Thursday, September 1, 2011


Woah! A volcano just erupted! Right here at CCK ST 64.
Arsonist: CITIBANK

Woah, I simply dont know when to start counting their faults. Those idiots, most of them FT. I really dont understand what's so difficult with their job?

Many years ago, when I first started using their cards, it wasnt so bad. The first outcry was when I received my bill late. It was like late by 1 month or so, thus when I received my statement, I'm already late for my payment. So anyway, I paid the bill and expectedly, when I was being charged the late fee, I called in for a waiver, stating WHY I paid late; it's because the stupid bill came late! The CS still tried to argue with me but I insisted I was at no fault, because I'm right! I'm never late on my bills okie because I pay them the day I received them, not few days before due date. It's easier this way; receive bills->pay bills->throw away bills-> no trouble. Then I wont forget, wont be late and never need any reminders.

2nd F-up
There was the season of promoting "going green", by going "statementless" with e-statements being checked online. Sure, so I opted for it, I also wish to do my tiniest part so that less trees can be chopped. But the CITIBANK online website is such a pain in the ass. I was holding 2 cards then, and instead of having a login name, we have to log in with our 16digits credit card number. For security purposes, of course the card numbers cannot be saved. Hence, you always have to type the 16 digits all by yourself. And when you need to check for another card, you have to log out from the account, and log in with another new set of 16 digit credit card numbers.

*breathe deeply* So it's either I have to memorise the 32 numbers, otherwise type the digits 1 by 1 from the card like an idiot. And WHY SHOULD I?? Even if I have a terrific memory, I also wont waste my brain cells on stuff like that. Not to mention I dont have(a terrific memory) lor. So I called in to opt for manual statements from the next month onwards. And damn it, for the next few months, I still never receive my statements. Since it's difficult to track my spendings, everytime I have to aga-aga pay like $500-$1000 to the card, conservatively in excess so that I wont incurr late charges. But again, it's damn stupid lah.

Sometimes I forgot to pay too, I then incur the late charges, which time to time again, I called in to KP them to waive. At the same time, requesting for manual statements again. But they never come!! Eventually I'm so fed up and stopped using my own CITIBANK cards(I got TANGS & DIVIDEND) and only used the CITI DIVIDEND card which hubby subbed me for CITI discounts because his bills got no problem. And FYI, I still pay him back my own spendings okieeeee~

This aug, I treated dearie to a meal at TCC and I had to use CITI card for discounts. Since I'm treating him, I dont wish to use his sub card even though I pay him back on statement day. It's not so nice you see. So I see my own stupid CITI card. I had to keep the receipt and remind myself constantly to go AXS machine to pay that exact amount since I have no statements! Eventually I forgot to keep track since I always pay my credit card bills through DBS/OCBC internet banking or bank transfer to hubby(for sub cards), and not AXS machine. So for safety sake, I called back CITI again to ask how much is the total outstanding and to pay by when. She said there is a annual fee which she will waive for me and my spending of $51.40 to be settled by Sep. And of course I settled it way back in AUG. Today is Sep 1st and damn, I receive the statement from CITI. I was pretty happy because finally I receive my manual statements!! Like, you know, on the 5th request or something.

But I think my eyes shot sparks when I saw the $160+ outstanding amount which was levied on me. It states "previous balance". I was like WTH. So I called back but was informed politely that it was peak hour and please do leave my contact number so that they can call me back by tomorrow.

"NO way!! You guys never call back! And I have an important matter right now so please get someone to talk to me right away!"

Few minutes later, a filliphino attended to me and she told me those were the card charges WHICH SHE CAN WAIVE FOR ME. I was like, "that's what the last CS officer told me! But why is it still reflected on the statement?? Why??"

"Erm...I checked the statement and didnt see that request being put up. But nevermind, I will put up for you right away---"

"So WHY it's always like that?? I called many times before to request for simple stuff like changing address or changing to manual statements but WHY it is only done on the 3rd requests but never the 1st?? All calls are recorded for quality purposes right but haven your management realize you guys say one thing and do the other?! "

"I'm sorry, Madam, I dont know why it's like that.."

"So you're sureeeee that this time the fees will REALLY be waived??? Or will I have to call in again the 3rd time to hear another officer telling me that okie, it will be waived AGAINNNNN??!!"

"Yes yes sure madam, I had already done it. It has been done."

*breathe deeply*

"So do I have anything outstanding?"

"Nope, nothing...merely the card fees with it's accompanied late interests...which will be waived!"

Like bullshit. Say they will waive the card fees, then still send me a statement CHARGING me the fees, TOGETHER with the LATE charge they levied AFTER telling me they will WAIVE the fee and instructing me I dont have to pay at all.

That's it.

"Cancel the card for me."

"But madam, I will waive off the card fees for you and it will be free for the next year---"

"I dont want! And I dont need! I got many cards. Just cancel for me."

"Okie sure Madam..."

I really dont understand how they do stuff. Sigh.

I felt much better already.

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