Thursday, September 13, 2012


Last week, I've been pretty crazy with the food from Pasta Box. I've mentioned before, I dont like to eat similar food for 2 consecutive days, but not only did I patronize them 3 times a week, I also ate their Prawny box(aglio olio) straight for 2 days. The prawns are so Q, so fresh, with the garlic fragrance of the pasta, they win Pastamania hands down down down. The prices are comparable to Pastamania but portion is even smaller so in a way, they're slightly more expensive. However, for the very fresh ingredients, the taste, and the way they freshly cooked it piping hot just for you, is something which is comparable to restaurants like Swensen's, Waraku etc.

The above menu is not complete.

In fact, I recommended them to all my friends and all of them raved about it. And also got addicted to it. Haha. So far, the Meaty Balls Box, Carbonara Box, Marinara Box, Sausage King Box and Prawny Box all received positive reviews. Yet to hear a negative one. I suspected the people at Cityvibe outlet are the bosses. They're flexible too, for example, I asked if the bell peppers in the Prawny box can be changed to something else because I dont eat that, they changed to broccoli for me. Each Prawny box comes with 4 prawns and around 2 pieces of broccoli, I thought vege wise they can give more. I will try out other pastas next time. =)

We tried their fried chicken wings with their Garlic Mayo, it's also very good. Not oily.

The biggest bad point of the joint is that they used too much oil for their pasta. Wayyyy too much. When I ordered the second time, stating lesser oil, it's still very oily. I might have to highlight to them the next time. It's a shame if such nice pasta are so oily.


TEL: 6836 2220


  1. Dear Kaori,

    thanks for the good review. We from pastaboy will continue to serve good pasta. Thanks for the support!

    1. Hi I just ate prawny box on monday at CityVibe. Weirdly, when I requested the bell peppers to be changed to broccolis(like I always do), an PRC auntie told me that there are no bell peppers in prawny box as the picture is only an illustration. She then asked me to top up $1 for broccolis, which I did. However, I dont feel this is good ethics when the ingredients in the picture dont match real life. Hope you can look into it if possible. It's also better if a prawn pasta has some vege as it's healthier. Thanks.