Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What a year!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to Alllllll~~ Wishing all a prosperous, smooth-sailing new year with no

hiccups. Stay cheerful always without emo-ness! Lol! =D HUAT AHHHHH!!!

Wow!! If you're still visiting this dormant blog of mine then I sincerely thank you for your patience and wish to apologize for my long absence. Sheesh!!

I dont know...simply lost the urge to blog. Not that events haven been fulfilling, but rather, I'm too busy enjoying my life and events were simply too fast-paced for me to blog on time. And when they're lagged, I kinda lost the interest to blog about them.

Still! I think I ought to give a brief summary of what I wished to say and recollect.

This was what I posted on facebook on 1/1/2012!

今天是新年的第一天。我真的很感恩! 有一个处处让我,我爱,也爱我的老公。他

不是超体贴,也不会甜言蜜语,但他以他的方式爱我,照顾我, 也从不数落我的缺点。我知道他

永远都会在我身旁,不会离弃我! 我也是! 我也有一群很知心,很关心我的朋友。可能不是天天见




珍惜你的朋友,或不能给你幸福或欢乐的人? 不值得。要珍惜身旁的人哦!


My friend commented that it was very well-said! Haha! I realized I can express myself much better in chinese!! Lol. But well, I seldom say such emotional and mushy stuff to people, much less in Chinese! It's difficult enough being in English. =P Anyway, I really appreciate all the people who had helped me in 1 way or another in 2011. Actually I wouldnt say the whole of 2011 had been smooth-sailing but I have always feel blessed for a bunch of friends who are always there for me when I needed them. You know who you are. I think I dont need to specify who. I may not really express my gratitude in words because I'm just not good at expressing myself with my very thin face-skin and very annoying sky-high pride. But I do believe....you all feel me. =D And that I will also always be there when you all need me in any way. =)

Anyway, a brief recep of some events;

30th Nov - 7th Dec Taiwan trip + Dearie's birthday

The trip was okie though not fantastic because simply too much time were wasted on the coach. Yes, we're on a tour package. Plus the fact that it was my 3rd time visiting Taiwan, many stuff were repeated loh. All the hotels were pretty shiok though!! That's like the most important thing which dearie cared. =.=''''' Thank god I did managed to get a piece of cake for dearie's birthday. =D No whole cake available. We still pretty enjoy...I mean, I did enjoy...keke...the shopping at Taiwan Xi Meng Ding and Wu Fen Pu though there was actually nothing much to buy lah because it was Winter. And Winter ge pi lah...we were told to bring sweaters and such but it was soooo...not cold that I strutted out in my sleeveless top and shorts out for shopping on the last day. All eyes on me as if I'm a monster...kinda expected. Really warm what...I'm just super terrified of warm weather. Still, I managed to haul back some shorts, jeans, some tops, a trench-coat, few bags etc. Still pretty happy!! Hee! Meals wise, actually most of them were provided but they're not nice. =( Probably the main reason why we're grouchy during the trip. Food is so so so important to us! So CTC travel??!!! You suck!!!!

As for Christmas....actually during the last 1 or 2 weeks of Dec, I've been going out really frequently but I really dont remember much already. Xmas eve was spent at our colleague's place; a fun and laughter-filled night with a mountain of food fit for an emperor, sweet Xmas pressies exchange and really hilarious X-box dance PK! It's my 1st time playing and I thought it was very fun! Haha. And OMG...I ate so much that night. =.=''''''

Xmas day, we had a superrrrrr sumptuous and yummilicious dinner cod fish steamboat with dearie's parents!! It was located near teck whye, 莆田 codfish house, and more accessible by car. We had other dishes too like sambal kangkong, prawn omelette, Pai Gu Wang, chilli la-la plus a free chilli crab. It was so so so yummy that I craved for it the very next day. And people who know me knows I simply cant have the same food for continuous 2 days! After the dinner, I went St James with Yul and Jy. Around 1+am then we went Rachada(or whatever that is called) to join Yul's friends. It was like the former sparks and can you imagine?? They were playing some techno songs which I haven heard forever. Those songs really brought back all the memories when I was a teen. Hahaha so funny. Oh boy...that was like 10+ years back. =X Anyway, a great night. =)

New year's eve 31/12/2011 was spent at dearie's buddy's residence at Duxton where we ate pastamania, play Xbox, daidee and card games like Ugly doll and Miners. Very fun and we left at 1am to join some colleagues for mahjiong at CCK. Dearie didnt play and left early whereas I was almost dead when the game finally ended. Win or lost? I think I won some..but seriously dont remember, it was soooo tiring!

13th Jan 2012 Penang Goalsetting.
The first 3 days and nights were really fun and enjoyable. We had sightseeing, bought tons of Penang goodies, ate tons of calorie-filled YUMMY food, very fun and hilarious team-bonding games. For our team-bonding games, we're Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!! So we 3 girls(Oli and Kari) were Tinkerbell, wore green dresses and put on wings. It was so fun! Kekeke. We, together with Edw were alongside the our very handsome Peter Pan, Matt VS macho Captain hook, Des, together with his 2 kah gia, Marc and Gor. We got the 2nd runner-up in the games!! =)

The next day, we listened to a great seminar which was so touching and inspiring that got the whole agency crying......it's truly like the first and only time when I saw dearie cried so hard... I was in tears too but freaked out when I saw his face because I thought WTF happened. Turned out that he was so emotional because he thought of how he neglected me and wasnt a good hubby and stuff like that. So ended up I had to clear my tears and comfort him instead. Zzzz. Haha...anyway, I really appreciate the work the management had done. The speaker was amazing and I'm so glad our director managed to get him to speak to us. =) Not only many of us cried to our spouses, thanking them, we girlies also hugged each other for all the support and encouragement. It was such a poignant and touching moment. =~D

It was supposed to be 5days4nights and ends on 17th Jan. Sadly, I had to take an urgent flight back to Sg on the 3rd night because mummy was hospitalized. Actually she was hospitalized right on the 1st day when I reached Penang. Though worried sick, Xiang told me to stay in Penang as he will take care of mummy. So we did keep in touch by overseas calls and such. Thankfully she felt better and was discharged the next day. However, on the 3rd day...she was hospitalized again.. This time round..I really cant soothe my heart by standing on the sidelines and merely hearing the vague and uninformative account which Xiang told me. He, like dearie, simply sucks at taking care of situations and people... The spookiest thing was, I actually dreamt that mummy was hospitalized, lying on a white bed in turmoil just few days before I flew Penang.

I was fully prepared to treat it as a nonsensical dream and dare not mention it to anyone as we're all a superstitious bunch....but yet...it really happened. I couldnt handle the worry and stress, I just have to fly back. Dearie wanted to accompany me back but I told him I can handle it and asked him to stay for the goalset because there're tons of important work stuff that we should note. Still.....sigh...it was really a tiring and tedious journey back.

Roy managed to speak to some people with internal connections at AirAsia and managed to secure a last minute flight late at 10+pm. I took an arranged cab from the hotel and rushed to the AirAsia sales tix office, only to be informed that it's closed. The LCD simply showed the plane was on "boarding" mode, I was so frantic! The staff hence asked me to go to the checkout counter instead where they might have tix. I just cant find the person-in-charge which Roy told me! I ran all the way with my luggage to the checkout counter again, again to be informed they dont sell tix there. And the staff brought me all the way back to the sales counter and finally managed to got me a ticket at S$150. By then I was so exhausted...it was not a short distance to and fro. =( I then ran...yes...ran..all the way to the check-in gate because the plane was taking off. Had absolutely no time to check in my luggage and had to carry my 10kg luggage down the stupid long flight of stairs at the check in gate and then AGAIN UP the long flight of stairs to board the plane.

Did I even mention that I slipped in my house toilet few days ago and suffered a sore left arm, hand and wrist? Sigh.................with the luggage.......it simply got worse. =( And........because I rushed for the flight...I didnt have any dinner since my lunch.... Managed to gobble some food on the plane. Upon touching down, rushed to SGH on a cab.

Thank god...Mummy was not as serious as I thought. If only Xiang can..handle the situation then I wouldnt have to fly back. Sigh....He's 23...but he's just as clueless as a 13. I know he's filial and wished the best for mummy. Just that he's...just not someone who knows how to take care of people. Like dearie.....haiz... I was pretty sick too as my sorethroat worsened.

I settled everything, consulted the doc, checked the medicine etc.......and really, govt hospitals suck. He's like so damn blur and everything I need to ask, to check and double confirm. Requested for MC for mummy too else her stupid company will force her to go work. She dont have pay even when she has MC. Mummy was super weak...we cabbed home and I made sure she ate some porridge and the necessary medicine before I walked home. All this while, I had no time to answer dearie's call but I did reply his messages when we're in the cab. I said she's okie and he dont have to worry. He then replied that it's good...he's tired and he's going to sleep already... Actually I will really appreciate if he can give me a call to ask me whether I'm okie....but even that seemed like a wishful thinking.... By the time I reached home, bathed and everything...it was around 2am... I know he's tired too with the goalset....but I'm no better, physically, mentally and emotionally. I was very sick...with sorethroat...flu...and fever...and after some panadols...I concussed on bed at around 2am...

Once again...he wasnt there when I need him. Though with reason(goalset is impt, and he's overseas)....but seriously...I'm only expecting a phonecall. So I dont think I'm being unreasonable. Sometimes, alot of things I dont wish to say. We have lots of common friends who love to comment on how I should treasure him because like all people, they love to assume and conclude simply based on how things look on the surface. I also dont wish to say much. And precisely because I dont say much, and because how people love to compliment dearie is a good hubby, he cried so hard during the touching seminar talk because he felt he totally dont deserve those compliments. Sigh...I have...grown to be accustomed to it...to people who nagged me to be nicer to him and to treasure him as if like I'm so not worth it.

I have always treasure him, much more than myself. Am still patiently waiting for him to improve, which he promised he will......he promised me that there wouldnt be a 3rd time that he wont be there for me again when I most needed him. We'll see then. =) I know he loves me. I guess it's just not his personality to really care alot and have alot of compassion about people because he has always lead a smooth-sailing life. Not like me. So I'm able to handle...lots of situations. I told him...although I can handle it...even when it's hard on me...I will try to handle it without worrying him because I hate to burden him with my stuff or my family stuff. BUT STILL, he can always offer to help.......help abit....or at the very minimum...give some care and concern while I'm working on it. I still do need care, encouragement and support, no matter how strong I am!

Mummy got much much better on the very next day after her discharge, and actually I thought I was sicker than her. Haha. But we're both well now, thank you very much. =)

Okie, off to Mummy's house to eat already. I'll continue my entry when I'm free. =)

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