Friday, September 28, 2012

Back at Mt Alvernia

Am blogging with my iPad now. Actually didn't intend to blog about it as I thought 2days will be the max stay. But I should be staying for tonight also despite my reluctance. I actually admitted the day before on wed night due to more than 3 weeks of persistent coughing. One can live with persistent coughing....until it gives shortness of breath coupled with vomiting. Arrggghhh......have you ever coughed non-stop until it triggered a puke? It was horrible. The cough comes and go though so one moment I can be perfectly fine and the next second coughing my lungs out. I can't sleep as it's most severe and frequent at night. Air-conditioning makes it worse so I had to sleep on the sofa in the living room. :( Also don't wish to spread to dearie as he also started coughing a little.

For the first 2 nights, the coughing was still as bad. It kinda got worse as daytime became as bad as night. I started complaining to my doc. After blood tests, x rays all that.....she finally concluded that my lungs are swollen(???) and it's acute bronchitis. I need to give it some time. She gave me inhalers too which worked by cupping a oxygen-mask like thing on me with pipes all over. Dearie said I looked like that alien who fights with Will Smith in M.I.B. Zzz..... I'm not bored as I'm so well equipped. Lol. At one point, I got both my iPhone earpiece for music(only right ear, under the big headphone) AND headphones(for tv H.B.O) on, as well as iPad and Nu Ren Wo Zui Da magazine on my lap WHILE what'sapping on my iPhone with my friends. The nurses must think me deeply, deeply disturbed. Lol. I watched "Friends with benefit" last night. Pretty funny and sweet. But hope girls don't get misleaded thinking it will always lead to this kinda sweet ending. It's a movie. :)

After antibiotics, I'm much better now but still crossing my fingers for the night. First time I'm so afraid of night how ghosts are afraid of broad daylight. Hahaha! I didn't really tell many friends or update Facebook, because towards friends who care, I dont wish to make them worry. But I guessed this world got no secrets huh.... Thanks for all your concern...hampers etc. Especially appreciate those who wanted to come down....but I don't wish to see anyone in my current state... :P Actually I wanted to discharge tonight one.....but dearie asked me to stay 1 more night to make sure I'm totally alright. He's afraid my cough came back but the main reason is he haven do housework yet due to his work. As dust makes me cough too, he also wanted the house to be very clean when I'm home. Which might be as well as he don't have time to take care of me and meals are provided in the hospital.

My doc also made me sign a form to accept her doctor's fees charges; 1st night $350, subsequent nights $200 per day. That per day means the 5 MINUTES she comes to see me every morning. Woah! Zhen Hao Zhuan! No wonder she kept on encourage me to stay. :P Estimated total costs for my 2bedded is S$1500 per day with no surgery. so sorry to miss Angi's hen's night tonite. Will try my best to pyscho her for another one next week. Lol!

That concludes my boring entry. Hope everyone stays healthy always.....

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