Saturday, July 7, 2012

U.S Part 3/10 Honolulu

Continuation from U.S Trip

Tell you hor, Sheraton Waikiki at Honolulu damn jian loh. You will realize most lounge chairs, especially those in the pool were empty because they have a hefty rent of US$70 a day. As if I will spend US$70 lounging by the pool THE WHOLE DAY. Siao, become roast pig lor. If few hours for US$70, might as well I use the money go shopping or snorkeling! =P

Thank god the beach is free though! With Angi & Caliz~

So are the clear blue skies and fluffy clouds. =D

Love this pic! =) Angi asked me to kiss him one, haha.
Angi takes really nice pictures! Thanks dear!

 Dearie & Dan

Not as sunny as the morning before with Lyn & Carri. =(
Pictures were intensely brightened.

Shortly after, Dan left to meet the other guys.
Thank god, for I can finally take some bikini pics. =P

Hahaha!! 3 camwhore girlies... =P


Actually I felt pretty embarrassing camwhoring bikini pictures. Mostly because I'm there with colleagues, and you know lah, it's not the same as compared with if I'm there with only dearie on a beach where nobody knows us or with my own outside friends. But hell, it's Hawaii! And I dont know when will I be there again, so I was like 厚着脸皮 camwhoring shamelessly in the skimpy swimsuit with FULLY-CLOTHED people.

I felt sooOooOooOo WEIRD and self-conscious. Sigh...


Heck the tummy, elephant thighs, big ass, you(we) just have to wear bikini on a Hawaii beach! Or Maldives beach. That's simply how I feel. If Singapore then duhz.....wear what also nevermind la~
I thought it will be a shame not to snap... Even so....they're taken when no male colleagues are around, chop chop take one. It's just too bad it's kinda cloudy and not as sunny then..... So least I have a few pics for memories.....I dont think I can wear a bikini after few years anyway. WAHAHAHA! While "time" lasts. Muahahahaha!

It's a shame we dont have more time in Hawaii, just a mere 3 days. If we have more time, we will definitely have more shopping and try snorkeling and the submarine. 
To be continued.............Los Angeles.

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