Saturday, September 15, 2012

FRANK card by OCBC

Obviously, this is not my actual card. But I have this design! =P

Loving this card now(note: love the card, dont love the bank) because it's like 3 in one!
I usually carry a small wallet instead of my long wallet, and FRANK card is easily my credit card, my ATM nets card as well as my EZ-link. Greattttt~ No need to activate the EZ-link, just scan it will do. Can use it for bus/trains/comfort or city cabs/ERP. They have the Nets FlashPay facility and ATU(auto-top-up) facility so per top up is $50, debited from your savings/current account once you finished the credit. I remembered this service is currently free, not sure if there's any fees in future for every top up. 

Oh yes, it's here. See I so nice check for you all. =) Ok lah, not killer fees. Cheap cheap =)
I'm sooOooo terrified of the various credit card charges or fees. 

NETS FLASHPAY REGISTRATION FEE• Administration fee to register for NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up facilityS$1.50 (waived till 31 Dec 2012)
NETS FLASHPAY TOP UP FEE• Administration fee for each NETS FlashPay automatic top-up
• Each top-up value: S$50
S$0.15 per automatic top-up (waived till 31 Dec 2012)
The ATU facility will be triggered when the remaining stored value in your NETS FlashPay purse is insufficient to pay for your next NETS FlashPay transaction. 
(no more queuing to top up in a rush when Ez-link's card has insufficient cash! $0.15 per top-up, I'll gladly pay!)

More details on FRANK's various charges/FAQ here
More details on current OCBC's privileges here
More details on Nets Flashpay here

You need to manually link the card to your savings/current account(need full a/c number) via ATM with the pin number(of the FRANK card) being mailed to you. Easy peasy. Bills can be paid via internet banking. It's default is electronic bills but you can opt for mails. You can view all the transactions via online banking although I still opted for mails because they serves as a reminder for me. What you owe will be just reflected exactly in your internet banking and you can just input the same amount to pay. Though there's not much special rebates or stuff like that I think. My bill was around $750+ and I saw this $2.50 rebate. Hmm dont know what is that~ Some ocbc cash rebates stuff. Of course, it's still an OCBC card so you'll get to enjoy discounts for OCBC cards. 

I have this design now, so pretty right? Okay I sound so bimbo. Signed up with a friend and got the design for free, promo period I think. Yay! =P 

(Disclaimer: I will not be held liable or responsible for any loss or misleading information which may arise from this entry. Kindly contact OCBC bank or view their website for more accurate information. Thanks)

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