Sunday, September 2, 2012

Virgin Avalon Clubbing Experience - Negative

Last night, a group of us went Avalon, Marina Bay Sands. Initially Kt jio me, saying Wen asked her to jio me. I said okie since I've never been to Avalon before. After awhile, Kt began like wishy-washy about the timing all that and I was like, common, confirm the timing fast! It was already 9+pm. Then she started saying that it was kinda a singles ladies night as she and her 2 gfs are all singles. I was like, Okie, then I dont go lah, so I began to put off the thought and started nua-ing around in the house. Then Kat began, "Nono, you're welcome to join, please dont think too much." (=.=)''''''''''' I mean I'm totally fine if suddenly it's not convenient for me to join. Ultimately, I only saw Wen once and I've never seen Chris before. I'm not sure whether I'll enjoy too. But eventually, I went, just because I was like...being baited back and forth like that and it'll seemed that I'm a overly-sensitive emo-freak if I so-call "think too much" and dont go. (=.=)''''''''''''' was my first time actually and I was pretty apprehensive. Even while on the way there, I was like asking my friends how was the music and crowd like etc. Which was like....haha......I'm already going there! ZzzZzz. And it suddenly dawned on me that I wasnt as adventurous as I was used to be. Maybe it was just last night, maybe it was because Avalon is located at Marina Bay Sands, a place which I'm very foreign to. You know, just like Sentosa. Half the time, I'm worried of getting lost inside and never be able to get out. Upon meeting up with all, we then realized it's all our virgin trip to Avalon.

Well well well, so 1 friend told me he dont like it there because they are many Angmos and Indians. Another girl friend told me the crowd are all very ATAS. But being located at MBS, I do think the crowd would be ATAS. Hmm.... I thought the architecture is splendid. Coupled with a floating platform on the river leading up to the club and gorgeous views through the full glass panels building, it lends a classy and opulent edge. It's smaller than I thought though. Sorry, no pictures. Was carrying a pouch and didnt bring camera.

Actually we were being brought in by Wen's guy friend, Al, so I rather feel it's ungrateful to complain about the experience. But hell, think he'll never get to read this. =P First thing, we reached there around 11pm, which by my standards is already not early. But the club was pretty empty and it was playing house music. It was going "thomp thomp" all the way. Kat said the place only opened around 10pm and it only gets more crowded later. Ok. ATAS people like to come late late. Fashionably, ATAS-ly late. Okie I got it. Next time I'll come at 3am because I also ATAS. Wahahahahaha.

The club was so much smaller than I imagined it to be although there were a few storeys, but also nothing much la. We dont have a table because minimum spending for each booth/table is S$750. ATAS mah! Okie, so we were standing beside a booth in a straight line like do-re-mi-fa-so, with our drinks on it(the top of the cushioned-panelled walls), with the servers coming to remind us time to time to HOLD ON TO our glasses for our dear lives so that the glasses wont topple over and drenched whoever's in the booth. Lol. Nice scene actually. =P The music was still very very boring then with a few weird uncle Angmos dancing by themselves in the pretty empty dance floor.

So as the night went on, crowd began pouring in. My friend did not lie to me. There were indeed many many Indians, dark-skinned ones. Before you shout at me for being racist(a reader once commented and scolded me for being racist just because I said I'm more comfortable communicating with Chinese than Indians, like who wouldnt be more comfortable communicating with their own race??), hello, I'm just stating a FACT. If there're many PRCs, I'll definitely say there're many PRCs. If there're many Filipinos, I'll definitely say there're many Filipinos. If there're many Thais, I'll definitely say there're many Thais. If there're many Koreans, I'll definitely say they're many Koreans. If there are many Angmos(Or Caucasians, same to me), I'll definitely say there're many Angmos. If there're many Malays, I'll definitely say there're many Malays. If there're many Japanese, I'll definitely say there're many Japanese. If there're many Papua New Guinea's people(Papuans), I'll definitely say there're many Papuans. But of course I wont mention if there're many Singaporeans, since we are in, common, Singggaaaporeeee. So you get the drift. Like, I wont say, "Oh I went to Sentosa today and there are many Singaporeans." Anyway, it's not. I heard it's full of PRCs and Indians too.

Avalon's crowd were made up of mostly Middle East people(or at least they looked so), Indians, Caucasians and ABCs. I dont know how do you gauge anyone as ATAS, nor do I think I have the right to go judge. But let's just say, somehow I feel they dont belong in the club. The crowd were pretty young, below 30. Some were like as young as 21 who looked so fresh and clean of makeup and looked as if they borrowed their mother's gowns which are much too long for them. I was like........god I looked at a stream of teenagers streaming in at 2am when I was leaving the club. The music was slightly better from 1am to 2am and seriously the DJ suck. As I was saying, there werent alot of people dancing because the music was so boring and finally there was 1 song which was nice. People started "wooing" and dancing, us too. But to my horror, the song was repeated right after it ended. (=.=)'''''''' And thereafter, every song was like played for like 5-10minutes before it was changed. I was appalled! No DJ play their songs like that. Imagine my enthusiasm to dance to every song which was looped like "forever"(by club standards) to me. Sian. Super sian.

Kt was busy talking to Wen intimately and I was so bored. As I was saying, we were standing in a straight line, like do-re-mi-fa-so so it's not possible to chat in a group. After Wen went to the ladies, Al did talk to me, we chat fine but I always try to keep a safe distance between myself and my girlfriends' guy friends. Maybe I'm just being overly uptight and sensitive. But when he invited me to the dance floor to dance with him alone, I was appalled. The way he asked was....hmm....not casual, "Would you dance with me on the dancefloor?" Where got people like this ask one?? Argh! With my knitted brows, I said, "Hmm......I dont think that's appropriate. You came with Wen." And he was like, "So? Why not? You're attached?" Then I said yes. Awkward silence followed. ZzzZzzz. Guys, why just cant be fixed on one? I began to walk to the other side to stand beside Chris, but sadly, dont know why we dont have much to talk. (=.=)''''' I clicked better with Wen, even though it's my 2nd time seeing her. She's straight-forward, funny and outspoken and she did told me earlier on that Al isnt her type simply because he is too young for her. Still, not her cup of tea is one thing. I still prefer to keep a distance.

The girls began buying lots of drinks like champagne la, beer la, after our long island tea, because they believed drinks can make anything seems more interesting and makes one happy. Lol. a extent is true lah. Lol! But I wasnt up to drinking last night so I drank very little. So I was as sober and grouchy as a discipline mistress. The girls seemed to look happier after the drinks and guys started chatting them up! Chris was definitely enjoying most as she was so popular with the guys there! 2 chatted her up but couldnt catch her interest......because 1 angmo is still a NTU student. Lol. I dont know about the other guy though. Wen and Kt shortly began to socialize too. =) I left at 2am while they stayed. FYI, the drinks werent cheap too. The long island tea jug was around S$70 but I'm not sure about the other drinks.

I could have ended my Saturday night differently. I have friends at Vivo, friends at Boiler and also Rain and her beau(which she has been wanting me to "access" for her) at Holland V. But by then, it's kinda too late to actually do any shuffling. All because we were out late. And I kinda paiseh to leave so promptly as I was being brought in. If I paid my own cover, I would have just left. And well, also because I was patiently waiting for things to "happen", to get better.

Still, oh well.........yay........I've been to Avalon!! The most "ATAS" club in town!!!

BLEARH!!!! ZzZzZzzzzzzz. I dont know how much is the cover charge. But put it this way, give me S$50 I also wont go. =P

Well, maybe a S$500 lah. I'm ATAS mah.


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