Saturday, March 8, 2014

Don't EVER shop from TOBI again, NOR engage USPS to deliver your stuff.

#Update on 26th Oct 2016

Don't EVER shop from TOBI again, NOR engage USPS to deliver your stuff. USPS CLAIMED that my address is incorrect and hence resend my package back to San Francisco without even calling me. Fking stupid. My address is TOTALLY CORRECT. And TOBI expects me to pay another $10 for delivery. This is not my 1st time ordering from them and the previous time was OK. I emailed them, requesting them to liase with USPS as they had made a MISTAKE but TOBI just patronized me with an email and demands $10 for re-delivery. Looking at TOBI's attitude, even if I pay $10 despite it's not my mistake, if USPS still continue to claim they can't track my address nor do they give a call to me, the package is still gonna to be resent back to TOBI. And TOBI doesnt give a SHIT.

So yup, I'm NEVER going to shop there again. Utterly ridiculous and disgusting customer service. They said they will refund me, let's see when my money comes back. Waste my time doing the browsing and purchase. Sickening.


I came across tobi on 21st Feb and made a purchase there and then, paying around S$150 for 4 dresses and a top with free shipping to Singapore from Los Angeles. I really love the unique designs which I dont get to see in Singapore. The quality looks good enough online. If you're new to tobi, you can get 50% off for just everything. You merely need to link it to your facebook account to get the code for the 50% off. It was so hard to settle for only 5 pieces but I usually limit myself to spend less than S$150 on a site which is new to me. The loots came yesterday 7th Mar, right to my doorstep. Which is like a 2weeks. Very pleased after I tried them out. Quality is good, a steal for the price I paid for, and are pretty flattering. I told V about it since she's also a crazy online shopper. And she asked me to whatsapp her some pics. I did. And I thought, since I took them, might as well I share it here too. It can provide some reference in regards to the quality, the material, the sizing for those pieces which I picked.

All the pictures are 100% unedited in normal handphone camera mode. They're just captured in different angles thus reflect different lighting.

The quality of the leather is pretty good, not too thin, not too thick. Zipper is in gold, smooth and of quality behind the dress. However, leather's still more suitable to be worn in air-conditioned surroundings. This is in size S, fits me to a T and I'm not wearing any bra; it's not possible to wear one for size S as it's just too fitting for me. Thank god the cutting of the dress is good as in it's tailored in a way that it doesnt "flatten" your boobs. The material is also thick enough so that you dont need to wear nipple tape even if you're going topless. And in case if you need my stats for reference, then I'm 33C/D 27 35. Slightly fatter recently.....sigh....I'm going on a no-carbo diet soon. I wish to drop an inch on the whole.

The back certainly looks nice with the lace. However, there is 1 major flaw, that is the cutting wasnt even for the left and right side seams because the left side seam consists of a side zipper, and somehow when being worn, the underlying zipper seems to "float" or "bubble" in an uneven fashion. It's kinda ugly because it looks as if I got a tumour or something near my left side. I'm not good with tailoring...but I suspect that's because the zipper being sewn was too long. Maybe I'll get a tailor to check that out. This is also in size S, very tight fitting, impossible to wear nude bra. Material thick enough to cover modesty. I thought my butt looks flatter that it is though. Maybe it's just too tight. man shoulders..........

In size S, although I think an XS might fit me better because as compared to the other dresses, this cutting runs alittle bigger. I'm wearing a nude bra inside and although the dress wont drop but it's not tight-fitting...and alittle loose at the probably cant dance in this, or it will slip. However, the sizing aside, the dress is really of good quality.

This is a V neck black bandage top with holes cut out at the sides. Again, like whyyyyyyy. I think I can only wear this after I shed off 1 or 2 kgs because the side is not very flattering for me. But I suppose on the whole, it still looks okie. Because the V will divert some attention. Nahz....wearing clothings is all about covering up your flaws and then diverting attention AWAY from those flaws. 

(P/S the bottom is a skirt I bought from Bugis Village)

While shopping at tobi, I was really intrigued as well as grossly irritated at most of the dresses with holes cut out at the stomach. Like whyyyyyy? I feel super uneasy showing the rib cage but I caved in because I really like the V of the dress. Have an idea to find a tailor to "mesh" the 2 holes.

This is really difficult to wear, I think it's kinda easy to "run light", no matter whether you're wearing a nude bra or not.

However, it's really a battle to wear the dress. If I dont wear a nude bra, the top part dont look fully filled-up, although the rest of the dress fits me pretty well. BUT, if I do wear my nude bra, then I look abit top-heavy. Which I really dont like. I think I just have to find another super thin sticked-on bra to create a slighter fuller look with cleavage in order to hold up the dress. Because without a sticked-on bra, I cant hold up this dress in S size. But I probably cant wear an XS either, because the waist part is at the verge of bursting. So the cutting of this dress is kinda weird....and I thought I'm pretty importional already..... >.< .....

In short, I will shop at tobi again. =) Oh...provided that there are discounts...heh heh...


  1. Hi, I'm looking forward to purchasing a couple dresses from My bust measures 34", waist 28" and hips 34". What size should I go for? Thanks!

    1. Hiya
      It's really hard to say as it depends on the cutting as well as the material(whether it's stretchy) of the dress. However, GENERALLY, I think an S

    2. Alternatively, look at the size chart too

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