Sunday, September 30, 2012


Faint manzzzz! So much medicine!! Total 8 kinds, plus 1 inhaler.

Got before food one
Got after food one
Got 1 day eat once
Got 1 day eat twice
Got 1 day eat thrice
2 types of cough mixture, got morning eat one, got night time eat one(cause drowsiness)

Must finish the antibiotics.

Finally, for the inhaler, must inhale twice per day!

How to keep track??!!!

Dammit! And I think I missed 2 medi just now because they're before food one.


Btw, all these medicines, including the ones I had in the hospital etc amounts to S$500+. Just medicine alone ok!

气死我!! Got one stupid FT somehow made it too tight for my arm when measuring my blood pressure, now my right arm got around 7 to 8 different lengths of red vertical scratch marks. Superrrrrr ugly lor. Arrghhhh!

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