Sunday, September 2, 2012

Step Up Revolution

Ratings: 4/5
Comments: I do enjoy the Step Up sequels and this is no exception. Very glad that even though this is already part 3, it was no less entertaining. I'm still very much swooned by all the amazing dancers. Although techniques wise, there's nothing which I haven seen from the last 2 sequels, Step Up Revolution definitely has more thrill and interesting ideas choreographed into their dances and plot. Very very eye-catching and refreshing. Still, a comparison with the previous sequels is inevitable. While the male lead is cute, I still feel the previous male lead looks sexier and dances better. As for the new female lead, very pretty, prettier than the previous female lead. But..... her plastic chin and elephant tights are verrrrrryyy distracting throughout the movie. (=.=)'''''' Everytime the camera is on her face, my gaze was glued to her chin. Definitely not what I prefer. Also, her bulging stomach.......arrggghhhh....her fans are gonna kill me. But really, you need to have a very toned body to dance on screen, else it's very distracting,  Really, I cant concentrate on her dance moves whenever her legs were exposed or when her tummy was bulging. When they're covered up, I do feel she can dance very well. All in all, a very nice movie.

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