Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love in the right way

I was lamenting to dearie why Vickki(my dog) seems to love him more than she loves me, when I, obviously love her MORE. My hubby gave me a shocking explanation.

Hubby: Aiya, because I always feed her those treats which she LOVES mah. You think she knows you love her when you exhaust yourself by bathing her, cleaning her ears, wiping her eyes, applying medication, bringing her to vet and paying for all her stuffs? The fact is she also dont know you are using your hard-earned money to pay. N she hates baths, she dont like you wiping her eyes or applying medication to her problematic eyes, so she wont appreciate you even though you love her very much.

Me: *stunned*

Hubby: Like hor, the way you spent thousands to pay for your brothers' policies, so that they got some savings/coverage, hoping they can maintain a good savings habit after they start work, they also wont appreciate because they dont feel insurance is important and they cant SEE the money(yet). Then some of your friends, you think you're doing good to them by asking them dont always get so drunk with strangers then you scold them for letting strangers took advantage of them, you nag them dont anyhow meet strangers through online or continuously letting the same guy hurt them again and again bla bla bla, the fact is they probably wont appreciate and feel you're minding too much.

Me: *felt a tight slap to my face* So you're them in the way they want, not in the way I feel best....?

Hubby: Yes my dear...

Sigh....the heartbreaking truth....that's why he's my mentor in every way. 

I'm sorry if I have cared in a way that is not to your ask me to stop if you ever need. 

Hmm...I will try to love in a way you want. =) 

Love you my friends. Smuacks~

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