Thursday, August 2, 2012

U.S Part 4/10 Los Angeles

Continuation from U.S Trip

Arrived in Los Angeles.
Stayed in Holiday Inn Select La Mirada. Nothing special though nothing dissatisfying too.
Basically most of the hotels we stayed dont have wifi and 1 weird thing about this hotel is you have to walk to one end from your room to take the lift to 1st storey where they have their small pool and jacuzzi in a deserted corner. While it was hot in the day, it was pretty chilly at night. But the jacuzzi was like boiling hot, I need around 20minutes to be able to fully submerged inside. Dearie took half an hour. (=.=)''''' 

Disneyland it is!!
Though somehow, despite all the kawaii buildings and legendary disney characters, a few colleagues like me, cant feel the magical feeling of being in disneyland. It only strucked us as a beautiful place. Weird. I remembered the magical, whimsical feeling of being in an "enchanted island" when I was with dearie in Tokyo's disneyland as well as Korea's Neverland. Then Jane remarked, "Maybe it's the weather." Oh yes it must be!! It was so freaking hot!!! The sun was scorching and I was like reapplying my sunblock every half an hour. was chilly and cooling when we were at Tokyo and Korea for the past tours. Conclusion: Nothing can make you feel "magical" when the weather is hot. =P

With Angi

What a suave white horse!

Yummy lunch!!! Huge portion too. Jane, Caliz and me shared. =D
U.S chicken were really much more yummicilious than their other poultry.
Skip the fish, prawn etc. Their star is their fried chicken.
No wonder most U.S men were fat with big breasts. Lol.

With Jane & Caliz. Really felt as if I'm flying away!

Minnie Mouse Girls Power!~!
We bought the minnie mouse hairband for camwhoring but I took it off after awhile. 
Like my specs, they gave me serious headaches! =(

 was fun lah. Most of us are pretty "kia si" type, terribly afraid of heights, so some of them accommodated us to take some very kiddish rides(first). HAHAHA. Until it really got abit boring and monotonous........nearly fell asleep during the "It's a small world" boat ride. The song was repeated as least 56,187 times. I swear I will never hear that song again. =S Dearie and me were pretty paiseh with holding the whole group back to enjoy more thrilling rides and such, so we left the group and took a shutter bus at disneyland to Gardenwalk.

We had a great time there as it's quite the only time in U.S where dearie and I can have some personal time together. =) There're not many shops and mostly were boutiques which didnt catch my interest. Until I saw G-stage. GREAT STUFF. Wonderful diamantes jeans with gorgeous cut and quality denim at only around S$15!! They were having a sale and basically I shopped until the shop closed at 9+pm which is so damn early lor. Sad =( Anyway, it was also time for us to catch our dinner. Oopss....over-shopped and we were famished. And we settled down at McCormick & Schmick's Grill. We ordered salmon as our entrees on the waiter's recommendation. It was with black pepper and okayyyyyy only. However, the lobster bisque was over saltish and the pan-fried prawns starters are not worth the price. On the whole, the meal costed over US$200 including tips and it was not worth it. Therefore, not recommended. I dont even bother to upload the pictures because they dont even look appetizing.

Sigh....I hate that the pics turned out grainy... As the trip continued, I dont have enough space in my camera. And almost no time to delete pics. So most daytime pics were taken with the iphone4 and a slight shake(especially dearie) makes them blurry. =( I realized I dont really know how to configure my Lumix too...

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