Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amanda's belated birthday with Jov's advance birthday celebration at Boiler!!

Blogging via my iPhone now, no need transfer pics so troublesome. Just a quick entry as I'm still not feeling well.

It was a very fun night!!! However, it was disappointing that the birthday girls didn't toh.... :P Actually there was one part which I totally don't remember....zzz....because most of us started pretty early at around 8plus....and was running about. Birthday girls reached pretty late. That was the time which I don't remember much....haha...I was with another group of friends but I later re-joined the group again.

I did remember 1 thing though. I sarcastically told off a guy who was generously pouring our Hennessy(neat, easily half a glass) and forcing Jov to drink. I understand that it's norm to make the birthday girls drink but firstly, it's too much and strong(half a glass neat) and isn't it damn cheapo if a guy use the drinks which HER friends bought for her to make her drink?? I've never seen guys like that in my life, never. We don't even know him. And I said out loud to him, and added, "If you're a man then buy your own drinks to treat our birthday girl okie~" Then he looked lagi paiseh and promptly put down the glass. *Rollz eyes*

Ivan also got pretty riled up when he saw one guy used OUR drinks to treat other girls at the next table to drink. And when Ivan asked one of the 2 CMI guys(forgot which 1) to buy drinks, he said he got to drive, cannot drink. Kannasai, then still drink our drinks? Ask you buy(also not ask you drink) then cannot. Like WTF.

Some guys these days really cannot make it. Instead of treating the birthday girls to drink, they come people's birthday party to 骗酒喝。We opened a total of 4 bottles plus a few graveyard(for the birthday girls) and I think we didnt even drink alot. We're okie with girls drinking our drinks but really not guys. Though even so, I've never seen girls so BHB too. You(guys, whom we dont know) can drink of course but the least you can do is contribute back. No need to treat us, but just treat the birthday girls will do. But the birthday girls were just being too nice. I also heard 2 of my girls complaining that some guys(2nd degree friends) tried to take advantage of them. It really got me super angry!! Girls, do choose your guy friends carefully!!

Seriously, I really despise stingy and "humsup" guys and guys who are not a gentleman. You don't have to be generous, but don't be a BHB cheapo and "gian peng" loh. And dont think just because you buy some drinks and you have the right to take advantage. Thank god my guy friends are not like that. I will seriously slap them loh.

Anyway, on the whole we all had fun. Happy birthday girlies and see you all soon!

With the pretty girlies....Amanda, Peishi on left and Jov on right
Actually hor........I dont remember taking this picture with the girls....... Zzzz.....
I looked sober hor....but actually I already dont remember alot of things already. Wahahahaha! But thank god, at least I got 1 picture with my darling birthday girls.....even though it's blur and grainy...... dont know who took this picture one. @#$%^%$#@ On flash mah!!!! 

Let me(them) show you what is 6 连拍!!! Pro one okie!!! =)
Joy, Cel and Tracy.

Ivan's super di-ji speckie: is totally cannot see one lor. Blah!
Hmm.....ya I think the guy in white is the cheapo guy who used our drinks to force Jov to drink.
Dont really remember his face but I remember the cheapo guy wore white.

Girls, remember this face. This guy, CANNOT MAKE IT.

That's all.......... Blog about F1 soon.

Dearie bought my fave custard buns!!! =D
Am super frustrated, auntie came yesterday. Cramps and backache. =( Grrrrrr~~~~

*cough cough*

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