Tuesday, September 4, 2012

U.S Part 10/10 L.A - Singapore

Might as well get it over and done with....final.

Continuation from U.S Trip

We departed San Francisco in the morning for a trip to Yosemite National park, gem of Claifornia's National Park system and UNESCO World Heritage site. 

I've said before. I'm just not a "nature" person. I'm super natural, but just dont like nature. They say opposites attract. Kinda true. =P

I think one day if I see Niagara Falls, I will be very impressed. But this.......hmm.........

With Derec.
Faint ah........I'm so fat here. Gained 3 kg here. =(
All the fried chicken's fault.
Thankfully managed to shed it off after I'm back. 

It's super hot and sunny. We did took some pictures at the rapids below but too bad it turned out blur

Back to L.A

Some pictures taken along Universal City Walk. Seriously...it was so hot and sunny that we dont feel like taking any pictures at all. Ultimately, it has been 2 weeks of camwhoring. Super overdose for me and dearie already...

Can anyone looked more constipated...........Lol

So sunny until cannot open my eyes. ZzzZzzz. So there are like many Hollywood stars' names on the ground and such. Somehow, didnt really see anyone I fancy alot alot, like, Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman, Anna Faris, Angelina Jolie, Liam Neeson etc. But I do admire Sharon Stone for her poise and extraordinary charm. I've never anyone so beautiful and sexy before, the way she speaks, her voice, her laugh, her gaze. This woman can seduce a saint! Ya I meant like 10 years ago la..... Haha. She was so damn seductive and alluring in "Basic Instinct". She still looks good now too!

Pretty entertaining.....but time simply too rushed before we adjourned to Hollywood, Universal Studios.

Cant you see we're trying to mimic the status behind.......Lol.
Blearh but he closed his eyes again. 

Hollywood Universal Studio is soOoOOooo much more fun than Disneyland! Regretted not staying longer as we couldnt, because we had promised to join the coach bus to adjourn to some factory outlets for the very last time of shopping. 

Caught this show there! Managed to grab great seats. 
Very interesting and entertaining, quite exciting as all the explosions are real. 
Can smell smoke. 1st few rows will get wet. 

Then we took the studio tour. This is a must catch! 
Starting it's kinda boring but it got pretty thrilling and eye-opening as it went. 
Please be careful with your bags and clothings as during the tour, some dyed water stained my COACH bag. Couldnt be removed. =(

Ever experience an earthquake coupled with flood in a train station??!! So exciting!!!

Or explosion at the sea with shark attack??!!
Looked damn real!

Enough of all the catastrophes. Time for some sweet la-la stuff. 


Remains after an earthquake or something. 

Random shark

How it looks on a set!

Top being cut off again! Arrggghhh!!

 Okie.......finally I'm done with the whole U.S entry. Phew...............

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