Friday, September 14, 2012

Facebook likes

There has been an increasing trend of posting unfortunate pictures on facebook; pictures of children being abused, pictures of adults/babies with tumors/cancers, pictures of poor people who are so skinny right down to the bones etc etc. And the pictures are always accompanied with captions like "Hit Like if you're against child abuse", "Hit Like if you feel sorry for them", "Hit Like if you feel they deserve a chance" etc and etc. And frankly speaking, everytime these pictures appear on my news feed, I will quickly scroll past them. NOT because I dont feel sorry for them, NOT because I'm not against child abuse, it's because everytime I see these pictures and read such news, my emotions will turn raw, my nose will turn sour and sometimes my tears will just fall. I'm a very emotional person, sometimes even reading about sad news online can get me sort of moody for the day/night. I will be very disturbed especially if the pictures are so real and so sad. They'll stay with me for awhile, a few days, a few years and sometimes, forever. And seriously, does the number of "likes" really matters so much? Unless each "like" can contribute donation for these needy people, I seldom "like" or "share" a picture. I feel compassion need not be expressed in such a way. Donations work better in a more straight-forward way.

I remembered more than a decade ago, a friend sent me an email filled with pictures of a kitten being trampled to death. It was too late to even close the window. Somehow I saw all the pictures in sequence....and I just began crying uncontrollably for a long long time. Till today, while writing this entry, my eyes will turn watery. I tried hard to block these images away but somehow, they just cant be erased. heartless as I may look....我就是一个哭点很低的人。It's quite a bad thing actually. That's why I avoid sentimental movies AT ALL COST. Definitely not in the I'll cry till my eyes swollen like dont know what. Not at home too because crying is really tiring. And I dont like how dearie always tease me for being a cry baby.

Friends who dont know me well are so surprised that I'm like that. Not that I expect to be understood all the time by everyone, but sometimes........being misunderstood is really tiring. I kept saying that "Fine, dont believe then forget it." But really, I feel pretty helpless at times. I guess, people who are fated to be your close friends(who understands you well) are really god-sent. People who tried so hard to be close to you but somehow cant get to understand you well, are again, another group of people fated not to be in your life; just cross-paths.

This is life I guess.

Anyway, the morale of this post is.......I really wish to see lesser of these pictures in my news feed; I hope friends can stop circulating them unless it really makes a difference to the victims; which usually dont. Of course I dont mean to control how they should play they FB, I'm just making a wish here, on my blog. Can? I just feel better lamenting it all out. Thanks for reading.

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