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U.S Part 9/10 San Francisco

Continuation from U.S Trip

Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39

Interestingly, the tour guide said only Pier 39 is worth a visit. 
All the other piers had literally nothing much to see.

It was truly bustling with people and liveliness. 
Super sunny but I love the sky. =)

There are actually many restaurants there but we headed to Boudin at the recommendation of the tour guide for their famous Clam Chowder. Again, "见面(汤)不如闻名". It's like Campbell's soup lor. No wait, I think Campbell's soup is better because I always cook it thicker and more flavorful. HAHAHA~~

The Prawn angel hair pasta was very nice. 
Generous big succulent prawns and pasta with the right texture. Wonderful taste as well.

The chocolate lava cake was a disappointment because..........nevermind that the chocolate lava didnt flow out nicely, I didnt even see any chocolate lava at all in the cake!!

The Creme Brulee, I kinda remembered it being overly sweet.

Still, it's our "lomantic" lunch by the window, with a nice view. =D
I have to emphasize once again that meals in U.S are expensive. 
I think the above pretty simple meal set us back by maybe...US$80.

The view from our window-seat table
You can actually book yatch rides to cruise nearby islands like Angel Island and Treasure Island etc. 
But I rather spend my time shopping. HAHA! Bought many nice San Francisco tops!

Love the architectures there, or rather, all architectures in San Francisco. 
There are all super adorable!

I really feel like coughing blood sometimes. See this beautiful sky and sea dotted by numerous handsome yatches, with a vintage little bicycle by the side? 
I took such a nice pic of dearie and you guess how it turns out for me at the same spot??

Diao diao.............*faints*
"Do you really have to take 1/3 of the picture in the shade with a group of people chatting beside me???"
He just stared at the pic and....."Why leh......cannot meh......."
That's why usually I take pictures of him, and not him of me.
I'll probably die faster if I let him continue to piss me off during the trip, by taking lousy pictures.
So I try to minimize the number of times. 

What a sweet merry-go-round!!

I love flowers............

Okay, by far the best picture he took of me.

At the entrance of Wax Museum.
With Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp!!
We didnt go in. There's entrance fee.

We were super short of time. =(  
We had only 3+ hours there and it was simply not enough!!
Had to leave for sight-seeing.

The famous up-slope or down-slope houses of San Franc.

World famous Golden Gate Bridge

Again, you see my picture on the right.
Where got people take picture like that one???
I feel like crying sometimes. =( 

I dont even DREAM that he can take pictures of me in nice angles where I can look prettier or slimmer.
Just a simple, nice and PROPER picture, 
1) which dont have my body parts or architecture parts being cut off,  
2) which is aesthetically, REASONABLY proportional(in regards to surroundings)
3) which has no weird obstacles/blockage(when possible),
4) which is not tilted crazily and lastly and most importantly,
5) which is NOT BLUR

 is very 难得 already............. =~(

I still can remember how he cut off my neck-and-below, leaving only my BIG HEAD in a picture which I asked him to take for me in Europe.....I simply wanted a picture with the mandarin ducks which were near the edge of a lake where I'm at. (=.=)'''''''''''''''' And all my Eiffel Tower pictures were all tilted to 1 side, making it seems that the tower is tilted. Duhz..........I can "tilt" it back with windows editor but it'll get blur. It's not that I complain that the angle he took of me is not ideal, I just blame myself for not being photogenic. All I want is........a proper photo to capture the nice scenery, to capture that moment, without it being blur almost all the time. I really dont think I ask alot from him. 

Sigh........Hey it gets pretty irritating after continuous F-ups okie......especially when time is so pressed at places with gorgeous scenery during tours. Most of the times, you have no time for a 2nd take. Sometimes I cant help but KP him. I know I cant blame him because he didnt wish for it, BUT he also cant blame me because he's quite the worst photographer I've ever seen! I'm not that pro enough to always advise him because I cant estimate the angle he's taking pictures from either. And It's not as if I can easily go back to Europe or U.S readily, you know~ Actually I dont believe one can really be thattttttt bad in taking pictures. He's just too sloppy, chin chai and bo chup in things which he dont really care; photography. And it makes me sad......well....which girl dont wish to look their best in pictures, especially with their loved ones during overseas? Once the moments are gone, they are gone.

He hates taking pictures actually most of the time I simply force him to take, especially when we're overseas. Most pictures have forced smiles, if you see closely. Most of the time, he dont have the enthusiasm to take pictures of himself, even less so for me. Other than overseas, unless I request, he seldom take pictures for me. That's why, pictures which he took of me have very uneasy smiles too because I felt paiseh and embarrassed  when he obliged to snap me, but not of his own accord. Pictures which my friends took for me are usually better. I'm not one who loves to take pictures, unless for an event like someone's birthday or unless I have the mood that day. But sometimes, I just wish to have some nice pictures with the person I love. And it's sad that I'm always doing 独角戏。

Thank god colleague took a nice pic of us..............

Actually I also dont like take pictures so when he also dont like, it doesnt really bother me.....previously. But lately dont know why, suddenly I feel does bother me. Because I realized we have very few pictures together. All our pictures were alone. Either I asked him to take for me(veryyyyyy seldom), or I take for him. But he seldom initiated to take pictures of US. Everytime I said let's take pictures together, he will say he dont want but he will take for me instead. Even if we did take pictures together, he just look sian sian. Sad............... Maybe because turning 30 this year is giving me the creeps that I'm no longer young and I wish to take more pictures to make up for lost time. Haha. Because I have veryyyyyy few pictures, as compared to all my female girlfriends. But well..........I guess I cant force him to get enthu with things he dont like. It's also not my style to.......haiz............pride...pride....

Sometimes cant help feeling "Arggghhhh!" when my guy friends request for my pictures to put in their contacts(I didnt give anyway) while my own hubby not enthu to take my pictures or take pictures with me. 
=( It's not as if I think I'm pretty and he has to love snapping me all the time lah...but it's like....we're a couple mah. Sometimes when I take pictures of him, naturally one will take turn to snap the other party isnt it? But not the case with him. He will just let me snap, then go back to eat his food, without initiating to snap for me too. 

I wonder is my PMS coming because I'm suddenly feeling so emo. Haiz........

Different angle reflects different year!
Taken in a rush because so many people wanna take picture with this.

Off we go was evening time already......

Pictures taken from Twin Peaks

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a face bigger than the husband's.

The Civic Center
Gorgeous isnt it....................
The sky simply looks like that, with streaks of pink and purple!!!

ZzZzZzz Top kanna cut off.

This is much better!!

It was night time already.........Last shot of golden gate bridge with it's lights in the dark.

Leaving San Francisco............back to L.A.
Final part 10 of U.S trip..........To be continued..................

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