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Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Nail Enamel/10 hours sleep effect foundation/Healthy Mix foundation

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Simply too lazy to snap pics myself. Bourjois is one of my favorite brands.

Currently loving this series of nail polishes very much!! True to it's name, the finishing effect really looks like gel nails!! Shiny, perfect, brilliant. I did my gel nails in blue during my Hawaii trip and I dare say they look exactly like gel nails with it's silicone-enriched texture. Amazing! Though of course, it doesnt lasts as long as gel nails. Also, I love the brush to bits! It has a wide fan-like round tip brush which is a breeze to use. No matter how clumsy you are, no matter how weird is the shape of your nail bed, you really cant go wrong with this brush. It's no wonder that they patented the brush! The 1 seconde here refers to the time needed to get a perfectly painted nail(and not the drying time) and I totally agree. Less than 1 second in fact. 

Currently, I owned 3 colours, 1 hot pink(my fave), 1 orangey pink with glitters and 1 pale lilac. The only shame is that, currently there're not many shades which I fancy. Most of them are dull, darker shades. For such an amazing shine effect, more BRIGHT summer colours should be introduced because they looked the best in them. On the contrary, I feel those with glitters paled in comparison. I usually had on 2 coats for total opaque and more durability.

And they're like sooOooO cheap. Maybe around S$15 or lesser. I'm not sure. For this kind of quality, they definitely do not pale in comparison to Estee Lauder or Chanel. I regretted not lugging more back during the BHG 20%+10% sale. After discount, I think they're less than $10!

While I'm raving about Bourjois here, I will also mention that I heart their 10 hours sleep effect foundation and Healthy Mix foundation. Both are fond de teint but Healthy Mix foundation is gel-serum based. 10 hours sleep effect foundation has light coverage while Healthy Mix foundation has better coverage(medium). I love both foundations because they're packed with vitamins which are good for the skin. Skin feels great wearing them.

10 hours sleep effect foundation

Hmm, I've finished my bottle, you may like to know I seldom finish my bb creams or foundations unless they're really good. But weirdly, I cant find them anymore on Bourjois counters. =( They're very liquid, easy to blend, provides sheer-light coverage, extremely light and comfortable to wear because basically you feel like you have nothing on. What I like about it is that the moment you had them on, you felt as if your skin is hydrated and pumped up with nutrients. It has a very special cooling effect that the moment you apply it, your skin's temperature seem to drop. Though oil-free, they dont last long.

Healthy Mix foundation

In comparison to the former, this provides better coverage(light-meidum) and definitely lasts longer. Pretty lasting. Has a slightly thicker consistency than the former(which is very liquid), but still very easy to blend. Hypoallergenic. Actually I seldom use foundation anymore. Maybe it's the age factor, but nowadays I dont like anything that feels heavy on my face. For it's medium coverage, I think it feels lighter on the face than other foundations or bb creams. You simply feel your skin is able to breathe. I think I still left about 70% of the bottle because I hardly use it. 

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