Sunday, February 26, 2012

BKK 2012 and Vday 2012!

OMG...faint ah...I realized I got draft posts on CNY which I've forgotten to complete. =P Simply too busy. It's kinda redundant to post it now huh, since I've mostly forgot what I did during CNY other than having fun everywhere with everyone. =)

And frankly speaking, I've been forgetting to bring my camera out for quite some time because the lazy me is starting to find it heavy. =P BUT I really meant to carry it out for Vday....alas....I forgot. And both our handphone cameras suck. =(

Usually dearie will arrange hotel stay for Vday but not this year because I only touched down Sg on 13th Feb. I had an AWESOME 6 days Bangkok trip with my 2 dearest colleagues, Lyn and Angie, together with their partners. Initially I dont wish to join because I'm like an extra large size lightbulb. Muahahaha. But the girls simply urged me to go, saying we 3 girls can share a room ourselves. Despite dearie said he can accompany me go, I told him not to since he's not a shopping person. And our shopping itiniery, planned by Miss Lee was super scary. Basically it's eat and shop, eat and shop nonnnnnn-stop! However, I'm so very glad I did join, for I had loads of fun with them and kudos to girls who arent clingy to their SO(significant-other)! Every night after our fabulous shopping and wonderful dinners/suppers, other than our "fashion show"(parading around in the hotel room with our new buys, lol), we had pillow talks too. Simply laughed like hell. I love pillow talks. Kekeke!

It's a pity that I had AV on the 2nd day of the trip and cramps haunted me. Thus I had to keep popping pills which made me drowsy. And I got tired super easily and had to rest now and then, even more frequent than usual. I'm so thankful to my girlies and Lyn's partner, Da too. They're really so nice so nice, so accommodating and really took great care of me. My sore arm came back because my purchases were too heavy, lol. And the girls simply shared my loads and carry for me!

Actually I insisted to carry by myself, I hate being a burden you know. But they waited for me(to take care of my purchases) while I visited the toilet, after I'm back, my purchases were all gone! As I stared blindly on the empty floor, where my stuff were all gone, I then realized they had stuffed my purchases into their huge shopping bag and continued shopping as if nothing had happened. And they also have their own purchases to carry too lor. Yes and they refused to return me!! Even Da volunteered, erm no, snatched my purchases to help me to carry when we met(we girls and guys shopped separately and eventually meet up). And guess what, Lyn wasnt even the slightest annoyed and even tell me to guai guai let Da carry my shopping bags. I'm so incredibly terrified with girl-friends who get jealous easily over such stuff. So I'm really so blessed! =~)

Oh ya and actually I had lesser shopping time than the girls because the stupid medicine made me so drowsy. I had to rest(and sometimes dozed off. Arggh) now and then so I took care of their shopping sitting down while they shopped. So they dont need to carry so heavy stuff and can shop in peace. =) Nevertheless, I still manage to buy back a mountain of clothes, bags, accessories etc because I'm extremely competent and efficient in shopping. Muahahahahaha! =P
We didnt take much pictures because time was too pressed for shopping! And mostly because we didnt have on makeup. =P I looked super cui. =X

Looking forward to BKK 2013!! Lol!

Valentines Day 2012
I touched down Sg on 13th and surprisingly I wasnt really tired. Dearie came to fetch me. We went to eat at clementi and then we went KTV at partyworld nearby. Hee! Yaaaaa, it's this "special day" where I will allow dearie to accompany me to KTV because he dont really like KTV. But VDAY MAH, once a year, accompany me KTV bu guo fen right... =P Anyway no shows to watch that night too, we lazy to go town anyway.

On the actual Vday, dearie bought me to a nice dinner at St. Regis, Brasserie Les Saveurs, a french restaurant, for dearie knows I love french food. It was a real opulent and romantic place. Simply every corner of St. Regis has been decorated with timeless, classy, vintage touches. It's really really a pity that I forgotten to bring my camera!! Here's simply 1 picture which is reasonably clear.

See the lift behind me?? So pretty!
Oh top and bottom both from BKK. Around 300baht each. Kekeke!

No more pictures of the food because the lighting was dim and pictures all turned out grainy... Most of them were in dearie's hp too.

As for the verdict of the food...well, there were forgettable. The amuse-bouche was supposed to be oyster but dearie had reflected we dont take oysters and requested that they change to something else. We were pretty disappointed that it was replaced by a small bowl of soup instead. What soup was it? Goodness I had totally forgotten about it. It was that forgettable. kinda displeased me that a seafood amuse-bouche should be replaced with a soup without any meat. As much as it's complimentary, I thought St. Regis should be more gracious about it. Hello~~ At least give me a prawn or something. =P

The starter was raw prawn carpaccio much as it was not bad..I did not enjoy it very much. Hmm...the raw taste made me felt uncomfortable but I dont think it's because it wasnt fresh. Perhaps I was just not very receptive to the taste. There was a fish dish and particular unique type of fish at that...but I dont remember much other that it was bland. Ahhh...there was my favourite foie gras and it was a pretty generous piece. But it simply tasted like foie gras, good as always but nothing spectacular in the way they've prepared the dish. The main was Wagyu beef. It's the first time I had wagyu beef and seriously I dont like it. It shouldnt be this tough, a disappointment. The dessert was simply too sweet and just 1 mouthful was enough to deter me from finishing it...I seriously DONT REMEMBER what was the please dont ask me. The petite fours....sigh...sweet sweet sweet. Dont wish to get diabetes so we both didnt finish it.

Service wise, nothing out of the extraordinary. Kinda expected from a 5* hotel. Oh something sweet was the crew actually took a picture of every couple in the restaurant and developed it to present to the couple in a handwritten card at the end of the meal. Love the live music performance. Bill amounts to around S$350 maybe, dont remember exactly.

Thanks honey for the sweet Vday dinner and the lovely pink roses. You know I really appreciate all this. =D Love ya loads.

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