Sunday, November 6, 2011

3rd wedding anniversary presents

Guessed which is/are hubby's anniversary present and which is/are mine? =)

=D I always love Burberry bags admist the many brands. And I happily saw their classic Nova check series with a seasonal Christmas green trimming. Love it! However, it only comes in the jumbo tote size which is wayyyyyy too big for me. So sad. =(

Eventually, I settled on a Prada wallet which I love too! =)

Prada Saffiano Fiocco Bow wallet in Hot Pink

Actually I prefer to buy a bag than a wallet because my good-old-trusty LV damier canvas long wallet has been serving me well for years. I'm so proud of her! Looking great and so durable. Really love her to bits and I'm kinda so sorry for stuffing her full of cards. Sometimes I tried bringing lesser cards but damn, everytime when you missed carrying a particular bank's card, then that will be the card which offers discounts on your purchases/food. So, long wallet is the best. Perhaps...I let my LV wallet take a rest....a vacation... =P

I do not wish to buy anything on impulse so I did not buy it at first glance. However, nothing else caught my eye. Since I have never owned any Prada products so I went online and google about Prada Saffiano leather wallets whether they are durable, although they looked so. I'm so unromantically pragmatic. Good news! They are durable, though many commented of course LV will be more durable. But still, pretty good enough. So I went ahead to buy the next day. I have to say although it looks like the number of card slots etc are same as the LV wallet which I have, the sizing runs small and it's not encouraged to fill up ALL card slots. In fact, all cards have to be squeezeeeed in. Every card slot was like a 2mm too short. I had to sacrifice some amulets etc because the wallet really cant contain as much stuff.

I really have to share my shopping experience at Ion Prada Boutique. Sometimes I really dont understand why the snobbish and f-uped attitude with CS at these boutiques. See their change of face at the mere entrance of tourists simply makes me wanna puke. Anyway, when I tried the zipper, it was really horrible. I had to hold on to the wallet tightly and pull with might to either close/open it fully. And I told the male CS with the irritating slang that.

"Oh ALL Prada products' zippers are like that." With the world's fakest smile.

My brows were knitted together because while I thought that inferior feature was embarrassing, the guy seemed to think of it as a signature trademark or something. *Rollz eyes* And do I detect a hint of "You dont know Prada products are like that one mehhhh~" Maybe I'm too sensitive ya, and I almost want to answer, "Oh is it? I didnt know that because I always buy LV and LV zippers are awesome!"

But I got culture k~ So I merely kept silent and tried zipping and unzipping numerous times, trying to see if it helps. Apparently, it doesnt lah! And the guy said, "I can wax the zip for you if you want, it will make it smoother." I said, "Sure thank you". And he asked for payment so I gave him my card. Hubby's sub card for me to be exact. He came back few minutes later with the wallet packed and the bill. After I've signed it, I requested to see the wallet to check on the zipper. Obviously he's not happy because he had packed it. When I tried the zipper, I didnt feel any difference. Since the wallet costs $800, I cant get past the rough and poor quality zipper. So I asked him to bring me another piece.

1st piece - zipper still as sucky
2nd piece - zipper is wonderful, so smooth and I said that out loud. He had the cheek to say it felt the same to him with a lazy drawl. Had to curb myself from saying, "You're obviously senile". To my dismay, I noticed a pretty big defect in the leather and I cant choose that. I dont even understand how can that wallet went pass QC?

Anyway, asked him to bring me a few more new ones to try and his face grew blacker and blacker. HAHAHA! To be frank, I was kinda enjoying it. *Sniggers* And eventually I settled on one with no defects, however, the zip is neither the best nor the worst. Abit irritated actually but I tried to console myself I seldom use the coin slots anyway. I still love the wallet. Thanks honey!!

After I got my stuff, I went to browse for dearie's anniversary presents. His Gucci coated canvas wallet and key pouch in black which I bought him during our honeymoon was still looking great, as good as new! Very durable. I merely wish to share which brand/product/series is durable because I think spending a generous amount on something which can only lasts you a year or two is frivolous. Unless you're damn rich that is. Do avoid LV monogram series(fair leather parts oxidized easily into ugly brown) and Gucci canvas series(stitches torn and leather stained easily). A total waste of money. Unless you dont mind the trouble of selling them.

Eventually settled on these 2 items.

LV tie in blue.

Burberry's perfume, BODY

It's not easy to buy anything for hubby because he dont like anything which screams the brand name outright-ly; he feels it's loud. However, it also seems dumb if the brand cannot be seen at all ya. So, I hope he likes the tie. The brand name is not very obvious, subtle. =) He loves Burberry's Body scent ever since I let him sniff a sample from Her World Magazine. =) Yes we know it's a women's scent but he always like women's scent so he sometimes use mine too. He also snatched my Ferragamo's Incanto(original) before, which is my preferred scent. Sadly, they've discontinued it so only some shops with leftover stocks are carrying it. I do feel Incanto's Shine...Dream series are all pretty nice but they're like too "sweet" and "young" for me, qualities which I dont really possess. Hahaha.

By the way, out of the 3 items from 3 different boutiques, Burberry's perfume is the cheapest but they have the best service. The nice lady even asked if it's a present and when I said yes, she gave me a card to write wishes. So sweet. =)

LV's services were inconsistent. A lady was downright rude("Sorry I'm busy" and stalked off) while another guy who later attended to me was pretty nice.

Very frankly speaking....many a time...I felt very disappointed with Singaporeans' manners and their inconsideration. It's not only where customer service is concerned. I mean, fine, perhaps you feel your pay dont match your effort and you give a black face. Still, it's not being nice especially when people are nice and polite to you.

Went bugis days ago with dearie for Ah Chew Desserts. Yummy and cheap desserts are such a wonderful idea to end a sweet night. And because business was good, it was pretty crowded. We were trying to get a table. And finally some people stood up from their table and turned to leave. However, seeing a guy standing beside the table for quite some time but yet didnt immediately sit when it's finally free, out of courtesy, dearie asked him whether he wants the table as he's there first.

We are being polite as we didnt immediately plopped our asses down. But that guy gave a super annoyed, disgusted look, rolled his eyes and added a brief shake of his head. Dearie and I simply dont understand why such attitude when we asked him nicely. Ask them leh, then they yaya and heck care. Dont ask leh, then they come and quarrel that you stole their seats. It's just sad. Is it because such people have bitter lowlifes, hence they cant bring themselves to give a positive response to people who are polite to them? I understand that some people or rather majority of the people are not having a beautiful life, hence they're negative, they're inconsiderate, they're greedy, they're selfish, they're kiasu, they're rude. But sometimes, it's tiring trying to find excuses to pardon them. If they always remained this negative, this grouchy and giving the attitude that the whole world owes them money, seriously I dont think they can go far too. Would the god help such people? Hmm...................

Today we went shopping and I was trying on this lovely pair of metallic studded heels at Charles & Keith, walking a few steps to see whether it hurts. And there was this friendly and nice Caucasian lady who openly complimented, "You look great in this. Buy it!" I smiled a friendly greeting and said, "It looks great! But it's too painful to wear! You can try it!" I encouraged. She gave a oh-my-god-these-high-heels-will-kill-me look to dearie and said, "Guys should try wearing them then they'll know!" And both of us laughed heartily. People like them really makes my day. =) Really wish more Singaporeans can be more positive. Dont need to be friendly, as yet. For a start, be at least more positive, polite and responsive. That will really be great....

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