Monday, February 27, 2012

Jovita's Hen's Night at Pan Pac, Royal Room

Argh! Rushing to finish this entry as I'm super busy. And if I dont post up this entry "Jovita's Hen's Night at Pan Pac, Royal Room", I probably dont have any time this week and will probably forgot about posting it it, like I always did. =X

Firstly, do you know how freaking tired I was that day? OMG, I had company event and woke up at 8am(it's very early for me already okay). After our lunch banquet ended around 4+pm, we spent 1hour plus to shift like 100+ chairs and my arms were sore like hell. Rushed home, not to have dinner but to sleep for like 2 hours, then I rushed down by cab! I tell you..I can hardly keep my mini eyes open. ZzZzz. Jov!!! It's all for you okie!!! =P

The very first thing I ordered right after I reached Pan Pac, The Royal Room was this!!!

My fave bangers and mash.

Okie, at that moment, it was the most heavenly food on earth. My dinner at 9+pm.

Yes yes, please do not drink with an empty stomach. =)

Anyway, I'm super disappointed with the pictures which my camera took. I dont know what went wrong with it or the problem lies with me. Those without flash turned out blur(which seldom happen...or did I develop shaky hands?) and those with flash....I simply look like a ghost.

Top pic without flash...blur. =(
Bottom with flash...I looked like ghost. =(

Jov simply looked amazing and ultra sexy in her shocking red figure-hugging bare-back dress!! Her sweet smile simply kills. =) I love how our colours contrast though. =)

I tried to salvage some of the pics which looked ok in the camera but were very blur on my lappy. Only few can be saved. =( Eventually the lights went dimmer as the night carried on....and flash was used. Ce really put alot of effort in organizing the night with games etc. She also prepared a bag of chocolates and pouch for the bride-to-be to earn the fund for the night's drinks!! How??!! Well, Ce accompanied her around the lounge to kinda up-sell the chocolates to guys. I'm not sure of the price, lol, but it's something like, $5 for a piece of chocolate(the chocolates tasted damn good I tell you), $10 if it's fed by the mouth by Jov(LOL) etc etc. We sure have very willing males in the room to buy the sweet favors. =D

After few hours...Ce reckoned it's my turn to accompany Jov to go sell the chocolates but I was damn reluctant to do so. I was simply lounging by the table and sipping my lovely Chardonnay. Haha. I'm so sorry...I'm just so very shy.... Keke =P The lovely pair made good money!! S$220 in total, in contribution to our drinks fund for the night! I'm so proud of them! =D I probably cant even make $50 I guess. =X Still, of course the amount of drinks we had exceeded that amount and we topped up. =)

Actually I took many pictures of the hen's night's props which Ce had prepared. They were super kawaii and cute!! Totally not obscene at all! But they were simply too blur in my camera...cant even see the words. =( I guess what it matters was Jov appreciated it and we had a great night.......well......until some people came to spoil my night. Anyway.....I'm glad the bride-to-be had fun!! Jov was very high but yet not disgustingly drunk. It was just of the right degree of madness. Lol. And I have so much to thank Alv and Ser for sending us back that night. I was pretty tipsy. enjoy the pictures(click for larger view)... Looking forward to attend the sexy's babe wedding at One Marina this coming weekend. =D

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