Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our 3rd wedding anniversary!!!

3 splendid years of marriage has passed!! As fast as a blink of eye!! Counting fingers, I have spent half a decade with dearie and it's simply amazing that, while it felt like we've known each other forever, at the same time, we felt like we've been married not too long ago! We both shocked ourselves along the times of, "WAH! We together 5 years liao ah?!?!" And I was like, "Wow, I actually can tahan you so long!!" And he's like, "Same here same here." Lol.

Actually when I'm younger, I've never expect I will get married. Because I have no faith in men, in marriage. I do believe love exists, merely not forever. I believe in loving and living in the moment. Not to mention, my parents' broken marriage didnt give me any optimism. I'm not very sure did the above mentioned prevented me from giving my 100% of love to all my ex-boyfriends OR simply just because I didnt meet The One, one whom I love so much, love enough to change my thinking.

But he simply changed me. Suddenly 1 day, I thought...hey I wanna get married. I want to have status, I want to belong to him officially and him to belong to me officially. Muahahahaha! Of course I couldnt possibly propose to him, so I merely wait loh, albeit with much annoyance. I supposed he finally did what a man should do after obvious hints and extreme duress. Muahahahaha. Heng I didnt wait for long...I'm not a very patient lady okieee~ He proposed after our 1.5years of relationship(I have to emphasize he's under duress) and we're still as sweet as we just got together. =) So I guessed it's not a bad thing(to get married early)!!

Anyway, it's quite funny when I was looking at the Nov calender(with stress) on Halloween(31st Oct), I was checking my schedules for all my sales appointments, compulsory courses to clear CPD hours, happy occasions to attend as well as the very much anticipated 7days Taiwan trip on 30th Nov, when I suddenly realizeddddd.......2nd Nov, which is in 2 days our Wedding Anniversary!! We both kinda forgot about it and then started to ask each other stupidly, "It's 2nd or 3rd year anniversary huh??" =O Hahaha! Anyway, I was busy with my own stuff so I told dearie to simply plan a nice dinner. He did, and also booked couple massage at Spa Elements where we have a package, prior to the dinner. I have to say, so far, for more than a year I supposed, massages have been satisfying at Spa Elements. So we might consider to sign up more when it's finished.

FYI, Spa Elements' packages come in credits. For example you purchase 50 credits for, say, $1000 and for e.g, a massage will cost 1.2 credits and a classic manicure 0.7 credits etc. Their manicures are pretty good too. Spa Elements have other services such as ear-candling(which dearie tried and said it was shiok), slimming tummy(I tried, not much difference but also pretty shiok), jacuzzi, facials etc. I have to warn you though they do employ PRC. But so far, the ones who massaged me and did my manicure are all competent so it's no issue. However, I think you can request for non-prc. They have Filipinos who are great in massages too. Any drop in service standards, before package signed and after? Of course there are, who are you kidding. But the difference is not very drastic, still acceptable.

The moment I got into the car(to be on the way to the massage), dearie asked me to "wait ah" then he went to the boot. I'm already expecting flowers, but still, ridiculously happy when he presented me with a bouquet. Ya!! I'm so "girl"!! I cant help it!! =P Thanks darling. Flowers, so old-fashioned, but always work!

The top right hand corner picture is a letter which he wrote me. He always like to write me letters or cards on occasions. Bottom right corner was a folded card with a red ribbon. I wondered what is it............and it was...............

and it was.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling like an idiot. =O

I was appalled and said, "ARE YOU SURE???!!!!"
"I give you 5 seconds to consider tearing this." I said

His reply was soOoo funny. "Haha Siao!! If I really tear, I sure DIE!!"

Muhahahaha!! So smart. =)

Then he said, "Actually while I was printing this, my hands were trembling."


"That's why I planned the massage late at 5+pm and dinner at 7+pm so that you dont have time to shop."

My face fell. =(

Hubby laughed heartily and said, "Nevermind lah!! Not enough time today can other day buy also lah!!"


We actually visited a few boutiques for a short while but time was simply too pressed(arggghhh!) and I dont wish to buy on impulse. So we went for the massage, first.

As I said, it was not bad. My body really felt less tensed and sore. After that we went for dinner. As usual, dearie did a little "merry-go-round" for that surprise element. Though the surprise was not very well executed, haha, I really appreciate the thought. =)

I came to the entrance of Les Amis and suddenly the name of the restaurant sounds so familiar. After a 5 seconds, then I recalled it was introduced in a travel channel as 1 of the 11 restaurants which serves the most extravagant/luxurious meals in the world; with their white truffles menu. Actually, most of them uses expensive ingredients like cavier/truffles/foie gras/edible gold dust in their dishes, like pizza, burgers, cake etc. A few, thrives on their splendid venue and ambience with fantastic views while some chefs reign with their specialty and renownedness. Only 1 caught more interest, Dinner in the Sky.

David Ghysels has created a true moveable feast with his unusual Dinner in the Sky that dangles from a crane 165 feet above the ground. It's one of the few fine dining establishments that requires guests to fasten their seat belts before diving into a gourmet meal. Groups can host a dinner party for up to 22 people almost anywhere in the world, from the Las Vegas Strip to London to India. A catering company or private chef does most of the cooking on the ground, though there is electricity and a gas grill available for high-flying cooking. And live music is available but will cost extra as the performers are raised on a separate platform that hangs in the air alongside the restaurant. Plan for a trip to the powder room before you get on board -- bathroom facilities are available on the ground but require the entire group to descend for a potty break.

So interesting!! You can choose the venue! Check out the website! Not for people who are afraid of heights though. Unless they can distract themselves with the sumptuous food. =)

I cant explain why I had apprehension even before I stepped into the restaurant. Like you know, atas restaurants like this are usually over-rated and I hate to get disappointed, especially with a huge price tag.

We were quite the first customers for the dinner that evening as we stood stupidly for few minutes to wait for the tuxedo-clad waiter, obviously too busy with whatever he was doing, to show us to our reserved table. Finally he was done and we were shown to the corner table. Frankly speaking, I reallyyyyyy have very low expectations of the standard of service because dearie and I were CONVINCED that 90% of the Sg's customer service(F&B) is poor. Nevermind that the waiter dont bother to pull out my chair, I was appalled that he pulled the chair for dearie instead.

Like WTF.

Even if hubby's more feminine than I am, certainly the waiter should pull out my chair righttttt~ I've never seen anyone pull out the chair of the male guest rather than the female guest leh. That really didnt set my spirits high. So I grabbed the menu and hoped that the dishes can excite me instead. But I was again disappointed. Choices were few, for all starters/entrees etc. Almost all of them were simply.....just not what we usually order. Eggplants? No. Eels? No. Octopuses? Not unless they're sashimi. Bamboo clams with cavier?? Maine lobster, but steamed?? Baby monkfish on the bone?? Sounds unappetizing. Home-made pasta with white truffles, how "exciting". Spanish-style sucking pig?? Huhhhh??

Yes, there was my fave foie gras but I was famished(it's my "breakfast" ok) so I wanted something filing.

Dearie is a fish freak so he grabbed the only fish dish which sounds okie, "Slow cooked Danish Halibut "sous vide" with Maitake mushrooms, lardo crudo and green tea puree"($80), while I ordered "Steamed Alaskan King Crab Risotto with White Alba truffles($110)"

I was silently telling myself....Let's see how amazing is this white truffles, which are termed white diamonds.

We were served butter and bread but really, it was nothing really worth mentioning.

Oh!! There was something worth mentioning! The waiter approached us with a basket of 3 different kinds of bread and I chose white bread. Then he said, "Please remove the napkin" and then I realized the napkin, which was supposed to be place on our laps by them, were on the plates! With both his hands busy, he actually asked us to self-service. I mean, is this really a fine-dining restaurant?? ZzzZzz

Amuse bouche was prawn as shown in the top left hand picture. An angmoh actually came up to introduce the dish with an bored expression on his face which clearly carried the message that he wouldnt give us the time of the day if not for the sake of keeping his job.

Delicate, crisp on the outside, tender and fresh inside. However it was a veryyyy skinny prawn. As if halved. Seasoning, slightly over saltish but acceptable. The vegetables tasted raw, hard, cold, acidic in contrast to the warm prawn. How odd.

My crab risotto was disappointingly hard. Sigh, I hate having hard risotto. That's like so unacceptable. However, it's still edible and I dont wish to wait for another as I'm famished. First meal of the day at 7pm. Just look at the picture will you? The plating is just.....sigh. The lettuce is kinda redundant. It's not a salad!! And it spoils the plating despite the beautiful shavings of the white truffles. Alaska king crab leg meat were chopped into chunks, tender and fresh. So thankful that they were not skinny, however, will be happier if there are more. The risotto has a hidden poached egg inside which really.........I just dont know what to say. So I'm eating risotta glazed with egg yolk. I like eggs but....all I can taste were egg yolks for the risotto! It's an eggy risotto. Oh my god...

As for the shavings of raw white truffles, it's kinda hard to describe. had a very faint earthy smell that doesnt attract or repel me. But it's so faint like it wasnt there. I reckoned they aint very fresh. It's texture was smooth and soft but rather bland. To me, it's like a pretty and classy garnish that looked like snow flakes on a dish but basically did nothing to enhance the flavour.

As for dearie's halibut, I only heard him complaining about the portion being too small and complimenting the mushrooms being fantastically fragrant. Fish texture was ok. That's about it. Together with the still water we had($14), total bill is around $240.

In all, the only thing which impressed me is the bill and the most unforgettable thing will be; 1st time a waiter of a fine-dining restaurant pulled out a chair for my husband instead of me. Thank you. We thought we should go back to The French Kitchen for our anniversary celebrations next year. And we suddenly felt bad that we didnt go back because Chef Charles is really very nice! Service is also great at The French Kitchen! You can read our 1st anniversary entry here, together with the review of the restaurant.

Dearie apologized for the disappointing dinner. Silly boy. There's no need to apologize, just treat it as an experience then. Thank you for the dinner! Smuacks. We walked to Taka and Paragon for some shopping. Finally settled at Paragon, Cova for some desserts!! I'm happy to bring him there because I like Cova's cakes! Had a great time there because I love my mango tart and my Paradise Kiss Tea is also not bad. =) Dearie's tiramisu was rather unsatisfying. It was bland!

Thank you my dear for the wonderful day!

May we enjoy sweeter anniversaries in the many decades to come!!

Love you always and I owe you your anniversary present first okie!!
Like how you owe me too. Haha. Yup, in the end didnt get to buy anything. Perhaps tomorrow? =) I'm so excited!!

Opps, no time to buy his because we're like twins. But I already know what to buy. Also very excited!! Hope he'll like what I buy for him. Hee!!

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