Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HORIBBLE service by GO60 spa, under Mary Chia

I'm SO angry that I stomped it!

Hi Stomp

I'm super pissed after my call to GO60 Spa, under Mary Chia. And hope you can help me to publish this article.

Some time back I purchased deals from Groupon for their services.
I called just now(1st april) to set an appointment for my friend and I on the coming friday 4th April. But was informed they are FULLY BOOKED for APRIL(the voucher expires after 30th April). So the customer service told me I can set appointment on their next slot 5th May, but I said I cant make it because I'm going overseas from 5th to 9th. However on the 10th onwards I can make it. She then said she cant extend that long and said I need to sell my voucher to another person who fits the criteria to use the voucher.

What the?

Today is only the 1st of april, 30 full days before the voucher expiry date. And I'm not fussy with my appointment timing at all because I can do anyday, anytime, including weekday afternoons. BUT they limit me to redeem my voucher only within 5days, unluckily enough to be on the days that I'm going overseas. It's totally not my fault that I'm unable to redeem it. I seriously highly doubt that for 30 FULL DAYS they're so fully booked. Even so, if they really cant handle so many customers, then they shouldnt sell that many vouchers at all.

It's not so much of a big deal that I cant redeem my voucher actually.
I can just cancel and refund and spend my money elsewhere. I can fully understand if they're overwhelmed with redemption appointments because Groupon is so influential.
BUT what pissed me off big time is their customer service! The foreign female customer service who sounded like a Filipino was so rude to me. Her attitude and tone made me wonder am I the customer or is she the customer. It's quite the 1st time that I'm being treated SO RUDELY by a customer service. Really pissed me off big time! For such a spa, free massages I also wont go.

I've emailed Groupon to cancel and refund my monies, currently waiting for reply. I heard alot of bad reviews about Mary Chia's lousy service before, but I thought a new spa by them will be under a new management and perhaps will be better. Too bad it's just not.

Thanks Stomp!


  1. Wow

    Thats really unprofessional, unreasonable and unethical way
    of dealing with customers!

    I had my bad experience @this outlet just yesterday!

    Booked my appointment one month before, only late for 5 mins and was told I cannot be served, have to book another appointment because the next customer was coming she is always punctual..
    Goodness ! I have always been early ten minutes before my appointment time everytime, and yesterday was just an exception..and was penalised!

    What kind of treatment is this?
    I am also a customer!
    I made my way there and she told me such nasty things !

    I understand your legitimate reasons but as for them they are not bothered with being gracious!
    Such a shame ..mary chia reputation is downhill & thumbs down!
    Not even carefully selecting her staff, including therapists.. Rude and unfriendly!
    Push sales ..get many customers but cant handle later and take it out on customers!!!

    Will not continue with them once I finish my last few treatments!
    Will not recommend to any of my friends, colleagues and relatives!

    Spend my $ @ somewhere else!

    Btw I am not a groupon customer yet this also happens!

    Its all to do with their poor lousy services..staff not properly trained! Yet they dare complain about their other customers to me!

    Its pointless to be angry!
    Take good care of yourself:-)
    Just dont patronise them anymore !

    1. Oh you still have few treatments with them, oh my, good luck manz. Better dont offend them, you dont know what they'll do when your eyes are closed! Yeah, take our money elsewhere! Humph!

    2. They wont dare 2 do anything! Lol