Friday, August 17, 2012


It has been forever! Finally have the chance to meet up because Jas....*ahem*....heard so she has just re-gain her "freedom". Lol. Or whatever that means. In any case, I'm so happy to catch up with the 2 sweeties, Rain & Jas who both look as lovely as before! 

First stop: The Loof

Rain ordered a black forest mojito which wasnt nice. We all shared a bucket of Heineken beer and chilli crab dip with fried buns. Love Love Love! Buns were not enough! Ordered extra 6. Super yummy!!
Kinda spicy and oily. Cant compare with Hard Rock Cafe's which is always chocked full of real crabmeat, but is good enough for bar snack.

One thing about The Loof's not super comfortable to lounge for long hours. And 1 very terrible thing was although we sat indoor, it was as if there's no aircon. All of us were sweating madly, a very major turn-off. So we decided to switch to Gravity Bar at Carlton Hotel.  Carlton was looking super inviting and opulent with it's brand new reno, however, Gravity Bar was as silent as a grave. There was only 1 ah pek in the whole bar and the whole place simply oozed a very monotonous and boring feel. Therefore we left. 

Initially, we had a headache where to go on this day because Rain dont want boat quay or clarke quay. However, I came across this bar, Cellar Bration, at boat quay during the last gathering at White Bar. Pretty bright and stylishly decorated with royal blue lounge chairs, it reminded me of our last enjoyable chill-out night at Red Mansion 2 years ago, which was a very nice, oriental-styled, live-band kinda wine drinking place. Not the typical kind of boat quay ktv pubs which I suspected Rain was uncomfy with. Unfortunately, Red Mansion had closed down. And I said maybe we can try this. So we cabbed down. 

And I'm glad they're pleased with the place, Cellar Bration, Boat Quay. 
With Rain who is as usual her gorgeous self! 
Omg....with flash, picture also can be blur! Jas, either your hands super shaky or my LUMIX sucks! Haha!

Oh manz.....we both turned 30 this year and we've known each other since 17! Friendship forever!! =D

They do still play bar music but it's not loud enough that we cant chat. We ordered a bottle of house chardonnay. While Rain and Jas found it to be overly acidic, I still find it drinkable.  Afterall, it was only S$26+. You can bring your own wine, corkage fees is S$10 per pax. Just beside the bar is their wine cellar shop where you can supposedly buy wine at lower prices. 

With darling Rain

We got to know each other while working part time at a LAN shop in Lot 1. And we werent on the best terms then. Lol. But things changed. In fact, I'm much closer to her now as compared to the other colleagues whom I was closer to back then. Isnt this fate? =) Back then, I always felt so tiny and inferior beside her(because she is so damn gorgeous) that I dont dare to take pictures with her at all. I think it wasnt until I, then I started taking pictures with her. It's not because I think I've grown prettier but rather, it was until 25 then I realized I dont have many pictures with friends whom I really hold close to. And I really wish to capture all this in my memories, in pictures, through blogging etc.

Rain, I really really do treasure you alot. How many best friends NEVER quarrel before? We're never good in expressing ourselves, at least I thought I'm so. I think I cry better than expressing. Hahaha Not that I think tears will win everything or win an argument. 之所以在意, 才会流泪。So sometimes, I dont know how to relay my message accurately across but my emotions already won over. However, I think nothing can ever sink this friendship which has been standing for 13 years. No matter what misunderstandings we might have, how many silly quarrels we might have, we'll always be BFF. Okieeeee??!!! =) Smuacks!!

With Xiao Mei, Jas. Alas, I feel so old beside her. No matter in terms of looks or heart etc. 
Hopefully she dont find me boring. Lol. 

Seriously, she looks the same!! While I think I've changed. 


Cellar Bration has a wide list of food, from bacon-wrapped sausages and garlic prawns(the one we ordered above) to spaghetti and western food. They actually serve brunch and dinner too and kitchen closes as late as 1am if I didnt remember wrongly. Though the food above were very yummy, they're priced rather to the steep side, at more than S$15. Frankly speaking, their portions werent little(there were like 18 glass prawns), just that in comparison to the yummy fried chicken wings and sotong balls which we always had at Boat Quay ktv pubs(they ordered from outside kopitiam) for S$10 each, these were considered "high-class" bar snacks which we usually wont order.

Standard pose~ Hahaha!

I didnt drink much because I wasnt feeling very well then. But I did had a wonderful and enjoyable time catching up with my ladies. They're so sweet to give me a belated birthday treat. Super lagi paiseh!! We must come out again very soon!! Wait I recover!! =D And of course, Jas's birthday is next month. =)

(At Carlton's Hotel toilet)
BFF~!~!~!~!~!  They really didnt change one bit!

I tried to dig out our old photos for reminiscence because it had really been so long. But sadly, because of my laziness at lumping all pictures into slideshows at in my old blog entries, I've lost all the pictures because had closed it's doors. *sob sob* And I dont know where did the old photos went to, maybe in my old SONY camera or.......seriously dont know where they are! 

I managed to dig some old photos from facebook/Jas's blog.

 The girls simply didnt change 1 bit!! While I......sighhhhhhhh..................
These were taken 2 years ago during my 28th birthday celebration. The girls celebrated for me at a ktv with cake and my favorite white wine. =)  The girls look the same!!! Their faces are still as sharp and supple!

These were taken 3 years ago at Raining Bar, right after Red Mansion. Which means Rain and me were 27 while Jas was 22. I remembered we even went Sabai Sabai to club after that. It was a crazyyyyyy night! Aiseh....I was slimmer then. LOL! Face was slimmer as compared to 2 years ago and now....which is as plump as a BUN. =S Wow....and that time, we still haven learn how to put falsies on. 真是纯纯的样子。Hahaha!!! Weird....I think my eyes looked even smaller with falsies. Hmmmm...........I was also tanner then. Longer hair. Now my hair cant seem to grow past the arm-pit length. =(

With pictures before and after.......真是不认老也不行.....Kinda scary.....

I wonder what will happen if I dig out pictures of 10years ago?

I think my hubby will probably faint right away.


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