Monday, September 17, 2012

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant at illuma

Met up with 2 sweeties at illuma and Gra suggested this place for our dinner! I ordered S-22, which is a combo of hamburger steak, steak, chicken with bacon set. Although I wasn't asked for my preference for my steak's doneness, the steak was very tender. I'm very pleased with everything in the set. Initially I thought there will only be a small portion for each(pork/chicken/steak), surprisingly it's not! Quite substantial portion. Girls will love this because there's alittle of everything. :D

What's great about it was that all 3 of them tasted differently; all had different sauces and all were nice. They leaned towards strong taste(重口味). The combo also comes with 2 vege, bean sprouts and long beans. There were also fried potatoe cubes which went great with the mayo. The bacon is normal, full of fats. Pretty sinful. Though you'll feel kinda thirsty after you finished the set because it leans towards saltish that side. I really have nothing to fault for this set and it's only S$20!

Delighted with my set, Suan ordered the same. Did not try Gra's set, therefore won't comment. But she topped up S$2 to upgrade to clam soup. The fried squid came in very small portion as it's only like S$3plus. Just a littleeee tough for my liking. Will definitely patronize again! Thumbs up!!
Level 1 just beside the ice-cream parlor.

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