Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Tips on buying bikini

Bought 2 bikinis at Bugis Village
The left one is S$35 while the right one is S$30.
They're really very worth it because of the quality and everything(I'll explain more futher).

After I was back from our Hawaii trip, my female colleagues ahhh...were like teasing me about how I look in them bla bla and lamenting on how they dare not wear them because they're very conservative. So, I was saying you know, at least wear once in your lifetime la. If not now then when?? 50 years old?? You're only young once! In fact, I think the trend for wearing bikinis are super super common at the pools and beaches nowadays. You will be getting quite the stares instead if you're not in one! Lol.

So, I'm very happy that 2 of my dear colleagues really went shopping for bikinis on my urging. Their spouses will probably kill me. Hahaha. And they feedback to me that the ones they tried on or bought dont fit very well and they'll probably throw away the idea of wearing one. Please dont!! They probably just haven see one which suits them only. So here are some tips on bikinis shopping. =)

Basically, if you have a killer body, you'll look good in anything(and you can skip this entry =P)! But if you're just a normal, ordinary girl like me, here are some tips on buying bikinis which will flatter you. =D

Tip #0
Never never buy any bikinis which you cant try!! No matter how cute they look, no matter how cheap they are. Unless you really really know your body very well.

Tip #1 (refer to pic on left)
Extra fabric at sides can help to tuck in any unsightly flesh and gives a slimmer and firmer silhouette 

Tip #2 (refer to pic on left)
Shape and cutting on top left of the bikini cup(cut in) can help to gather your "upper breasts" so that they'll concentrate towards the middle to appear fuller. 

Tip #3 (refer to pic on left)
Choose a bikini with a narrower width in between cups so that it's easier to create a cleavage without using padding etc

Tip #4 (refer to pic on left)
 Halter-neck bikini is the way to go for more support for the breasts as they provide more lift and concentration towards the middle. It's also more secure on the whole. Thick straps definitely provides more support than mere strings. 

Tip #5
Go for bikinis with underwire if you want maximum support and lift. Basically they're like water-proof bras. But be sure that the cup size fits you perfectly. (The above 2 which I bought comes with underwires too!). Alternatively, choose bikinis with thick straps underneath the breasts for more support than mere strings.  Avoid string bikinis in triangle cups or strapless bandeau unless you're opting for the least support.  

Tip #6
For bikini bottoms, the more leg you expose, naturally the longer they look. Therefore, briefs with skirts panel or shorts will make your legs shorter while briefs(underwear-type) or briefs with side strings(to tie at both sides) will make your legs look longer. 

Tip #7
It doesnt necessary mean if the bikini top fits you, the same size of bikini bottom will fit too. If possible, try on bikini bottoms with your panties on and make sure they're tight-fitting. It's better to get a tighter bikini bottom than one which fits just nice because they might "wobble" in water. 

Tip #8
Go for prints like florals/stripes or basically just any prints unless you're confident with your body. Because wearing plain colour bikinis means more attention will be on your curves. You'll be surprised that wearing clothes are not the same as with bikinis. =)

Tip #9
Pertaining to Tip #8, avoid big prints like BIG polka dots or BIG flowers or THICK stripes as they might magnify your body(Oh if you're very slim and dont mind looking bigger on top then go ahead. Gathers/layers will make you look fuller too. =D ). Instead, go for small polka dots or small floral prints if you wanna look more dainty. 

Tip #10
Avoid colours very near your skin tone, for e.g, nude, yellow, light brown, unless you're really fair, as they might make your skin look "dirty" or dull. Always try try try.

And wear your bikinis tighttttttttttt. =) Hmm....I do not advise putting thick paddings in bikinis especially if you're going into water because they'll drip foreverrrrr when you come out from the pool. LOL. Just a thin padding to cover some sensitivity will do. Even better if the bikini itself is made of thick waterproof material instead of flimsy cloth. You wont need padding and it's more sturdy too.

Anyone can look good in a bikini. 
Just find the right one and wear it with carefree-ness, confidence and sexiness. =) 

I bought them at Bugis Village 2nd storey, pretty near the escalator. It's a store which sells briefs and bras too. Actually the bikinis are free-size and cannot be tried on. But because they're underwired cups, I was betting on they mighttttt fit. Still, I was ahhhh.......holding the cups to mine on top of my dress, trying to estimate. Wahahahaha. Seeing that, the assistant let me tried on and I bought both. So I supposed you can negotiate with the assistant to let you try. =P

Actually I dont intend to come out of my house because my face still haven recover from the sensitivity.  So I cant put on makeup, which indirectly means I cant go far places or wander around(unless watching movies =P). But I received message from Cel that her dad passed away on friday. It shocked all of us because it was so sudden. And the wake was the next day. So I decided to just come out, meet dearie for dinner cum alittle shopping before I leave to meet Jov to attend Cel's dad's wake together at Pasir Ris on Saturday. Our deepest condolences to her and her family.


  1. Hi! Could you recommend a place in SG to get good and afforadable bikinis with underwire? THANKS!

  2. Hi as mentioned, "I bought them at Bugis Village 2nd storey, pretty near the escalator. It's a store which sells briefs and bras too." It's also opposite a shop which sells caps and such. Hope that helps

  3. Dear i think in Singapore you can buy the best bikini at Adisha Torre