Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meryl Streep - "I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience."

“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.” _ Meryl Streep

So lately, this picture and long quote of Meryl Streep has been shared on FB in an increasingly popular way. Strucked a chord in me. I totally can relate and I understand where she's coming from. The phrase "I no longer..." means......she's tired. I believed she must have given alot of allowances and patience to accommodate those whom she cant get along well or see eye to eye to for decades, where it comes a point that she can no longer endure, no longer care and dont need to care. Time is so precious and she aint young anymore. There's an idiom which says "There's a limit to how much you can take or endure".

I realized I'm in line with all of her beliefs EXCEPT that I dont have difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. You know, so long so you do not mistreat them. Lol. Sometimes you really wish you can say out how you feel and let like-minded individuals come to you and click together, and vice versa, if we're not on the same page, just leave us alone. But if only things can be that simple. Some people loves to act. Especially infront of people.

This is one quote which I love too.

Sometimes in life, I wish life can be simple, man can be simple. Can we all be direct and straight-forward about it so that I dont have to guess, nor to guess the motive behind your words and actions.

I mean it's totally cool and awesome that you can be yourself, but that wouldnt be easy. Not everyone can act like "The devil who wears Prada". There're far too many repercussions which can result from being myself, being true to what I believe. I'm not that rigid though because while my beliefs can be very staunch, my heart is so so soft. Thus I always get taken advantage of, which my hubby always scolded me silly for it. I tend to find excuses for people and give myself the benefit of the doubt. Of course, once a "quota" for someone has finished, I "striked" them off my list. Just recently, I deleted a number of friends from my FB, whom I once considered very dear to me. But just trust me, I felt so....clean and FREE after they're out from my list because I just dont like people who are PRETENDING to my friends ACTING like my friends in my FB where all they want is to know what's going in my life so that they can gossip and bitch in whatever way they want behind my back. And getting sour over it.

Few days ago, I was chatting with a close friend of mine and she said things like, she cant be close to a mutual friend of ours because that friend has acted against a very particular TABOO of hers, which is being rude to the service line people . That is something which she cant accept from her friends. Lol kinda funny to me, of course it's NOT a merit but still it's kinda bizarre. So no matter how great you are a friend, so long so you're rude to the service line people, you cant be her good friend. Lol. Different people have different taboos. =) I'll talk about mine.

Ohhhh let me just fantasize for a moment that I can be like Meryl Streep, this is one quote from me. Which might be kinda similar to hers.

"I no longer have the grace to act like friends are friends when I know I'm not one all this while. I'm sick of feigning innocence and ignorance to all the pretenses, hypocrisy and lies and tired of living by "the benefit of the doubt". My silence doesnt mean my approval. I dont like complications and conflicts and have little patience for extremely self-centered people. I see people who give sarcasm-veiled compliments in low light. If you're not sincere, give none at all. I'm disgusted by females who play mind games and manipulation just to get themselves into favor. I thoroughly despise girls who loves to show that they're irresistible by deliberately attracting attached or married people, even partners of their friends. I'm not impressed by all the exaggerated conquests nor crowned successes when they're gotten through despicable means and underhand methods. I believe things will have a day of seeing light and things will fall into place, it only takes time. I get disgusted with people who say 1 thing and do another. And dont give promises which you cant keep, again and again. I positively loathe people who dont admit their faults and still insists they are right with no repentance. I cant get along with people with rigid, unappreciative, green-eyed monsters and people who loves to criticize people's looks. You're still ugly to me if you always have nothing good to say. I'm sick with playing mummy and maid to people who are born like princesses and still think they are. I grow excessively bored with people who come crying to me after they forgive their cheating partners again and again. I believe in a world of differences and enjoy intelligent debates without people getting personal about it. That's why I avoid overly sensitive people, illogical people and people with constant negative thoughts. I cant stand people who calculate every cent when dividing bills and whose ultimate aim in life is to get free lunches and gifts without working hard for it. I abhor people who act poor and pitiful just so they can get away with paying less, doing less and contributing less. I remember anyone who help me in any way. However, if I dont treat you as nice as you thought I should be, it's definitely because you dont deserve it...that much, or anymore." 

Woooahhh! Shiok!! Try coming out with a quote yourself too!
As I'm thinking, the list seems to get longer and longer. Lol.

Do self-reflections
Handle your expectations of different people
Do not harbor jealousy or evil thoughts

Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 birthday with dearie - House of Seafood(Joo Chiat) - Shaw Premiere Theater - Review of LG G PRO 2 mobile

I felt dearie is especially sweet to me this year. I guess it's because it's like the 1st time(I think) that he's not around during my birthday. Hahaha. Somemore it's during the chinese 7th month. =X Appreciate his sweet gestures. =D Love ya dear! We kinda celebrated it simply the week before he fly.

 Is my rainbow cake lovely?? Haha! 
Few weeks ago, it was my friend's birthday and I saw that she had a beautiful rainbow cake! And I told dearie I want to eat it too. It still came as a lovely surprise that he ordered the cake in advance for me. He was super busy before he fly and I really appreciate it!! The cake is really pretty and rainbow cake is really a happy cake! Just seeing it makes me so happy! Hee! It's from The Bakery Chef at Bt Merah. =)

It doesnt taste as spectacular as tiramisu or chocolate lava cake as it's just layered sponge cake. However I really like the light taste of the cake because I dont like overly sweet stuff or artificial flavors. Plus it has a lovely fragrant aroma. Much preferred this to other rainbow cakes I've tried. =D

And when I walked to the car, there is a stranger in our car!!

This is a GIANT RILAKKUMA!!! It came as a hugeeeeeeee surprise. When I first saw it, I was like screaming because it's really humongous!! Super sweet!  =D Posted it in my facebook. =)

*Screammmmmssss* Unknown passenger in the car! Dearie say "Rila is to accompany you sleep when I'm away okieee.  Then he added, "Inside got install camera  " Lol Love ya dear smuackssss!

We went for a simple dinner at the House of Seafood at Joo Jiat using Groupon(for the crab). They're famous for black pepper crabs but we ordered chilli crabs because I love to dip the fried buns in the gravy. We felt the food is not bad, service is adequate and the price is reasonable for the extra items we're ordered. However, I guess for chilli crabs, we'll still go back to Melben. =)

 After our dinner, we went for a movie at Shaw Nex. We're slightly more excited than usual because it's our first time watching Premiere. Virgin siah. Haha! Even the ticket subs are so glam. Lol. It's really a very pleasurable experience! The theater was much less crowded than normal as we went in via another entrance, supposedly termed as the platinum lounge or something. There are sofa seats there with menus on the table. You can order your food prior to the movie or order them to be served to you during the movie. You can also order during the movie but not too late I think. There's a service button on the table.

In the theater, the leather seats with leg rest and blankets are so comfortable. Although it's still abit cold, thankfully I brought along a cardigan too. The service is simply fantastic. You wont have people passing infront of you, however there are many many waiters walking around serving the patrons during the movie, which sometimes can become a tad disturbing. Thankfully, all of us are very considerate, we kept our voices damn low.

The pair of tickets cost around S$51.50 but it comes with S$10 F&B credits. It's of course dark inside the theater but I quickly snapped a pic before the movie started. =P

The breakfast set, which comes with chamomile tea. It's just wonderfullllll!! Dearie ordered mushroom soup which was also nice.

Now I understand why some of my friends are so addicted to the premium movie seats!! The movie was kinda boring, which I dont mind so much because I was happily enjoying my food and tea. Lol. 

 And my hubby is really so playful la! On my birthday(he was already overseas), he made an overseas call to me and wanted me to go to the fridge(freezer compartment) and dig out the dumplings. More importantly, he wanted me to VIDEO down the whole process. I was feeling so perplexed and dont know what he's up to! Eventually I started this when I was home around 4+am after a round of booze. I was considered sober but was in fact kinda high already. And imagine all these was caught on video. Lol. When I searched for the dumplings, I saw a note which said, "racks and racks of heels". Lol. I then realized it's finders keepers. I headed over to my shoes and spent few minutes to look for the 2nd clue because I...have...so...many...shoes. HAHAHA. And I found the next note which says "Rocking Reclining Pink", which leaded me to our pink rocking lounge sofa chair. Beneath it I found another note which says "Xmas time", which further lead me to our Christmas tree. And finally I found it!!

It was a package wrapped in Watson wrapper.

Which I commented in the video, "Watson? Doesnt sound too exciting." Muahahahaha.

It came as a wonderful surprise when inside the plastic bag was actually a handphone box!

LG G PRO 2!!!

I was totally surprised because I didnt expect a birthday present at all. Hubby did asked me outrightly what present I want this year since I dont look like I need anything. And I said, "Dont know leh. Like nothing I want or need." And since he gave me the GIANT Rilakkuma, I thought that's my birthday present already.

The specs of LG G PRO 2 is really fantastic. And I love this phone so much. And it's obvious dearie spent quite some time to find a suitable phone for me. I always love big screen phones, and that's why I bought my Lenovo S930. I still like it very much, ultimately I've been using it for less than a year. Just that it's getting slower because the RAM is only 1GB and ultimately it's still a 3G phone. Amongst other things, it's internal memory is 8GB(although expandable too) and camera is only 8mps. For LG G Pro 2, the ram is 3GB, 2.26 quadcore processor, internal memory is 32GB(expandable too) and the camera is a whooping 13mps. It runs on android 4.4 kitkat. Most importantly, it's 4G LTE too. After that, dearie told me he went a few outlets to get this phone in dark red because this phone is not very popular. Probably because it's a whooping 5.9inches. Hee. But I likeeee~!~ It's still slightly smaller than my Lenovo S930 but it's screen is bigger than the usual Note series 5.5inches phones. =D

Review of LG G PRO 2:
- Acceptable weight with a classy and elegant finish. It has a classy and expensive metal outlook, not as plastic-y as Samsung phones, but doesnt weight as heavy as HTC metal phones. Volume and power buttons on the back of the phone. Can press the volume button to capture image if you're taking selfies with the front camera.

- Display is simply awesome

- The 3200mah battery life is not bad. Lasts a decent 10hrs maybe. If you're having a long day outside then maybe you need to have a portable charger. But so far, it hasnt gone flat on me. 

- It's not as fast as I've expected from a 3GB ram phone...more like a 2GB(like Samsung Note Series). But I think it's because of all the extra features, for example, the cute bunny theme/icons in-built in the phone. 

- The rear camera is pretty awesome, 13mps and pictures are mostly sharp and easily focused. The front camera is the usual 2mps, not impressive but I still feel it's focus is better than usual phones. And it has an in-built mini flash for front cameras as well, which provides a little light in dark surroundings for selfies. It has beauty mode too. 

- Dont like that the speaker is at the bottom

Several weeks ago I also bought LG G3 for dearie as a surprise gift. His previous 2 phones is HTC. So now we're both using LG. Haha. His is a smaller screen size phone, maybe 5inches, but it should be the latest model. 

Everytime I get a new handphone or camera, I will be very excited to snap pictures. =P So just bear with me. HAHAHA!

I'm so blessed!!!!!!!!! Love ya dearie!!!! Smuacks!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 birthday - K Suites Ktv - Koh Grill & Sushi Bar - Settlers Cafe

This year's birthday is one of the most enjoyable that I ever had with my friends. =D My 3 girlies planned a whole day of surprises for me which is super duper sweet!! It was a pre-celebration as 2 of them have work trips during my birthday on 9th Aug. Firstly, they told me to meet at Bugis+ around 1pm. That's when I know they've booked K suites ktv. =D I briefly mentioned about it few weeks ago after I saw some gorgeous pictures of it online. So sweet of my girls to remember it! In the midst of it, they came in with cakes with lighted candle and sang me birthday song too. Awwww! Love them so much!! Smuacks!!! However it's too dark to capture proper pictures with our handphone cameras. The room was realllllyyy too dark(maybe the spotlights are spoilt), we cant even see each other's faces properly in the room.

In conclusion, we felt that it's better to go other ktv joints in future. Other than the service is unsatisfactory, most importantly, the songs lag frequently while playing and it seriously affects the singing experience. And it's a disappointment that some new songs which we usually sing at other places are not available.

After the ktv, the surprise journey continued!

We took dear Mich's car to Wisma where we had a sumptuous meal at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar. After seeing's Haz's lovely pictures of their Shiok Maki, I've been craving for it. Thank god sweet Haz made a booking; the dinner queue was so horrible. The food is pretty yummy especially the grilled skewers like the quail eggs and foie gras. As for the Shiok Maki, they have 2 generations. The 1st one being eel and the 2nd one being prawn. I dont really take eel and prefer prawns anytime. But I still tried them anyway, and I much preferred the sauce for the 1st generation of eel shiok maki. The 2nd generation Shiok Maki's sauce tasted abit eggy, like hollandaise sauce, which I feel dont go very well with sushi. Service was prompt too.

After our dinner, Mich drove us to Clarke Quay on Von's que. I was thinking maybe the last segment was planned by Von. Lol. But the time was around 6+pm, I really cant think of anything to do in Clarke Quay since we already had our dinner. It was then Von realized that she mixed up the venue, we're supposed to go boat quay instead. Oh manz, Von is as blur as usual. On the way there, then I asked Von, "We go Settlers' Cafe huh?" Lol Her expression was indescribable. And she blamed me for spoiling all the surprises which they planned for me because I saw through them before reaching. It's actually not hard to guess because I've always express all my lemmings. Hahaha!

Had a super fantastic time at the Settler's Cafe playing games. We laughed SO MUCH! 3hours is not enough at all. We extended an hour too.

Thanks to all my darlings for arranging and treating me for all these surprises. I had a lovely time. Looking forward to Mich's and Von's birthdays where we can celebrate again. Hee!!!

My darlings! Some pictures(the clearer ones) we taken over our last few outings. =D
Oh ya I just registered on Instagram not long ago, username is fionlsy89. Add me if you want. =)


Of course I did celebrate with hubby too. But it was a quiet pre-celebration because dearie had a work trip during my birthday, which makes me kinda =(

That will be in the next post. =D

Monday, August 18, 2014

Not Taobao.....but............?


Saw this link which contains supposedly the best websites to buy individual items and it said it's better than taobao.com.

Dont know how true...........feedback if you've tried shopping at any of these sites. =)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The things I love =D

Some of the food which I love to eat as a meal or as supper. =P And they're easily available from supermarkets and super easy and quick preparation. Sharing some stuff which I love. =)

Salmon Sashimi Salad 
Pack of ready-to-eat Vege/Salmon Sashimi/Tobiko/Japanese Sesame dressing
Served chilled
Absolutely divine.

Crabmeat & Ham Salad, accompanied by Lychees
Ready-to-eat Vege/Crabmeat/Ham/Japanese Sesame Dressing with
Canned Lychees at the side
Served chilled
Lychees serve as a pop of refreshing taste in between mouths of salad. 
Not all salads are boring. =)

Smoked duck breast with mandarin oranges (can make into salad too)
Ready-to-eat smoked duck breast/canned mandarin oranges
Pan-sear duck breast on either side until skin is crispy, drained dry mandarin oranges.
Super refreshing treat!

Lavender, Lychee black tea in my favorite floral ceramic and borosilicate glass teacup =)
This pretty teacup costs S$13 and I bought a pair online. =D Just looking at them makes me happy. 

Peach flower tea
I always have the habit of drinking tea after an oily meal, to soothe the stomach. 
It just soothes and relaxes your mind too. =)

I love this Self-Stiring Mug! Press the yellow button and it will just stir the drink by itself.
Bought this at S$7.90 online for my Milo Baby who loves to drink milo.
I can use it for my hot (packet)chrysanthemum and ginger tea too. No more annoying teaspoon in the cup, less hassle too!

 Previously was down with Bronchitis and my friend advised me to keep a flask by my bedside, so that whenever those killer coughs come in the middle of the night, an immediate cup of warm water will stop the cough instantly. Because if not, the cough will worsen until I may become breathless or even vomit. =X

The cap can be used as a cup too! So cute right. It's 500ml and I bought it at S$13.90 online. =P

Life can be so simple, yet so fulfilling, when you spend it the right way, with the right ones. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Asian Kitchen at Bugis Plus

The Asian Kitchen at Bugis Plus (the old illuma)

This was really a very satisfying meal. The sauteed beans with salted egg yolk was so fragrant with the kind of wok-smell and it's texture was just right with that mere degree of crunch that doesnt bother you as raw. The braised meat rice/noodles were so yummy! It's absolutely scrumptious. Full of flavors, the meat were lean and tender. They're very inexpensive too, although the portions were reallllyyy small. Dearie actually ordered 1 more portion to get full. And I needed dessert to complete my meal. Hee. The mango sago was very very nice too, it's unlike the normal ones you have. Apart from sweet mango cubes, it's made of mango sherbet that wasnt too sweet. Generous sago with that dash of coconut milk makes it smell wonderful. 

One thing you have to note is, I seemed to notice different Asian Kitchen outlets have different menus. So not all outlets serve the same dishes.

After our dinner, I went to buy a plushie for a dear friend who was hospitalized. She had to do a surgery too, poor thing. So I bought her this to cheer her up!! So cute righttttt~~~~ Still got a diaper one with a winter hood too!! Hope she get well soon!

Actually all along I dont really like plushies, I also dont know why. Can you imagine I dont own a single plushie? Lol. Okie I think I did have a Stitch before, which a guy friend bought for me. He probably thought all girls like it....but imagine my "zzz" face when I received the surprise gift. Haha. But it's a super cute Stitch because it talks and responds differently when you say different things to him! 

I bought Rilakkuma for my friend because I know she likes it. =D And dont know why.....suddenly....I feel Rilakkuma is really kinda cute too!! Casually mentioned it to dearie....and one day he came home and surprised me with Plushie too!!! 

This is much bigger than the one I bought for my friend, and it's body, hands and legs are filled with sand so they're bendable. So cute! It's super duper soft and comfy to hug! Just looking at it makes me happy. Haha. Ahhhh.........maybe it has to do with age, I also dont know why the suddenly change in me. =P

Thanks my dear!! Smuacks!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yakiyaki bo Japanese teppanyaki

Our orders: Steak(comes with bean sprouts), King prawn(comes with asparagus), foie gras, chawanmushi, hotate(scallop) fried rice.

Steak is very tender, we ordered medium rare and it was just perfect. However it's like abit under seasoned. Requested for black pepper sauce which came complimentary and was great. Too bad it was cold.

The king prawn(single) is really not worth the price(around $15 maybe), because it's really not that big. It's yummy though, succulent and fragrant when pan-fried with onions.

The foie gras was really thin and has too thick a batter. Hmmm....it was very crispy on the outside but I really prefer just simple pan-fried foie gras without a thick batter. However, for the price(around $15 maybe), it is really unbeatable.

The scallop fried rice is really value for money and comes highly recommended. 3 scallops came with it and it's only around $6 per bowl.

The veges were cooked just enough to be edible. Any shorter cooking time and they will be raw.

They were shorthanded for staff and the chefs all looked so busy. Kinda feel the dishes were being cooked in a hurry infront of us. However, service was still decent.

Total bill is around $75. Will vastly prefer Yakiyakibo to Sakae Teppanyaki, whose menu has became more unattractive and pricey.