Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zhang Muyi(张木易) and Miki's Pretty Boy Chinese Cover

Please please listen to it!!! You wont regret!!!

Actually I dont really care if the news is real or merely a publicity stunt. What I appreciate is their beautiful vocals. Other than Miki's bobbing up and down. Lol. They complemented each other serenely, charmingly in this puppy-love song. It brought back so much warm, fuzzy feelings. =D Although Miki's voice still have a slight child-like quality to it, but it's like as if "Pretty Boy" has been specially tailored for her to sing. The song suits her to a T. I've been looping this song non-stop for days in Mt Alvernia and now that I've discharged and home, I'm still looping. Lol. What a sweet and compatible pair. =) Althoughhh, I dont feel there's any love connection in the making of this mtv.

I cant believe 99% of the comments at yahoo were so negative. Mostly saying about how the guy, Muyi wanna "eat" a "little lamb" and stuff like he'll most probably grab the "sacred fruit" and be jailed behind bars for life sooner or later. Bla bla bla. Seriously, cant this people use a bit of brain before commenting. If he seriously wanna do that, he most assuredly wouldnt draw so much attention to them and made them the public eye; as so many people will be waiting to catch his tail. Moreover, Miki seems to be more famous than him, definitely more people will be siding in her favor, since she's such a cute little teen. Everyone sees Muyi as a wolf. She reminds me of the mini Cecilia Cheung. Thick brows, round eyes, pert nose, small mouth. Bound to be a striking beauty when she grows up. =)

I did check out their weibo out of kpo-ness. Woah, it's really my first time; I see Miki with 500K+ of followers and Muyi with around 300K, but both of them only follow ONE person, they only follow each other! Spooky! No need friends liao meh? Lol.

All in all, the only thing Muyi can get to gain is publicity to his name, his songs. Even so, it's a huge price to pay and it wouldnt actually be all good and worthy. His female fans might get jealous and stop supporting him. It means he must try to be "guai" and faithful for at least the next 4 years doing nothing, no kiss, no touch, no hanky-panky until Miki turns 16..or 18, wherever their country's jurisdiction may be. 4 years. If he can hold on, then good for him. If he cant, at any point, he will be labelled a jerk if he sees someone new, or most probably, a sex-craved loser if he broke off during this 4 years as tons will be more than happy to say, "There, I knew it! He couldnt take it anymore with no s*x and that's why he broke off." And the worse scenario will be, he really cant control himself, break the law and spend 20years behind bars. In no way is this a fair deal to me, as a artiste's reputation is of utmost importance. In fact...his reputation is already kinda soiled, in some people's eyes.

Has Singapore really degenerate to this stage......the(those) guys I mean.......who bitterly believe that all Singapore girls are materialistic and didnt choose them because they dont earn enough? Who thinks that the only reason that a 24year old guy will profess his love for a 12year old is because of underage-teen-s*x? It's really sad. It's like there's not an ounce of...romance....fantasy...innocence left in these people. I dont mean that the pair CONFIRM must be so in love.....and isnt it a little too fast to jump into conclusion and pour cold water? Of course....most of them probably has nothing better to do with their lives and seek satisfaction and fulfillment in passing crude and negative remarks.

To ask me whether I think they can make it, seriously, I'm at a neutral stand. It's not about the age gap of 12 years. I genuinely thinks love has no boundary, age has no limits. Why, I also have a colleague couple who are 11 years apart. But you see, a 24 year old with a 36 year old, it's not so bad. A 36 year old with a 48 year old sounds okie too. But a 24 year old with a 12 year old does sound kinky. A 24 year old might know what is love. But Miki at 12......will Miki have a change of her heart and realized her love for Muyi is merely a brotherly love? Her mindset on lots of things will change when she reaches 16 or 18 or 21. She's simply too young, I will feel Miki will have a higher tendency to let Muyi down, when she grows older. Of course, nothing can be sure.

I wish them all the best and hope people can just be more lenient and encouraging towards them. Ultimately, if a relationship can start and maintain with 4-6 years of no s*x, I feel the love is so pure and so precious. I've lost count of the number of times that I worry about whether guys have ulterior motives. =P OooOok la....I'm not very wat-wat-wat, but at least, still a female mah... Wahahaha.

Their unique, spiritually-based relationship is something which should be honored and looked upon, not to be jeered at. =D

Carrie Underwood may have given a 12-year-old boy his first kiss, but another adult musician may be taking his relationship with a preteen too far.
Canadian singer-model Akama Miki may be only 12 years old, but Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi, who is twice her age at 24, claims they are in love and that it is not a publicity stunt.
According to MSN, the duo has recently been exchanging love letters and posting photos of themselves together (see Miki pinch Muyi's cheek! See them touch fingers!). Miki is a rising star with reportedly 500,000 Weibo followers, but she follows only one person -- and guess who that is?
"Wait until I'm old enough to marry you, and then I'm going to say 'I do,'" Miki recently wrote to Muyi on Weibo.
Muyi responded with the message, "I simply can't wait for these next four birthdays of yours to pass, I'm counting down each one." If that weren't creepy enough, Muyi admitted he will be watching the prepubescent Canuck mature     with bated breath.
"I said to Miki, 'I'm going to be with you as you grow, I'll always wait for you,'" Muyi wrote.
While he waits, Muyi is spending his time collaborating with the younger musician on various songs. A video of their duet, "Pretty Boy," was posted on Sept. 9, and they plan to release another song, "Courageous Love," soon, no doubt as a testament to their relationship. --extracted from Yahoo, Singapore

Thanks to dearie for preparing the house so clean for my discharge. Smuacks!!

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