Monday, August 20, 2012

2nd visit to Pic nique(jcube)

White wine prawn pasta - according to dearie, the taste and the prawns overall wasn't too bad. However too oily. There's an excess of a full tablespoon of oil after he finished the pasta. Gross to the max.

Crab chowder - actually the taste is not too bad, tasted more like a potatoe and claw chowder, coupled with corn taste. However it's too liquid. I like my soup slightly thicker. Also there is corn inside, I don't like corn and I don't like the taste of corn soup.

Eggs Benedict - I don't like the hollandaise sauce. Don't know how to describe but just don't like the taste. . Like the muffins, crisp yet soft. However I was seriously disgusted by 1 of the 2 poached eggs. Raw egg white flowed out from 1 and immediately doused my appetite. Thankfully it was the 2nd egg. The 1st one was okay.

Seriously don't understand how can a simple poached egg fail. Sigh..

Totally random but I like my diamantes ribbon ring. :)

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