Friday, July 6, 2012

U.S Part 1/10 - Singapore - Honululu

5th Jun 2012

Arrival at Narita Airport for transit.

With Carri & Lyn.
Might be the only 素顏 pics of us for the whole U.S entry....though I still had on falsies.
Wahahaha~! =P

Waiting for our coach...................

With Lyn & Angi. Lyn looked so cute! Haha! Amazed with Angi's flawless skin. 
The energizer rabbit looks radiant forever everywhere, even after 16hours of flight!

Taken with Angi's Samsung camera in "beauty mode". Lol! Somehow the fake flawless skin effect looked so fake on me....just me.... =( Maybe not very obvious here but very obvious when I view the pic on my com. (=.=)'''' Looked damn plastic. ZzzZzz. However, her camera is reallyyyy reallyyyy good because the pictures simply need no editing. They're so bright and vibrant. Unlike the ones I took with Lumix, have to adjust brightness 1 by 1. =(

At Moanalua Gardens............
Clear blue skies with lush greenery.....too bad dearie found it too hot and he stayed in the coach.

With Angi, Shevin, Shenile, Lyn

Scenery along the way.........

Lunch at treetops restaurant.....

Dearie with Andy

Adjourned to Polynesian cultural center for dinner.........

Couple shots~ Damon with Lyn and Angi with Dan

Finally checked in Sheraton Waikiki at 10+pm! Omg, I must have stink to death because it's like more than 24hours since my last bath. =S

Some pictures we took at Waikiki beach in the morning~
Together with Lyn, Damon, Carri & Randy.

Lyn suggested this pose below! Woah I realized she really got lots of ideas for pictures!
Unlike me....from the start till end only know how to do the "peace" sign. LOL!

Dearie took this pic with flash and spoilt the whole picture. ZzZzz.

A super kawaii Jap little boy I met at the beach!! Pestered him to take pic with me. Keke!

With his daddy~

Lynn suggested we do some star jumps and it was hilariously funny for the first many failed attempts!
Simply too ugly!! Jumped till breathless manz! Here's a quick gif. Lol.

Here are the successful ones!!! Lol!! Yay!! 
Dearie's the one who suggested star jumps with funny faces. 高难度manz!

Guys' turn!!

Love this pic!

The pictures turned out fantastic because it was super sunny. So bright that pictures almost need no editing. Kinda sad that I didnt take any pictures in my green bikini because there were male colleagues around. Paiseh  =P It was so sunny. Awwwww~~~ And we had to leave earlier than them too because gu niang dearie cant take the sun anymore in his slightly thick 3/4 sleeve top(duhz!) and the bimbo me need to go for more shopping at forever 21. =D

To be continued.........

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