Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plastic surgery, how far can you accept it?

Hmmm............just saw some before-and-after plastic surgery pictures of 3 famous bloggers and I was like whispering to myself...."Amazing!" Lol! I have absolutely nothing against plastic surgery nor them for that matter, therefore, as much as the pictures "wow" me, I'm not going to put them side by side here nor mention their names. =)

I simply had thoughts running through my mind.

The first lady looked TOTALLY different, as different as day and night, as different as 2 person. Previously, she looked sexy with an attitude, now she looked demure, sweet and feminine. Already had big eyes, but now she got HUGE eyes. Lol. And because she looked totally different, everyone know she went throught PS and she is also very very very nice and helpful to share her experiences on her blog. Let's call her A.

The second lady looked obviously different on the eyes and nose. Much larger eyes, even though I thought her old smaller, smiling eyes were soOooOo much cuter. Very very weird bulky nose bridge, major fail. I thought the old her looked better, more kawaii and pretty. Still can see some shadows of the old her.

The third lady....I've never thought she's a plastic baby because she looks so naturally gorgeous now. It's a face which everyone will love, including females. And it's not the typical "plastic" face like AngelaBaby. It's not until I saw her friend, the second lady mentioned above, had plastic surgery....that's how I suspected she might have done it too and began to read her past entries. Hahaha I know I damn kpo. Hmm...not sure whether did she talked about her surgery but all her past pictures on the blog were pretty yes....maybe she dont really care to hide. 

Initially I thought she still have slight resemblances to the old her(2+years ago) but much prettier. I just cant call to mind where did she actually operate on. So it was a tremendous success! Just like Jolin. However, I just saw some pictures of her 5 years ago and it was VASTLY different, like 2 different person. She's not ugly to start with though. Hmmm.....maybe she did all procedures g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y.........Same hot body though. So maybe the boobs are real. Lol. Opps.... She looks SO GORGEOUS and NATURAL now....envy envy. Though again...her pictures are edited, dont know does she looks as natural as in real life. 

I'm not familiar with all those PS procedures and maybe I dont have aesthetical sense of beauty, so I dont have such trained eyes to see through. Da S can easily spot a fake chin or nose on anyone, despite them looking au natural to me(on tv). Li hai!!

So I was chatting to dearie in the car and I told him about A, that her hubby dont mind that she did all those procedures and looked completely different, just because he loves her so much and will support her in whatever she does!

"Isnt that so sweet?" I said.

But dearie got his face all shrivelled up in a frown and said, "Err....but I dont think I can accept if you looked entirely different lor. Maybe some differences ok la...but not completely different as if another person. That's very weird lor."

"Seriously?" I asked.
"You dont want AngelaBaby sitting beside you?? CHIOBU YOU KNOW!!!"


"You dont want D cup NN too??"

And before he gave any reply, I burst out laughing myself. MUAHAHAHA!

Then dearie said something real sweet and mushy, which I wont say here, scared you all puke. Wahahaha. But I felt so happy. =D

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder lah. Wahahaha. =P

Anyway, my thoughts are same as dearie. I dont think I can accept a totally different face for myself too. If can become prettier then sure why not? But cannot be totally different face or with very obvious differences. And personally, I wont do PS because I'm afraid of going under the knife and enduring all those pain and swells for at least 6months. I think I rather die. I felt like this 2 years ago in this entry, and now I still feel the same.

Something changed though. I said this 2 years ago.

"I’m not against it(plastic surgery) except towards people who simply lied blatantly and said they did not undergo it. ZzZzz"

But I dont feel it this way now, for the underlined parts.

Now being 2 years older, I pretty much dont really care if people make their PS public or not, or admit or not, not my business what. If these people felt better not admitting it and hoping people can believe them that they did not do it, then just do them the favors; Dont ask lah. What for? Will that make you feel happy making people admit they did PS? That certainly wont do anything to me. But just by asking the question alone, I believe will make them unhappy. Many things in life, I take the same attitude. I act blur or stupid is not because I'm really that blur or stupid ok. It's not necessary to show that you're smart or whatever BY putting people down or making people unhappy. And I'm disgusted by people who do that.

Sometimes you wont really know how you've changed over the years(maturity level/emotional state/personality etc) until you flipped back your old entries. =) You'll realize sometimes your views change on the same issues being addressed now. And sometimes, you'll laughed at how you thought/talked few years back. 1 of the many fun things of maintaining a blog. Haha.

A said before actually nowadays PS is as common as doing IPL treatments etc and she went on to say not all things are natural on earth, including our makeup etc. I thought that makes sense too. But dearie said, "Aiya...if you want to justify doing PS is okay, you certainly can twist your words until it sounds reasonable and logical." Lol.

She really shared lots of lots of stuff that's an eye-opener for me. She embarked on her PS journey to Korea with just a friend and somemore they both dont speak korean. Have you wondered why most plastic babies looked SOMEWHAT the same? Same humongous eyes, same noses, same face shapes and chin. Because they did the same surgeries, probably all in Korea. Usually you need more than 1 surgery to perfect your features because usually the first one wont be perfect. Good and responsible doctors will give you free revisions to your nose/eyes etc.

Korea plastic surgeons probably have the most businesses because it's so common there. Parents simply give plastic surgery ALLOWANCE as 21st birthday presents to their children so that they can all become pretty and handsome to clinch a good job!! Are you shocked? Haha. So yes it really means 88% of koreans had plastic surgery. And with that, the surgeons are so skilled and experienced that a double-eyelid surgery will only take less than 15minutes and a nose job surgery takes less than 30minutes(shape measured and defined in previous session). Amazing! Imagine like after 30minutes you'll have a new nose, which in some extreme cases might change your life! Alright I'm kidding. But WOW!

If only give birth only takes 30minutes and pregnancy 3months~ Muahahahaha!

Technology is really getting more and more advanced day by day. Who knows, maybe in future plastic surgery can get painless and relatively more convenient and easily accessible? My views might change again too. =)

Think about it. Can you accept your partner looking vastly different but yet he/she IS he/she through and through?

I can. =) I love him no matter what face he has. =)
I just dont wish he love me more if I have a prettier face because if so, he's loving the wrong thing.

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