Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life of a shortie

THIS IS SO FUNNY! YES, and TOTALLY Meeeeeee! #shortielife #whocanunderstandme :P

15 Struggles Only The Shorties Out There Can (Unfortunately) Relate To

Posted Jul 16, by Christen Grumstrup
Sometimes...being short...really sucks. 

1. You're always looking up:

Which, isn't a terrible thing...but sometimes gets annoying. We feel for you Kim, really. 

2. Mirrors become a real issue:

3. When your friends are really tall:


4. Laundry becomes an issue:
Every time. 

5. Long skirts become long dresses:

Perks of being short. Sometimes. 

6. It becomes your excuse for almost everything:


7. Half the world is out of your site:

Twitter: @Sam_Halliday
Preach it, Nicole. 

8. What you eat even becomes an issue:

Top row? No way. 

9. Surrounded by tall people:

Just makes you feel so, so small. 

10. Trying to get into the group circle:

11. Moving the seat way up or using a pillow is totally necessary when driving:


12. When someone feels they can use your head as an arm rest:


13. Countertops become the floor:

14. Jeans are always too long:
Struggle for life.

15. Sitting on tall chairs becomes the most difficult task:

Just act casual.

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