Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love holidays!

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend!! And Happy Hari Raya Haji to all our muslim comrades!! =)

On the PH eve, after meeting a client to sign some documents, dearie and me went to Ir's house to celebrate baby Vera's 1st month shower!!

Arrgghhhh! Dont know why the pic came out so small when I already chose "large" in blogger. Duhz!

Vera is a giant baby weighing 3.5kg!! No doubt she will be a willowy, sweet lady in years to come since both parents are so tall!! =) As usual and expected, all our colleagues began asking us when is our turn! *faint* Nononono, not so soon okie~~ =P Frankly speaking, I dont even find myself with sufficient time of my own, nor enough time with dearie and Vickki, not to mention for another baby! Maybe 1 day I'll wake up from the other side of the bed with blooming maternal love and decide that I wish to have a baby to love. For now, IF I do get pregnant, I definitely wont be ecstatic. =P But of course, the word "abortion" is never in my dictionary. So do not worry. =)

After that, we went Lot 1 for some shopping and I was elated with the sales at BHG. Not so much for me, but rather for dearie. His undergarments are extremely good buys!! In fact, we went back the next day to purchase more because the quality were really outstanding. Haha. =P After that, I went to meet Se, Jac and Ken for mahjiong at Ken's new place at Upper Bt Timah. Lucky win of $170. =)

The PH itself was spent with my lovely mummy and my 2nd younger brother, Wei at Causeway Point. Xiang is enjoying his holidays in U.S with Phil and his family! It was very crowded and since we were famished, we simply went in Hot Tomato which had little queue. The signboard and pictures at the entrance of the cafe looked very attractive. It wasnt until when we opened the menu then we realized the prices are super friendly. I hesitated whether should we change venue as I wish to give Mummy a nicer lunch because I worry about the standard of food upon looking at the prices. But we were all very hungry plus it was crowded everywhere so we gave it a try.

Mummy and Wei ordered Norwegian Salmon with mango salsa(1st pic), dearie ordered Lobster pasta(3rd left) while I had Steak and Prawn(2nd pic). We also ordered mushroom soup and mashed potatoe.

I dont specifically remember all the prices but I remembered my Steak & Prawn at $15.90 is already the most expensive among the dishes we ordered. So the others are around $13 or such. It calls to mind a comparison with Aston's whose prices are around the same range. I was extremely pleased with my steak which came perfectly cooked at medium. Juicy and tender, soOoo tender that I cant believe I merely paid $16 for it! Medium steak usually dont come as tender and I know usually people think medium rare is the best doneness for a steak. But since I cant stand the bloodiness, I have to settle for medium. And Hot Tomatoe's medium steak really blew me away. It won Aston's steak hands down. It's a pretty big slab too. The small portion of aglio olio pasta which came with it was so-so. For the 2 prawns, 1 was fresh and 1 clearly wasnt. Both were well-seasoned but overcooked.

The other dishes were not raved but I did not hear them complain much. Oh Dearie did complain that his pasta was slightly overcooked and the "lobster" were pathetic. 4 tiny pieces. More like crayfish instead. The mushroom soup was abit diluted, thus the consistency, the flavour were not satisfactory. The mashed potatoe on the other hand was very smooth and I love it. The accompanying sauces for the mashed and my steak were definitely stingy. Good thing was they didnt charge for the extras we requested. If their standard of steak can be consistent, you can be sure I can eat them every alternate day.

Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill (Causeway Point)

Tel: +65 6894 2685

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm

After shopping around CWP for a few hours, we went for desserts!! =D Initially Mummy wanted Swensen but it was having long queue. So we settled at Geláre.

Omg!! Seriously they were so yummy! We all love our choices. I ordered 2 scoops, 1 mango and the other strawberry. I love the consistency of the ice-cream because they were a little chewy and not overly milky and creamy like most ice-creams. It's just my preference; I love ice-creams which are not overly sweet, a little chewy and sorbet kind of texture. That's why I also love Turkish ice-cream. =) There's really nothing much to complain about them, they were served cold and not runny. The "basket" was crunchy, great taste and went extremely well with the ice-cream. Will definitely visit again!

Geláre at Causeway Point Shopping Centre1 Woodlands Square Level 3, K-06 to K-08 Causeway Point, Singapore 738099
Tel/Fax: 68912665Operating hours: 10am to 10pm Daily

After the decadent desserts, we sent mummy back home because she was tired. And the 3 of us went to catch a movie.

Movie title: Sleepwalker
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: It's actually not that bad. At least it's a well-rounded plot with a twist with a proper ending. Just that it's kinda slow pace and gradually got intense later on. Still worth a watch. =)

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