Friday, July 6, 2012

U.S Part 2/10 Honolulu

Continuation from U.S Trip

Arrival at U.S.S Arizona Memorial

With Angi, dearie and Shenile~

With Gladys, Javier & Chilee~

With Karissa~

Laie Point, Pali Lookout, Makapuu Lookout

The wind is super strong!!! I felt as if I'll be blown away!!

Lunch treat at Hula Grill by CEO. =D

With Lyn dear~

Great View!!

Some pics taken at a large green field nearby

Sherlyn, Doris, Carmen, Shana

Joselin & Lyn joined our Stripes family. Lol

Went for real gun shooting! A very fun experience!! 

We chose the middle range at US$85, consists of 5 guns of a total of 52 bullets.
Pretty surprised that some pistols have terrifying loud gunshot sounds and strong recoil than rifles!

Rushed for convention dinner
We all have to wear white, and were given orchid rings to put around our neck.
Look machiam like PAP. Lol. It was simply too ticklish around my bare neck so I didnt wear. =P
See how tanned I became.... =(

With Des & Doris

My 2 darlings~

Hoards of people
Enjoyed the great performances like never before. 
Miss Hawaii performed for us! She is simply so gorgeous and talented with ukelele(mini guitar).
I was so impressed! Too bad cant get a decent pic of her. 
Of course there were the sexy belly dance and other eye-catching performances.

Loved the Ahi sashimi the best!

Went for shopping the next day at factory outlet and Alamoana!!
Total of 7 of us in cab~ Sweet Jane joined us together with Alan~ 
Bought TONS of stuff. My best and favorite buys were bought 
in these 2 places, not to mention Forever 21.

To be continued............

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