Monday, June 25, 2012

Fullerton Brunch

Ah...La...Mak! I just remembered I forgot to blog about our wonderful Fullerton Brunch treat by Qi!! We were a total of 5 couples, though mostly it's us girls who camwhore. Haha~

Here's a quick entry coupled with some pics. It was actually not bright enough in Fullerton despite being a brunch and the pics have to be edited with alot of brightness. Still, not very sharp. Have to keep the pics small else even more blur. Weird, they looked ok in my com leh. Argh!!

Just looking at the pictures made me salivate. *Slurps* I thought everything was very nice, there wasnt anything which I particularly dont like, at the least the ones I've tried. Not a fan of oysters. My fave is...of beloved foie gras......I cant stop having them! Have to say though that the different chefs' expertise were not consistent. Some were awesome while some were mushy. Some came with excess oil on the plate and it was kinda unappetizing. Overall, what can I fault with FREE-FLOW foie gras? Very little liver stench. Love love love!! 

Seafood were fresh with natural seawater saltiness. Lobsters, crab CLAWS, snow crab ultra-long legs, scallops, la-la, salmon sashimi etc!! Yums!! If you're a a lover of chilli crab like I do, then probably you wont enjoy the seafood as much as they're like simply poached. They have poached eggs on muffins and smoked salmon too!! You can make your own Eggs Benedict Royale. Lol. Very nice lamb racks, turkey ham and roasted beef. Brunch came with free flow champagne. =D Definitely dont mind going again on some days which we want some indulgence. =)

Love my leopard-preens jumpsuit bought at Fareast plaza, $20 I think. =P
Beige cropped jacket(with leopard-preens interior =P), 500baht from Bangkok Chatuchak!
La la la~

With all the Mei Nu~


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