Sunday, July 15, 2012

Panasonic NanoCare Moisture Ion Hair Dryer EH2271 Review

Panasonic NanoCare Moisture Ion Hair Dryer EH2271 2000W

  • Remove excess sebum with Nano sized moisture ions
  • Protect hair cuticles with Nano sized moisture ions
  • Power consumption: 1200W/600W
  • Body size: 24.6 × 20.7 × 8.6cm
  • Weight: 595g


Remove sebum more easily for a clean and moisturised scalp
Even if you wash your hair frequently, it is difficult to take good care of your scalp. Actually, it is as important to care for your scalp as it is to care for your hair. When there is too much sebum on your scalp, your scalp will become dehydrated and the number of new hair strands will decrease. Penetrate your hair strands and strengthen them against damage
Your hair grows about 1cm a month. That means, the tips of long hair strands has undergone about three years of growth, and during these three years, they have experienced damage via hair colouring and brushing. Nanocare hair dryer is proven to increase
- hair supplenessand resilience
- hair strengh
- hair shine
- hair moisture retention

Apparently it was like sold out everywhere in GainCity, Courts etc because all of them said Panasonic's factories in thailand closed down??? Not sure...and I also didnt think much of it until few days ago we passed by Harvey Norman and I got the last set from them at S$180. I reckon it's a worthy investment since I blow dry my hair almost everyday. Do not mistaken the "Ionity" range with the above mentioned "Nano-care". Most hairdryers have features of "Ionity" which supposedly makes your hair less static. But the main selling point of EH2271 is that it emits nano-sized moisture ions which has 1000times more moisture than negative ions. Panasonic claims "The World 1st Hair Dryer that has treatment effect on Hair & Scalp."

To be fair, Philips SalonDry Control 2000W hairdryer has been serving me AND Vickki very well. For few years already and still as good as new. It was slightly over a hundred I think, dont remember. I still love it very much.

I have very fine hair which was rebonded maybe more than 8months ago. Very oily scalp with dry-to-normal hair, I rotate between Seba-med anti-dandruff shampoo and any hydrating shampoo. I dont have dandruff, but Seba-med helps to keep my scalp fresh for more than 8hours which is triple love. I use Tsubaki damage care conditioner everytime after shampooing and usually I blow dry my hair. They're usually okie and presentable after blow-dry.

Review: Panasonic NanoCare Moisture Ion Hair Dryer EH2271 2000W

On first use, I noticed it's significantly heavier than my old trusty Philips. And although both are 2000W, it seems EH2271 is much more powerful and my hair gets dry much faster(I use the highest power and lowest temperature for both). Therefore it's okie, I treat the extra weight as toning my flabby arms. Wahahaha.

There's a button to turn Nano-care(to emit moisture ions) on and off. So the first time I used it, obviously I turned it on from the beginning till the end to receive all that inherent goodness. And the difference was pretty obvious. Usually I comb my hair after washing, blow them dry artlessly with Philips, and then comb them again. That's because I cant comb through with my fingers while drying them; they'll get stucked halfway. Lol.

But with EH2271, I can actually run my fingers through them while drying. And when I finished drying my whole head, hair looks significantly silkier with more shine, feels softer too. But somehow...I have a feeling that....hmm.....perhaps because they're too silky and shiny, I thought they look slightlyyyy greasy. You know, as if you applied some treatment products or treatment oil on your hair. Which I really dont like. In comparison, hair blown dry by Philips has more volume. It doesnt have that much lustre than EH2271 but definitely looks fresher and cleaner.

Then after few hours, I can feel my scalp getting oily. Which is arggghhhh!

So for the next time after washing my hair, I turned off the Nano-care and blow dry my hair(especially near the scalp) until around 70% dry before I turned ON the Nano-care to blow dry the rest of my hair, shunning away from the scalp. But still, I realized my scalp still gets oily sooner than usual(comparisons are done with same shampoo/conditioner). Like maybe just after 3hours or so, compared to my normal 8-10hours.

So I really dont understand how it claims to "remove excess sebum for a clean and moisturized scalp" as obviously, it gives me even more sebum for my scalp. Hair wise, yes, I do feel the nano ions makes them silkier, softer and extremely moisturizing. But I think....for oily scalp with normal hair like me, it's really not advisable to use Nano-care for long. Perhaps awhile is okie....on the hair ends or something, else hair might just look greasy. Maybe while using, you can adjust the power...because I always use maximum to save time. No patience. =P

So final verdict, this hairdryer is more suitable for dry-to-normal scalps and works best on very dry hair. Yes, I think you dont even need to apply treatment products on your hair! Simply blow dry them with Nano-care EH2271. =)

A normal 2000W hairdryer may costs around $70-$100.........should I sell away this brand new Nano-care EH2271.....? Hmm..............Any interested takers do leave a comment behind with your email.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey i am looking all over for this hair dryer EH2271. interested to sell? Grace 81821403

  2. Hey girl.
    Thanks for your interest! I think not. Because through time, hubby and me realized hair are less frizzy with zero static electricity using this hairdryer, as compared with the others. =)

    Good luck in finding a brand new one!

  3. Hey there,

    I bought the hairdryer EH2271 after reading your blog, and I must say it is really sooo good. Kept my frizzy hair tame, and I don't find my hair as dry as before. Guess the nanos or ions really help. Didn't have much of a problem finding it. Got my set from Best Denki:)

  4. Yes, I can tell you it's difficult to go back to using other hairdryers anymore. =)
    Think they restocked it, but I wonder how much you bought at? I bought at $180. Ouch!

  5. Hi babe! Do you have oily scalp? Previously you wrote on the blog that you would like to sell away.. Haha in the end, you love it? Does it still cause your scalp to be oilier with this hairdryer?

    Please share with me! Thanks!

    1. Haha yeah...I think my scalp is still kinda oily, and I'm the kind who needs to wash my hair everyday. Zzz.... so I use the hairdryer regularly without turning on the nano-care button. Kinda stupid huh~
      But I still feel it works better than normal hairdryer...less static electricity

  6. Yeah I agree that it is important to take care for scalp to get healthy hairs. I always wash my hairs every alternate day with best shampoo, and I use of genuine and best hair dryers for healthy hairs.