Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My favorite Collagen drink - Kinohimitsu Diamond Collagen 5300

Has been drinking this for 2-3months I think and onto my 2nd monthly box. Pretty satisfied with the significant and obvious positive results so I thought I'll share with you guys.

Actually I've noticed the first area to lose it's suppleness is actually my face, amongst other body parts. My cheeks seemed to sag, alittle, despite friends claiming that they don't see any. Well, it's already beginning to sag! And if I don't do something, I can almost foresee my laugh lines deepening. So far haven't tried any firming essence which seems to help. Please do recommend if you have any for sensitive skin. Bio-Essence firming(V-Shape) cream really works! But too bad it gives me breakouts and I can't use.

After 1 box, I don't see any improvements to my face. Instead, I kinda feel my breasts felt fuller, it's kinda weird. Because I didnt gain any weight. It's not like 1 cup size bigger lah but just fuller lah, if you get what I mean. In any case, I continued the drinks since they are yummy and Watson was having some discount at that time and it was retailing at around S$60(usual price around S$69 I think).

It's not until my 2nd box that I see some improvements to my face. In comparison to Fancl, which I tried more than 3boxes previously, this is definitely much more effective for me. As for other body parts, they did firm alittle. At least less wobbly. Wahahaha but I think that's the achievements of my PUPA serums. Will talk about them in my next entry.

I know there are collagen drinks of 1000mg or more in the market but somehow I have the thinking that my body might not be able to absorb so much anyway. It was said that some excess will be flushed away. Also, collagen is fattening. So I thought 5300mg is quite sufficient for me.

It tastes like yummy apple juice. It's said that upon reaching 30, your body tends to lose alot of collagen etc. I'm turning 30 coming Thursday :( So am definitely going to continue this drink on a daily basis. Just 1 bottle every night.

For your FAQ, if I stop the drink, will the breasts shrink?

I'm pretty sure it's the collagen drink which make the breasts fuller because during my 2weeks U.S trip(which I didn't drink any), my boobs actually did shrink a little, back to my originals.

Interestingly, I noticed this brand got another drink which is some Bust-Up drink? Didn't try and won't try. Will stay with the current one. But maybe I might try the UV-white drink, forgot it's name but it's said to make the skin fairer. I've tanned so much from the U.S trip and still haven got back my colour. Sigh....

Ok...that's all for now. Will share more good stuff tomorrow :) Have a great day.....


  1. Can I just check with you for the Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 is one of the ingredients spelled as "lichi" instead of lychee?

  2. Oh yes...I opened my fridge and indeed saw "lichi condensed juice" as 1 of the ingredients.
    Is anything amiss? Do enlighten me. =)