Saturday, March 8, 2014

Movie Review: 300 Rise of an empire

Movie Title: 300 Rise of an Empire
Ratings: 2.7/5
Comments: Omg, it's so boring. Firstly, the mass poetic style of narration throughout the movie took a toll on me as I'm just not much of an artistic person and it's troublesome to understand if one needs to narrate a HUGE portion of the movie plot, which I'm to understand the story begins somewhat around the time of the old 300 movie and then extended till slightly later. *correct me if I'm wrong*. And then it's kill kill kill all the way until it gets dead boring. The only highlight of the movie would be how Eva Green bared her boobs for those vigorous trusts. Full stop. It's nothing like the old 300 movie, and a major disappointment.

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