Best crab cakes every! Very crispy and I actually screamed when I saw a whole prawn inside. 
Very fresh and not oily at all. 

Seasonal vegetables. Such a simple dish but it can taste so nice.

Fried fish with garlic. I've forgotten what sauce it was accompanied with but it's a must condiment.
The fish is so fresh and nicely fried with no muddy spell at all.

Some omelette. Surprisingly, this is forgettable. You can skip this.

Chilli lala. Hmm this is okie but cant be compared with our Singapore famous Chilli lala.

Same fish. =D

Broccoli with prawns. Also nice. =)

We actually walked a super long distance(more than 30mins) to another beach...and tried this restaurant, Lillo Island by the sea. The food is more expensive than Jasleen, but sadly, not better. 


During the night, we did try another restaurant, this one with a much better ambiance, Baan mai. Lol. No air condition but it's feel is like a bar restaurant. There's a high table where angmos sipped beer as well as a pool table. We played awhile...I think it was complimentary. 

This time round, I decided to order western food as we had been having thai food for many meals already.

Appetizers: Escargots. was okay but not a must-order

This is my tenderloin steak with blue cheese sauce. However, the sauce is like tasteless and I requested for another sauce(mushroom or black pepper, I dont rem); it's much better. The steak was very nicely done to my preferred medium rare doneness. Quite juicy. The mash was pretty lumpy though.

Dearie's tom yum soup. Not much comments.

Hmmm..........we didnt went back the 2nd time. 

Back to nua-ing in the hotel after buying back some juice and beer from the nearby mini-mart. 
Bliss. =D

Breakfast. Ahhh..........nothing much to comment. At the egg station, the chef couldnt understand that I want poached much as I tried to describe...... =(


Cute kitty I saw in one of the tailor shops. However, we didnt make any clothes at this shop because there's not much cloth to choose from.

I made 1 ladies suit each from 2 different tailors: Armani and Bobby. Hmm, it's around 2 hundred plus SGD for each, dont quite remember. I like the cutting/style as well as the cloth from Armani better. Of course, remember to bargain. Dont expect classy services though. If guys tailoring shirts with detailing, be sure to draw properly, indicate which cloth properly, take pictures etc. Else they can really mess up and still insists you to pay. Be firm, however, dont get into an argument with them. Of course, tailor your suits early so that they have ample time to alter.

One super attitude kitty at the hotel. Fierce till~~~~ =P

Ahhhhh..........soooo lemming for another trip with dearie again...... =(

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playbear 3 tier Steamer (electric lunch box)

I love this 3 tier steamer! Only $30, I bought from (Currently the seller not selling anymore, dont know why. But you can easily find when you search "electric lunchboxes)
Can cook 3 dishes at 1 go. Easily whip up a healthy meal in 30mins or so. 
You just add water at the most bottom tier and all 3 layers will be steamed. The light goes off
when it's done on it's own(note how much water you put). No worries of overheating or fire hazard.

Naturally, rice will occupy 1 tier. I love steamed egg, there goes another tier. And the last tier is usually vegetables. You can cook soup or porridge too. It can serve up to 2 pax if you're not super big eater. It's really minimal cleanup as you eat straight from the stainless steel containers. What's more, they all come with plastic lids. If you cant finish, simply cover them up and put in fridge. 

1) a) Canned baby mushrooms with oyster sauce and blackpepper  b) steamed egg
2) Baby scallops(frozen pack) with broccoli with oyster sauce

Egg toufu sze-chuan vege soup
Mushrooms with asparagus

Ah ya....I love steamed egg and canned mushrooms. Minimal effort as I dont need to dirty any chopping board and knife. 

Feel free to ask me if you have any queries. =)

Yay to lazy bums who wants to eat healthy. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nihon Mura Express @ Yewtee point.

(From my facebook
Happy lunchie at Nihon Mura Express @ Yewtee point. Everything is at $1.60! The more expensive ones like Hotate mentai, Salmon aburi is $1.60 for each sushi while most of the others are for a pair. Same for chawanmushi, handrolls and salmon sashimi(3pieces). Fresh. Not top quality but wayyyy better than Sakae Sushi.  (No hot udon though)

Customer Service is okie. =)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Vickki says hi!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HORIBBLE service by GO60 spa, under Mary Chia

I'm SO angry that I stomped it!

Hi Stomp

I'm super pissed after my call to GO60 Spa, under Mary Chia. And hope you can help me to publish this article.

Some time back I purchased deals from Groupon for their services.
I called just now(1st april) to set an appointment for my friend and I on the coming friday 4th April. But was informed they are FULLY BOOKED for APRIL(the voucher expires after 30th April). So the customer service told me I can set appointment on their next slot 5th May, but I said I cant make it because I'm going overseas from 5th to 9th. However on the 10th onwards I can make it. She then said she cant extend that long and said I need to sell my voucher to another person who fits the criteria to use the voucher.

What the?

Today is only the 1st of april, 30 full days before the voucher expiry date. And I'm not fussy with my appointment timing at all because I can do anyday, anytime, including weekday afternoons. BUT they limit me to redeem my voucher only within 5days, unluckily enough to be on the days that I'm going overseas. It's totally not my fault that I'm unable to redeem it. I seriously highly doubt that for 30 FULL DAYS they're so fully booked. Even so, if they really cant handle so many customers, then they shouldnt sell that many vouchers at all.

It's not so much of a big deal that I cant redeem my voucher actually.
I can just cancel and refund and spend my money elsewhere. I can fully understand if they're overwhelmed with redemption appointments because Groupon is so influential.
BUT what pissed me off big time is their customer service! The foreign female customer service who sounded like a Filipino was so rude to me. Her attitude and tone made me wonder am I the customer or is she the customer. It's quite the 1st time that I'm being treated SO RUDELY by a customer service. Really pissed me off big time! For such a spa, free massages I also wont go.

I've emailed Groupon to cancel and refund my monies, currently waiting for reply. I heard alot of bad reviews about Mary Chia's lousy service before, but I thought a new spa by them will be under a new management and perhaps will be better. Too bad it's just not.

Thanks Stomp!

Review of and Lenovo S930 handphone

Sorry that I've been missing for quite awhile. Was impossibly busy.

I mentioned earlier that I've switched handphone because I lost confidence with Samsung phones as my ex-note2 gave me so much problems.

Yes, I got Lenovo S930 (run on Android jellybean, 3G only, dual sim). Why Lenovo? It's because I'm currently still pretty pleased with my Lenovo Yoga 11s(i3) tablet. 

I'm lemming for a GIGANTIC screen phone and S930 is perfect with it's 6inch screen(It's slightly smaller than Samsung MEGA). Light weight, sleek and thin, it fits very nicely in my palm. I have very small palms. The price is very friendly as well. I got it from  and it was a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend them. I chose to purchase the phone online because for very bizarre reasons, Singapore dont carry them despite it's a pretty new model at the time of my purchase.

Why instead of other sites like qoo10 etc? Because they has a 14day money-back guarantee as well as FREE 36 MONTHS warranty!!! They dont repair it in Singapore though; they have a "center" in Singapore Ubi Crescent. If the phone ever*touch wood* pose any problems, just bring it to Ubi, and they will ship it back to Hongkong to repair F.O.C. They also have a local tel line for contact. Other than the 36months warranty which other sites dont provide, the price of the phone is also the lowest among the various sites I've checked, e.g, qoo10. It costs S$365 with FREE shipping, with NO LINE required with any Sg telecom. Oh yes, and I recontract with Starhub, got an iphone5S in gold and sold it off for S$930. =) Still has surplus.

The above pictures are all taken from the internet, including the one above(except mine dont have the chinese words imprinted above the micro SD card storage slot). Showing you the dual SIM card slot which looks like this; so much larger than the micro SIM card which I'm using. I actually spent some time to properly place my micro SIM so that it fits at the gold-coloured sensors. You just try your best to make sure the 6 pins matched the patterns on the SIM card properly, else the SIM card couldnt be read. Thank god I dont need to buy the adapter. =P

Pictures below are all taken by me.

And so my package arrived and inside is this humongous BUBBLE BALLOON BOX, I call it. It's hard and sturdy and I'm very much confident that the handphone inside is unharmed in anyway by rough handling. =) I ordered just around 2weeks before the Feb CNY and was very glad the delivery was prompt. Actually I did call up to hurry them abit la....because I told them my Note2 is cranky already(stupid phone battery exhausts like nobody's biz) and the customer service officer is very nice and did hurry for me. And I got my new phone BEFORE CNY. So damn happy!

The handphone box with COMPLIMENTARY accessories kit which includes the screen protector, casing and travel charger. Which is totally sweet!

The case has a velvety texture and slightly rough to the touch to prevent slipping.

As I slowly peeled off the white sticker which sealed up the box, I was surprised to see the words "VOID" in silver being slowly imprinted on the box as soon as sticker was lifted.

Very cool. To ensure yours is a brand new box and no tampering. =)

Very good quality. The earphones are of slightly thicker material than the usual phones so very sturdy; they dont bend so much with the risk of being broken, which is the common problem. Like wise with the charger connector. Thumbs up.

Resolution for it's display screen isnt great; not very sharp. So it's quite fine for me because I dont really stare at my HOME screen. I use Chrome, whatsapp, Gmail, facebook and all other apps, and it's all very sharp, no problem at all. See below

Sample low light shots by camera with NO editing 

Sample shots in bright sunlight

Sample screenshots and shots taken by the camera. I say, it's camera is not it's best feature but it will do if you're not very fussy. It takes a longer time than iphone to focus properly and needs a very steady hand. Generally I always use the camera from handphone as per default mode or LANDSCAPE mode and dont use any special scene modes or special effects. I usually choose to touch up or beautify certain pictures with apps. BUT for Lenovo S930, in good lightning, you can get past with the default normal camera mode and then just focus before shooting. But the focus is not great. Pictures are usually brighter and you dont need to edit for brightness, saves me the hassle. 

And you NEED to choose modes to enhance the sharpness and minimize the graininess in low light settings, because the auto-focus cant help. Under settings, my favorite scene modes are 1) night scene, 2) portrait and 3) party. Sharpness and clarify is enhanced than just mere normal scene mode. Scene modes can be used in conjunction with special effects mode. My favorite special effects modes are, 1) Lomo-warm, 2) Rural and 3) Starburst. However, if you're on a particular mode(other than the default normal), then you cant tap on any area to focus. 

However, like I mentioned, the main reason why I bought this phone is because I fancy a large screen, it makes it so clear and convenient to surf and check my work stuff on my handphone. I LOVE IT. I literally use it like a mini tablet because it has Excel(it uses Evernote) and all the settings/play store were all as per normal android phone. I use it just like Note2. Another great feature is that it has very good battery life, it's 3000maH battery can lasts you the whole day, suitable for people who spend long time outside, I dont even carry portable charger now because I dont need it. The phone has 8GB memory(only 1 size), expandable by micro-SD to 32GB.  It has 1 GB ram and I find that I cant open too many windows at one time and it may get abit slow at times. But on the whole, I'm very satisfied with this phone. Great sound quality and speaker too, because speakers are on the front of the phones instead of at the bottom like Note2. Note2 max volume is only 75% of Lenovo S930.

Very glad I came across They also carry other brands of phones  and digital cameras at pretty competitive prices. It's worth checking out!