Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 2013 Favorites

Sorry for such a long absence! Here's my May's favorites!! =D I've stocked up on alot of them before I blogged them because everytime after I blogged about them, they're hardly available on the counters anymore. I wonder why. =P

Falsies from Cosmos (VM 414)

Ah....I'm afraid I've thrown away the packaging...but while I was searching for it's images, I came across our Singapore famous makeup artist; Andy Lee's blog. And yes, me too feel Cosmo's eyelashes are of great quality. They feel soft but yet not too flimsy with a sturdy eyelash bone which is comfortable. I think I bought them in Taiwan but you can get them from by joining sprees. It will come up to maybe less than S$20 including shipping for a box of 10. I like this design(VM414) most of all because it's not scarily long nor hopelessly dramatic. It just looks pretty natural while enlarging the look of your eyes with it's wide fan-out shape. So far, didnt get to see any in Singapore.

Organic Surge - Lavender meadow shower gel
w/ pure lavender & geranium essential oils

Whoever doesnt love lavender or geranium?? I love this organic shower gel to bits!! The lavender is so soothing so I always use it at night; it leads to a great sleep. Not that suitable for the day I guess; you'll feel like going back to bed! Much hydrating than other shower gels I've tried. Despite being a gel, it's not very thick and certainly lathers well. I'm starting to love all organic products. Available at BHG, ALT beauty at around S$15 for 250ml. It gets used up pretty fast. =(  I saw the same at MarketPlace(supermarket) and although the packaging looks similar, the product is not! The texture was thicker and it just doesnt smells the same; it kinda usual fragrance of a particular race. =/

Organic Surge - Daily care face wash with organic rose geranium essential oils

Facial cleanser from the same series. I feel it's very therapeutic to use it to cleanse the face with it's aromatherapy effects. Gentle and mild, suitable for sensitive skin. Cleanses well but doesnt dry out the skin.

Cosmetic Cotton wool pads from DAISO

The best I've used. Previously I've tried inexpensive ones from Watson, SASA, Etude House etc and these from DAISO(S$2 only!) certainly win hands down with quality and price. Very soft and smooth, doesnt fray(very impt) and with the right degree of absorbency.

Confume - Argan Treatment Straight Cream

I permed my hair sometime back. And while it was nice and romantic, the curls didnt last. Partly due to they're big curls so they usually wont last anyway but mostly because I'm didnt maintain them well I finally decided I dont suit permed hair at all because I'm wayyy too lazy. And so I decided to let the curls die softly on their own by simply blowing them dry and combing them as per straight hair. Not to mention, they were pretty ugly because they were neither wavy nor straight; kinda not here not there. However, I dont wish to rebond because it will be very damaging for my hair which was merely permed a month plus ago so I bought this straightening cream to try. And it works great. 

Before(can you see the wavy ends) and After(straight)
Both after simple blow dry without any products.

It costs around S$17 from Beaute Spring and besides the 2 tubes, a comb cum brush was also included. You need additional disposable gloves, a bowl to contain the mixture as well as a water-proof cape(can buy from daiso at $2). There are instructions behind.

But the way I used it is as below:
1) Shampoo and dry hair with a towel. Comb it nicely
2) Apply formula 1 to hair and comb it, maintaining it as straight as possible. I only apply from my eyebrow level downwards so as not to have my top too flat. Leave for 15-20minutes (min 10 to max 25mins, the healthier your hair, the longer you can leave it)
3) Rinse hair off in cold water and blow dry hair in cold wind.
4) Comb hair and apply formula 2. Leave for 5-10mins before rinsing off with cold water(however I got busy on the phone and only washed it after 15 mins. Zzz)
5) Blow dry with cold wind

Use ALL the product to ensure efficiency. Dont keep any behind.

The effects were great!! Hair became softer, smoother and so much straighter. In fact, it looked like I just had a salon treatment and results lasted for quite a long time. My hair no longer looked like dying permed hair. They looked pretty naturally straight but not to the extent of poker straight. Just the way I want it.

Clarisonic Sensitive Brush head

This is my Clarisonic in tangerine and I'm using it's normal brush head all along. It cleanses very very well although sometimes I felt it was kinda harsh with it's bristles on my sensitive skin so I bought this sensitive brush head during Sephora 20% member's sale. The bristles are so much softer and it feels GREAT to glide it across the face. It's so much gentler. It cleanses much better than using your hands alone, BUT not as clean as the normal brush head. So I use this when I feel I need deep cleansing on no-makeup days but I continue to use my normal brush head when I'm doing double cleansing after removing my makeup with cleansing oil. It's S$30 before discount. It's highly recommended for skin with slight blemishes. Because using scrubs might be too harsh when you're having blemished skin during that period of the month. If you have Clarisonic, the sensitive brush head is gentle enough to give you some good cleansing despite your blemishes in the way. 

Benefit -  High Beam

This works as a highlighter which you apply after your foundation or before your powder on areas you wanna highlight; like below your eyes, your t-zone etc. It emits a natural and subtle glow and lasts generally better than powdered highlighters alone. However, if you want more glow, I would recommend using it and then eventually topping it with a powdered highlighter later after powder to make it more glowy and to keep the results more lasting. Because I feel it doesnt build on very well; when applied too much, it enlarges your pores and the glow look rather "alien"; in other words, very unnatural.

Too Faced - La Creme Colour Drenching Lip Cream in Spice Spice Baby

Firstly, how pretty is the packaging? My favorite chrome gold, it comes in a sleek tube. Love the colour, it's my-lips-but-better, a nudish pink. Actually I usually leave my lips bare apart from some lip balm because I dont like the feeling of "something" on my lips. So I love this because it feels so light on my lips as if I'm not wearing any lip product. My lips has been quite dry of late and really, this is a life savior. It's super hydrating, lasts decently well. There's no need to apply lip balm before this at all as it just glides on smoothly. Good colour payoff too. It's around S$32 if I remembered correctly. Bought it during Sephora's 20% sale too with another colour, I want Candy, which is a more pinkish shade. Yes, love this rouge to bits!

Speaking of the Sephora's 20% member's sale a week plus ago, I bought quite abit! Some are for mummy's mother's day pressie. =D

I was definitely expecting crowd so I told dearie I need to go before 2pm. But he was busy and all my frens were working.... initially was feeling blue that I have to shop alone at Sephora and catch my dinner alone...until dearie said "Use my card la". 
I was like, "^o^ Really??!!" 
"Ya. Feel better right?" 
"Yes! So much better". 

He's so sweet right? =))))

Dearie is in Munich now and I'm missing him terribly. =( On the day before he needs to fly off, he said, 

"Dear, I've already stocked up orange juice la...your apple yakult la....tibits la...4leaves bread la......Vickki's food transferred to your bank account la in case you need."

Isnt him the sweet thing on earth? =D *bursting with happiness* Now my fridge is stuffed to the brim. Lol

And I just thought I will explode(with happiness) when he called me yesterday happily, telling me cheerfully he got all the 3 bags I wanted. One(brand) starting with C, one starting with G, and the other starting with L. Eh.....frankly speaking, I didnt expect all 3 to be available. I kinda expect 2 only. Geez!! Still, very happy of course!!! 

Oh well, I'm so blessed I know. :~D But I'll say something mushy, I was out drinking with friends days ago and just looking at dearie's messages, my eyes got wet. Sigh...........I was never like this before. Sometimes I also find it hard to believe love can grow stronger and stronger with time, especially when we're been together for like...6+ years? But it's really possible. Although I kept forgetting which year we got together and which year we got ROM or married exactly(I'm super bad with dates la...).....I just know he's forever irreplaceable in my heart. =D

Okie~~ I need to go sleep already because tomorrow's going office early to help dearie settle some stuff. I'm his secretary while he's away. =)


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