Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Pump Room

Li is back from Japan!!! I was so happy to receive her call. :D It was such a wonderful surprise because practically nobody know she's back; we were all wishing her happy birthday just few days back on her quiet FB.

So dinner it is. I said sure, where? And she said maybe Orchard or Taka. Those were the places where we always had our dinners donkey years ago. Lol And I was like errrr, why not we go somewhere where we can chill out later so that there's no need to shift. And I proposed The Pump Room at Clarke Quay. She said okay, saying she felt so lost. Lol so funny. It was like maybe 3 years that she didn't really spend time in Sg because everytime she's back, it was always a rush.

Review of The Pump Room
Grilled Cod with garlic mash
Very very nice!!! Glad that it's not bland like most cods cooked in the western way. Texture was good though can be just a little more tender. Smooth mash though garlic fragrance is too little. Sauce was kinda miserly, could have give more. I've tried their baked cod with red wine sauce which was wonderful as well, however, it was removed from the menu.

Li's Kurobuta pork chop was kinda tough so she didn't finish it. It was a humongous piece though.

Our calamari rings were of the perfect texture with the right amount of Q, but it was simply too saltish even without dipping into the yummy sauce which tasted like thousand island. It was as if salt was sprinkled all over the calamari. A very generous portion though. Pic was taken halfway through. We didnt finish it as we treasure our kidneys.

I had a Snowball and chardonnay while Li had a red and white wine each. For the quality, they're kinda over-priced. The spirits and calamari were around S$17 each and the mains around S$30, so it all totaled S$189. After OCBC or AMEX 15% discount, the bill was around $175. Weirdly, initially they said the discount are for dinner hour and since we settled our bill at around 11pm, the discount is not valid. But we actually arrived at 7+pm, so I wasnt convinced and pressed on, "But we did had our dinners here since 7pm! It's not as if we came late or something." Eventually he gave us the discount. =P 

We were seated at the semi-circle seats. As pretty as it looks, it's not comfortable and very troublesome to get in and out if you're going for the restroom. Plus the huge chandelier atop our heads, it's toOOo near. Not to the extent of making us warm but I'm just glad I have my sunscreen on. It feels like we're suntanning. Most of the time, we had to wave our hands for a long time before a server came. Thing was, there's so many servers and the restaurant/bar is not even crowded.

And one very irritating thing. The bill came to us even though we didnt request for it. It was as if we're being chased away. Anyway, so we settled the bill while trying to finish our calamari and drinks. And after my chardonnay was finished, the waitress came to ask me whether I want another glass. I said "Nevermind, it's okay since you've already billed us." Seriously, if you want your customers to order more drinks whatsover, then you shouldnt bill them when they didnt even ask for it. That's so rude. But I guess these FT servers from Phillipines dont know all these etiquette. ZzzZzzz.  

The band started late at around 10.45pm. We didnt have a clear view but think they were all Filipinos. It's not bad but still not impressive enough to make us stay. The place also kinda get too loud for conversations already. 

Li's pressie from Japan. Yummy biscuits. 

The cutie looks as smashing as she always has been! It was as if she didnt age over a day. So amazing! No doubt life in Japan is great and interesting. =) Actually I was still kinda moody as I haven fully recovered and I spoke little. Hopefully she has time to meet up one more time before she went back Japan next week. Forgot to pass her birthday present. Though thankfully, she will be back in Feb 2013 for a couple of years, before her hubby gets posted overseas again. I so missed my billard/pool kakki. She is one friend whom I feel I can tell her everything and she will not judge me. *HUGSssss* Accommodating, reassuring, PUNCTUAL, good-tempered, I always seek her advice on just anything. =) Good friends are so hard to come by, and I really treasure her very very much. =) 


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