Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disfigured.... =(

Had a fun-filled weekend pator-ing with hubby as well as chilling out at Royal Room with Cel, Iv etc, KTV with Lin and mahjiong with Kt and friends. =D I haven KTV or MJ for so long manz. Thank god for friends! Love Royal's long island tea. However, I still miss the long island tea from Broadwalk at Marina Square umpteen years ago. It was truly the most exquisite and unforgettable drink that I've ever had in my whole life. Nothing like our normal long island tea.....I still remember that was the first time I had alcohol and it was with my first boyfriend and his friends as well. I got so tipsy eventually that I was reciting my IC number loudly to the whole world. Hahaha. Too bad it closed down. Haha. So funny, I think I miss the long island tea more than the boyfriend. In fact, I almost forgotten he's the first boyfriend(not that I have many, dont be mistaken). LOL. He's not an asshole, merely, he's forgettable. But again, we're only together for 3months before we split~ =P It's funny how most guys always remember their first girlfriends. Not so for me I guess~

Movie: Batman, the dark knight rises(ya only for the last half hour)
Ratings: 2/5
Review: Seriously I would have give it a miss if I know the show is going to be that boring and that LONG, 2.5hours. I can definitely put those time to better use. Was looking forward to Batman's new flashy car la, weapons la, nope, there are nothing impressive. Boring WWF boxing moves. "WTF" plot. Other than the bad guys plotting to end the whole world INCLUDING themselves which is totally stupid, I totally dont understand the whole complex story. which doesnt seem to link very well with the last Batman show, or does it? Was hoping for the sizzling chemistry between the sexy and gorgeous Anne Hathaway with Batman and was so disappointed. In fact, the only interesting part were from Anne. Nobody likes a dejected and demoralized Batman. For 45minutes, it's bearable, but not for like 2hours!

Movie: Motorway
Ratings: 4.4/5
Review: Nice! No doubt it's a story between policemen and theives, no doubt it's a car racing show but it's interesting and thrilling! This flick is directed by a new director whom I've never heard before, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite more than 70% of the scenes were on racing, wheels, roads etc but really, it was exhilarating. On the whole, it's a rather predictable plot, however, it has very interesting theories/ideas to do with cars and racing. Barbie Hse had little scenes. Main leads like Anthony Wong and Shawn Yue can act. Definitely worth a catch. 

After the fantabulous weekend, I had a lousy start to the week. Tortured with terrible bad cramps on Monday so much so I was like bed-ridden for the whole day, even after popping Synflex like M&M's. Not fun AT ALL. 2nd day(tues), slightly better, bearable pain, can walk around. Weak stomach, thank god for dearie for buying me all the meals. I haven had much time to read most of the time, but I actually finish one book, Secrets by Jude Deveraux in these 2 days. I'm a fast reader and yes I do love reading even though I look illiterate. 

At age twelve, Cassandra Madden fell in love with Jefferson Ames, a young man she met at one of her mother's business conferences. Over the years, during periods of loneliness and struggle, Cassie held on to this unrequited love in order to cope with her isolated heart and the pain of a cold mother. Even when Cassie grew up, went off to college, and met a man she thought she'd marry, her heart yearned for Jeff.
In a decisive moment, she breaks off the pending engagement and travels to Williamsburg, Virginia, where the now-widowed Jeff lives with his young daughter. Cassie becomes the child's nanny, but, even though she sees the object of her desire every day, Jeff has yet to even notice her. Then, one day, she hears shots coming from the mansion of Althea Fairmont, an eccentric woman who is thought of as the world's greatest living actress. Cassie runs to investigate, and, in an instant, her safe little life is turned upside down. She begins to learn that all the people around her aren't who they claim to be. Everyone has secrets -- and until Cassie unravels those secrets, she and Jeff will never have a chance to be happy together.

Hmmm.....actually I had this book for ages. I bought a total of 6 novels at a book sale at 3 for 10 last year and this is the first and only one which I've finished so far. Oops~
Actually I have a very bad habit. If a book cant entice me to continue reading, I dont and wont have the patience to finish it. Although I admit it's a bad habit, I'm not ashamed of it. If it's really boring then why read on? Why torture yourself and waste time? It's always my motto, with books, with guys, same same. =) I wont say this book is soOoOoo interesting and exciting that you MUST read it but I think if I can finish it, much so in 2 days, it's not bad! Though I feel they're far too many plots going on in ONE book. And I probably wont read it a second time, but I say, it's worth a read. Erm ya, just A read.
I really do wish my favorite author Judith McNaught can come up with more novels...I miss miss miss her novels so much. Hilarious, sizzling romance with all the female leads having a mind of their own and attitude, I love almost every character. Currently I have a whole collection of all her books and I probably re-read them a million times until they had browned in colour and stinks to the core(old books smell). Wahahahaha. This is true love, baby~ Some of my favorites include "Double Standards", "Paradise" and for the "vintage" series, "Until You" and "Whitney, my love". But I think she's probably semi-retired now... =( Anyone please drop me a comment to recommend me any nice books/authors if any, or preferably of the same in style as Judith McNaught, much appreciated!
金庸 also retired liao..........88 years old........yes I shouldnt expect so much from him too. I also read all his books and have a few of his collections. My favorites are 倚天屠龙記射雕英雄传 and 鹿鼎记. Most of his novels have more sadness than happiness and I pretty much prefer stories with (more) funny parts. =) However, it's harder to re-read as each story has 4 or 5 volumes so through the years, I hardly re-read them anymore. Hmmm.......Maybe I should dig them out 1 day....
Come tues night, I thought I'll slap on facial mask(Beauty Diary, Arbutin Whitening mask) because I've been neglecting my face. And damn, this morning I was greeted with horrible itch, redness, rashes on my face and neck. I was sensitive to the mask and broke out BIG TIME. It was soOoo bad that I had to go to a doctor. Cant stand the itch. And I really hate visiting the doctor, unless in dire need. No doubt, another 2hundred bucks gone and I'm still looking like Mark Lee. =~( Disfigured liao. =(((( The doctor advised me not to wear makeup for 5 days(I had on sunblock and loose powder then). And I was like, "What?? Mission impossible!!" Then he said, "Well, then wear minimal makeup lor. Otherwise difficult to heal lor...".
(=.=)'''''''' Ok lor....then I no need go out liao.
Damn...the face is still itchy...his medicine dont work. =((((((
Really is suay till.......................... Sigh..........


  1. Sensitive to the mask? Maybe the mask is too harsh already.. Hope the itch goes away soon!! hehe

  2. Ya not itchy anymore but still got some bumps haven go away...Sigh....=(