Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sometimes in life, humans can be so selfish, even in the tiniest details. It's best to always depend on yourself. Seriously, who do you think will help you when you're hopelessly sick, or very in need of money? Your spouse? Yes, he/she will squander all their fortune to treat your cancer if he/she really loves you alot alot. But if you really love him/her, you wont even put him/her into financial despair, will you? Borrow money from friends? Think again. Wait for government subsidy? Dream on. You're covered? Good. But is it enough? Life insurance is a parachute, you'll only need it once, or else you'll never need it again. If coverage is too little, it's as good as flying with a parachute with holes. Therefore, review yearly as your age/priorities change.

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