Monday, November 28, 2011

Why a leo woman has to be dominating to a Saggi man in a marriage

It has been a long time since I blogged. And usually the only 2 scenarios which will break this blog constipation are; 1) Some significant events, for example a close friend's wedding or baby shower etc, or more often the second scenario, 2) Somebody bloody pissed me off again.

I do have to admit I'm terribly grouchy of late because I was sick and practically lao-sai-ing everyday EVEN when I avoid spicy food at all costs. I'm really restless and dont feel like doing anything so I tried my best to keep the house as clean as possible because I dont have energy to do more strenuous housework. And obviously my hubby dont help unless I scream at him. And I seldom scream at him, despite I look like a shrew. Even Vickki's hygience, I booked basic grooming to keep her clean instead of tiring myself to bathe her.

Vickki's skin problem is back again and I'm totally distressed about it. I dont know how it happens! And the anti-fungal cream which we depended our lives on are out of stock. I've tried other creams but they simply dont work. I can only watch helplessly as her condition worsens and reverts back to her old self. I have absolutely NO CHOICE but to keep her in the kitchen so that her serious flaking conditions wont dirty the whole house. I told hubby that. He acknowledged that but still insists to let her out from the kitchen into the living room, just to play with her for awhile, just now. I said, he can do that in the kitchen because I just swept the kitchen, it's clean. And I dont wish Vic to dirty the living room. Because we walked barefoot around the whole house except the kitchen in bedroom slippers. But he insisted it's only a while. And all the more I dont understand. If it's only a while, why cant he do it in the kitchen??

With this, he threw me an attitude and said forget it and went back to his room. Like, I dont understand wtf. I have always been tolerant of his nua and super dirty nature although he always looked like he's very clean, thanks to his super fair and nice skin. So please dont judge a book by it's cover. I'm growing excessively impatient ESPECIALLY when I'm sick as I cant afford to be nice to "clean his shit". New friends, candid ones, always ask me curiously whether I'm dominating as all Leos are. At first instinct, I said I'm not. I always go with my friends' choices and seldom likes to decide. I prefer to follow; ok well, I'm lazy. But with some friends, who are even lazier than me(haha), then I'll tend to be the decision maker because nobody has ideas to contribute. And someone(me), just have to take the lead. I merely wish all will be happy with things I planned.

But when it comes to family, I have to admit I'm dominating towards my hubby, in household matters only. WHY? Because I have no choice! Like for example, I've told him umpteen times that it's okie if he wanna have sweet drinks inside the room but please clear them(put in kitchen sink and I'll wash) as soon as he finished so that ants wont be attracted. And he turned a deaf ear. And ants started visiting my beloved bed room. No matter how frequent I clear them from then on, they still come. Even if it's plain water! It's just plain irritating and disgusting and I scolded hubby upside-down for that.

You know if we have a maid OR if he's the one clearing those shit, it's totally FINE with me. But clearly that's not the case! And I said, if he bloody well CANT solve the problem which he CREATES, then F****** dont START it!! It took MONTHS with absolutely NO DRINKS in the room to deter the ants from visiting our bedroom. Thank god.

And sometimes when I asked him to clear the rubbish, he loves to postpone it. I get it when sometimes he has important things at hand to do or simply, whatever, that he prefers to do it later, fine. But then, the deed is never done!! The rubbish simply stays till the next day where it attracts ants/cockroaches/lizards etc. And trust me, when these pests START to come.....they'll come everyday...reproduce....and start their little homes. Arrghhhh~ Again, I scolded him upside down for it and from then on, I always insist he threw the rubbish IMMEDIATELY or if I can remember, before the night ends. I'm dominating? Oh yes, no choice because I cant take his word for it. I bought tons of ants' poison and lizard trappers coupled with consistent, immediate rubbish removal for months and thank god, those pests left our kitchen. It's alot of work!

Sometimes I also wish to be less dominating and not insists he does things exactly, according to what I say. Just like, I said, "Dear, when you're free and not very tired, can you wipe the window panes?" Airing the clothes, wiping window panes are clearly his jobs because he's tall and can do them easily. And time after time, it's always, "Okie, weekend I'll do it. Christmas, I'll do it. Before Chinese New Year, I'll do it."

Now, it has been F****** 2 YEARS since we shifted in and he still haven do it!

Still, I haven insist strongly on them, YET, because dirty window panes, although irks me, doesnt cause any horrible consequences, e.g, attracting pests etc.

A Saggi male simply needs a dominating Leo woman because he cant take care of himself nor people around them. If I'm the nice, docile doormat, I would have died of exhaustion or turned a lovely home into a pig sty. They're extremely insensitive and oblivious to what happens in their surroundings. In short, SBC - SIMPLY BO CHUP.

I'm so tired. I dont think I expect a lot from him. I merely wished he give me less trouble when I'm sick. But not only he doesnt help, he gave me more trouble. Is this plain laziness? Dont think so. It's immature, selfish, inconsiderate.

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