Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gathering at Fabrika

Gathering sessions continue and this time round is with my dearest sisters, Kelly, Joy and Grace!! They're all my jie meis at my wedding. =D BFF~!~! Oops, I meant excluding Rey. Hahaha Though also a very good friend of mine. =) We went Fabrika. I thought the band was pretty not bad on wednesday(8th Aug birthday eve with dearie). However was kinda disappointed that friday wasnt the same band and was in fact far more inferior than the one on Wednesday. Anyway, we had SO MUCH to catch up that we're ignoring the band anyway. Haha.

Joy and I arrived early. As early as 6.30pm!! The sun was still shining!! It's the first time I reached an alfresco bar so early. It was streaming with sunlight and yes, lots of sun. Very very warm and instantly I regretted suggesting it. =(

Joy looking every inch the tai tai she is! 
With sunnies somemore sia!! Haha but it's appropriate because the sun was really glaring and many were wearing shades too. Looks kinda cool huh! Shit manz, forgot to bring mine. =P

Food & Booze. Pics taken with iphone. It was our dinner. 
Wedges with chilli-crab dip(pretty spicy but not bad) and Joy ordered that braised pig trotters or something? I'm not sure. I refused to go anywhere near that basket of oil. =P
Yummy complimentary wasabi chips.
Happy hour 1-for-1 from 5pm to 8pm. Only open on Mon-fri.

It's around 7+pm when Kel and Rey reached. Night fell............

So sexy!!! =P

Weirdly enough, I cant on my camera to snap pictures. I thought maybe the battery went flat but still...........anyway, Rey used his samsung3 to take some pictures. Hmm...not very sharp after transferred to computer. 

Grace finally reached around 10pm as she came here after her lessons. Awwww~~ Smuacks! The moment she reached, I nearly fainted, because she was exclaiming SO LOUDLY, "I cant believe you're 30 already!!!" =S Immediately, I "shhhhhhhh" and hushed her down. So embarrassing lah!!! Lol.

We had alot of drinks, like beer, wine, more wine plus shooters plus shots with compliments from the manager. Joy eventually cannot make it and left early around 12+am. Rey too, as he had to wake up 8am the next morning. Thanks for staying so late already! We accompanied Joy to Klapsons Hotel to wait for her hubby to pick her up. After she left, Grace, Kelly and me decided to just sit and chat for awhile before leaving. And somehow, my bag dropped onto the floor and my camera rolled out from my bag. Instinctively, I tried to on my camera to see if it's working, amazingly, it can be switched on and battery life still left half. Weird, why wasnt I able to on it we took pictures. Kekeke.

With darling Kelly, who looks gorgeous anytime, anywhere and who doesnt seem to age at all! 

The 2 amazing beauties, 不老传说!! I wish I can stay as youthful as them always. Kekeke!

Thankfully managed to get a pic with Grace, the sweetie pie. =D

I love my girls to bits!!!

Looking forward to our trip in Bali next year May already!!! It was a very impromptu and urgent trip arranged because Kel saw a very good promo and got to book ASAP. Actually Rey already cant wait, and suggested Melbourne this year! We'll see! =) 

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