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Best and Worst Summer Products

Haven finish editing pictures for L.A, Las Vegas etc....such a chore. However, just a quick entry to share some favorite products which I used to counter the extremely dry, hot and sunny weather in Las Vegas and also holy grail makeup products which was lasting to make sure I dont scare people in broad daylight. I actually did not get very tanned despite being one who is easily tanned, because I was extremely kia-su applying sunblock anytime, anywhere, much to the disgust/amusement of many. 

Just a general info, Las Vegas, as glamorous and vibrant as she is, is situated admist a desert. And during summer, the weather was extremely h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. While it's temperature might be on par with Singapore, Singapore is humid so there'e still moisture in the air. Not so for L.V, extremely dry and with the scorching sun, some of my colleagues suffered burns or heat rashes on their faces and bodies and 1 got so serious, due to swells/pains and such and had to visit the hospital for urgent cure. So it's really no joke! Do not be lazy! Sunblocks, sunglasses and moisturizers are your best friends! Sunglasses are important too else the glaring sun will obscure your sight. And you'll squint in all your pictures-->very ugly. Summer hats look pretty bulky unless on the beaches, and caps simply obstruct the view and makes your face look dark in pictures no matter how sunny it is. As for long sleeves and pants to escape tanning from the sun, well, so long so you can tahan the heat!

It was kinda funny. While in Hawaii, I was baring all out as I was thinking it's summer, once in a lifetime in Hawaii, get some sun nevermind, at most tan abit, can whiten back with lotion. But the days progressed, I was really shocked at how fast I tanned. I was so scaredddddd that I become mang-ga-li. Then I began to wear long sleeves and jeans like some of my colleagues, keke. But horrrr............after a few more days, I gave up again, it was simply too hot! Then I starting sun-tanning myself again.........resigned to fate. ZzzZzzz. Actually even though it was very hot there, you hardly sweat because it was almost zero humidity. Dry dry dry!

The following products are life savers, to me while in Las Vegas. I have sensitive and combination skin. Do note not all might be suitable for use in Singapore for different skin types. 

Sasatinnie, facial mist toner, peach

I simply grabbed them at the cashier while settling my bill at SASA since they're like only 10bucks but I'm really pleasantly surprised by them because my skin felt instantly hydrated once I sprayed them on my body/face. Another plus point, it doesnt leave behind a greasy residue. Though again, you might need to re-spray if your skin felt dehydrated again. Sweet peachy smell. I'm not saying it's super hydrating but in comparison with the renowned Avene thermal spring water mist spray(which actually did nothing for me other than making my skin wet) or other mist sprays, in terms of performance and price wise, Sasatinnie peach facial mist will be my preferred choice. Although Avene thermal spring water mist aims more at soothing sensitivity, I realized it only helps veryyyyyyyyyyy minor redness. It really doesnt do much for my ultra sensitive skin which gets irritated due to the weather or polluted air etc. 

Laura Mercier, tinted moisturizer in nude, Spf 20

I brought along my favorite Etude House bb cream but somehow it looked extremely heavy on my skin despite looking natural in Singapore. I can only guess it's the summer which makes makeup on your face looks heavier than usual. Maybe our pores got enlarged or something. Anyway, it's best to go lighter on your face in summer, especially in such dry countries. And the above mentioned is great, it's light on the skin, evens out skin tone, though it doesnt hide blemishes. Pretty hydrating and extremely comfortable on skin. However, it doesnt give much coverage. As I wanted my makeup to last for the whole day and slightly more coverage, instead of setting it with it's loose powder, I set it with Etude house BB magic pact in No.1 Light Beige pressed powder(mentioned below) by patting it lightly with the puff. 

Biore UV Aqua rich watery jelly, water based, Spf 30 Pa+++

Extremely cooling and comfortable on the skin with it's watery jelly texture. Transparent, doesnt leave a white cast. Pretty hydrating as well, though the SPF is not enough for travelling. Have to apply again and again. I bought along Sunplay's sunblock in both lotion(SPF130) and mist spray(SPF80). But I finished the former halfway. It was not bad but as I got tanner and tanner during the trip, the white cast was really unattractive. For the mist spray, for awhile, I simply wish to throw it away because it was SO DRYING on my skin despite being handy and all. But because I'm not one who like to waste stuff, we managed to finish the bottle. So that was simply not recommended for Las Vegas or for any dry and sunny country.

Walgreens Aloe Vera after-sun body lotion with tea tree oil

Bought this at Walgreens and it was going at 2 for US$5 and seriously this wins all moisturizers hands' down. It was stated, "Aromatherapy, therapeutic moisturizing. Skin protectant with collagen and Vitamins A,B,D & E". My skin has always been drier than normal and it was simply hopeless in the desert. I dont have the habit of applying moisturizer before sleep while travelling, since we're usually so tired already(even though I always kiasu bring them along) but it was exceptional for this trip because I have NO CHOICE. My skin was so dry that it will be painful if I dont apply anything! And the lotion I brought along was simply....cannot make it. I hardly use it in Sg because it leaves a greasy residue behind, but when I applied it in L.V, it was as if I never apply anything. (=.=)''''' Can you imagine how jialat my skin was? But Walgreen's Aloe Vera body lotion is amazing! It moisturizes thoroughly, easily absorbed but yet doesnt leave a greasy residue behind. Skin felt hydrated and I went to sleep a happy girl. 

Even now back in Sg, I regretted so much why I didnt buy more! In comparison, the moisturizers I dutifully uses simply pale in comparison. I started to realize sometimes it doesnt mean if your skin feels slightly greasy after apply lotion means it's very moisturized. It simply means they're not absorbed into your skin. A good moisturizer gets absorbed easily, skin felt hydrated and supple, and also improves the look of your skin immediately after application, skin instantly looks radiant and smooth instead of dry and scaly. That's what Walgreens aloe vera lotion do. *thumbs up*

Etude house BB magic pact in No.1 Light Beige

Mentioned before here. Very minimal oxidation, very lasting, great for sensitive skin, doesnt break me out. Bad point will be it doesnt have spf. I did specially bought Laneige Sun Power with SPF 50 for the trip but it broke me out BIG TIME. Argghhhh! Nearly ruined my trip! As I cant reapply my facial sunblock after I had my powder on and the powder dont have any spf, my face actually got much tanner than my body(since I can re-apply for body). =( 

Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen, delicate foaming lotion, Spf 75+ UVA/UVB, water-proof

Comes in foam and it's not easy to spread it evenly but the good point is it's moisturizing for the very dry weather. Slighttttt greasy residue but bearable. Also bought from Walgreens and it's the highest SPF I can find there which is not a spray. I now have phoebia for sunblock sprays after Sunplay

I hate having my face greasy so despite being in the very dry Las Vegas, the moisturizers I use are still all water-based and oil free, though I stopped using my oil-control toner. I used a hydrating toner instead. My face....simply oozes unlimited amount of "grease"...and they're just enough for Las Vegas. ZzZzZz

Hope you find this entry useful~ 

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