Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I know right? It has been so long since my last entry and it's usually unlike me to abandon my blog for so long.

I'm so freaking tired can? It's really not easy to juggle both work and housework manz, especially when you're staying in a "white house".

I've really been busy. Wow, it's like...it has been very long since I was real real busy. =X Of course other than work, I also got my wonderful life, my wonderful family and friends etc. Especially during this birthday month, especially on our beloved nation's birthday 9th Aug which was also my birthday, thank you very much. =)

So I shamelessly treat everyone who wishes Happy National Day as congratulating me okieeeee~

Haha. Just kidding.

I didnt celebrate this year lah, 都几岁了? Hur Hur (=.=)''' As if I every year celebrate like that. Hahaha. I wish to thank all the friends who wished me happy birthday in all sorts of different ways(sms's still more appreciated than Facebook. =P) and also the wonderful pressies whether in gifts or in kind(e.g, a tower of beer or Waterfall.) *faint* 谢谢你们!!

Thanks Ling and Gra!!! I love the pressies!! =D Thanks to Ling's bf, KS for the lovely Watami birthday treat too!! Hope to receive their red bomb soon!! Heeheehee!

Thanks hubby for the wonderful hotel stay!! Smuackssss!! Although you're getting more and more nua, I'm really happy as long as you're with me(without playing your psp and iphone that is). =)

It's hard to imagine the cheerful me with the emo me few days ago. I was really 不开心 wor~ But Sunny Queen is back. How? So easy.

Tangy tomato and crabmeat soup


Pan-fried foie gras!!!

From Tea Cosy(Plaza Sing Level 5 beside Spotlight).

Followed by massage!!! =D 90minutes then enough!

Yeah I know I've complimented this...cafe quite many times but it's really because I'm terribly, horribly, uncontrollably smitten with their foie gras. I can eat that everydayyyyyy until I choked on high cholesterol and dieeeeeeee.

Just kidding of courseeeee~ Well anyway, if I die, my hubby will be damn rich lah. Because I'm very well covered. Haha~

Ok now...outstanding stuff to be blogged....

1) 5th Aug - Shanghai Dolly Night with Jy, Cel, Iv, Ja, Jov, Ed etc
2) 8th-9th Aug - Park Regis hotel stay with darling
3) 12th Aug - Girlies outing with Gra, Jy, Kel at The Wine Company And Boiler

But..I'm so sleepy that I'm concussing already...till the next update.

Oh, "Horrible Bosses" is very funny! Do catch it!!

Every cloud has a silver lining

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