Saturday, September 15, 2012


My iPhone is irking me off!! Was blogging a short post halfway via my mobile and it just closed on me! Tmd....

Mac delivery of Big Breakfast Deluxe is ❤❤❤ after a long clubbing night!! Was famished and tired after club hopping yesterday. Dolly->Royal->Mink->Dolly. Fun!! Though Mink.....也不过如此.....:P It's my 1st time there, curious to know how it's like. A friend brought us in so there's no need to queue forever. I seriously hate the door bitches at Royal Room and Mink. While he was bringing us in by skipping the long queue with the male bouncer's help, 2 door bitches were frostily asking us whether were we under the VIP/Guest list, planning to intervene. Wow, her face, I just feel like slapping her right on. We just kept quiet and let the guys do their stuff. Eventually that door bitch super unwillingly gave us chops on our hands with an ultra smelly face. Wah lao, it's not as if she's having a super high position or what. Door bitch only mah, XL for what? As if we go in Mink, she will have a pay cut or lose 1 hair. And it's also not if she's good-looking or anything~ So hao lian for what? My friend looks 30times better than her. NOT that I meant having good looks means you have the right to hao lian, but it's like, you know, I dont even know what she's so cocky about?? ZzzZzzz.

Like wise with the door bitch at The Royal Room. The male bouncer didnt give me any chop when I went in around 9+pm, saying I can get 1 when coming out. So I asked for 1 when I was out from Royal at around 11pm as I'm going Mink. Who knows, I might go back Royal later. And she was like, "You need to be on the GUEST LIST or VIP LIST." And I felt so ridiculous and said "I'm just out of Royal Room only, I didnt get any chop just now, so I want it now." And she said, "Why you didnt have any chop just now then??" I said, "Because the bouncer said I can get it when I'm coming out." And there wasnt even a queue then. It was EMPTY! It's not as if I'm holding up a queue or anything. Then, she grudgingly gave me a chop, as if I owe her a million bucks.

What's the problem with all the door bitches at Pan Pac??? 

It's not my bloody fault that you have to stand like a statue at doors on weekends to welcome people. Go get a life.

I heard Mink's cover charge increased from S$28 to S$35 and now to S$50 for females and $100 for males. Siaoooooo~ Dont know which kuku will pay that kinda money. It might be a solution to reduce the crowd but think the club is intent on raising the exclusivity or rather atas-ness of the club. Not knowing that it will only show how desperate one yearns to get laid, O least to me. =P Zzzz.... Ok, unless you're earning like mega millions so much so $100 is like $1 to you. I can never understand their world I guess. $100 for a good meal is okie, for a dress or a pair of shoes is okie, =P, but $100 to get inside a club? Hmm....cant quite get it.

Dearie so funny, "A hundred to get in? Every entry comes with free bottle of Vodka is it?"


Then he said, "Who will wanna pay $50/$100 to get in??"

I said, "Millionaires bah....or those wannabes loh...Especially girls who wish to get to know the affluent and rich, to grab a rich husband etc. Ahhh....girls like WY lor. Hahaha" She'll probably save up to pay for the cover. HAHA. I'm so mean. :P But so sorry, I don't like girls who take advantages of their friends by always not paying, girls who ditched their 6years boyfriend because he's not earning as much as before and because he had gained weight, girls who patched up as and when she likes when she's alone, broke and needs money, girls who dumped the boyfriend AGAIN after patching up as soon as she's found a "rich-bf/husband prospect", and finally girls who has the heart(or no heart) to break the boyfriend's/ex-boyfriend's heart again and again with no remorse.

Anyway, I dont feel Mink is fun, on a friday night, that is, to me. Firstly, it's like there's no decor at all. Feels like an underground club to me. Ok maybe it's too dark until I cant see properly. I dont like the music, damn boring. It's so foggy, I cant breathe properly. Like a cheapo, I thought I should stay longer to make my worth since there're ample drinks anyway. But really....within 1 hour, I felt like leaving. And I did. =P Quite crowded. I merely made 1 trip to the toilet and was greeted with a disgusting long queue to go back into Mink. You need to go out of Mink to go to the toilet, so try to release yourself before you get in, or else dont pee for the rest of the night, which is bah..... The crowd is pretty normal to me, but at least better than Avalon. I have to say most of the girls there are very tall, perhaps models or something? Though other than height, nobody really strike me as outstanding. Somehow all the girls seem to have their noses in the air. Wonder why? Guys who love tall girls, long legs can seek Mink out. =) In comparison, I think Aquanova has more gorgeous and friendly people. People whom your eyes will stay glued to them because they just look like super stars. But the crowd are extremelyyyyyy extreme, you can see Bangalas inside too because there's no cover. HAHAHA.

I've finished my breakfast already, 该拉的也拉完了,and dearie is still not up yet. Zzzz...and I went to bed so much later than him. How can anyone sleep so longggg? :P

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