Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review of Forlino - One Fullerton

Angi gave me some welcome vouchers from her credit card application! They're 1-for-1 degustation sets for Forlino and il lido, Sentosa. We tried Forlino(first) since it's definitely more accessible! Appointment booking and payment by HSBC card together with the voucher is required. Just not available on eve of/and PH. I kept having the wrong impression that it's at Fullerton hotel, it's not. It's at One Fullerton. Heard positive reviews of Forlino, which serves Italian comtemporary dining, definitely looked forward to having a great degustation experience!

It's not a huge restaurant and was pretty packed on a sunday. Quite a bad choice actually. There were large groups and families. Very noisy, especially with babies crying and toddlers trotting about on the platform just beside the huge full glass panels overlooking the bay. ZzzZzz........We didnt have the best view, but it's still a nice place with very attentive but not obtrusive services. Pretty natural and warm smiles. =)

 Initially I was pretty skeptical that the degustation menu for the 1-for-1 promotion might not be satisfying. However, I was very very pleased!!! It has my favorite foie gras and beef tenderloin as well our favorite black cod!! Tiramisu is also my favorite italian dessert. =) Erm, just that I'm not all excited for the green pea soup. Give me lobster bisque or crab chowder anytime. Lol. Okie...I know I should be contented. =P

Alright! Let's tuck in!!

Complimentary bread with cheese

The bread had a wonderful aroma, even before it was served to the table, as if it was freshly baked. The cheese looked very interesting. Both not connoisseurs of cheese, we were kinda surprised we like it very much. They were as fine as snow flakes but yet fully-flavored without being overly salty. We had to ask what is this cheese. The staff are definitely well-trained. They are Grana Padano, something like parma cheese and one of the most popular cheeses from Italy. Aged 24months, they're cut into very large and fine flakes by a technique call Raspadura with a special knife. Very generous serving.

Cream of Green Pea

We're really not into green pea. Green bean soup okie, not green pea soup. Lol. 
I dont like the slightly powdery texture lingering in my throat. Also, it can use more salt and flavour.
Did not finished this, though it wasnt not nice.

Foie Gras with Pear Chutney and Morello Cherry

I know I shouldnt complain about the size as it's a starter. =P Definitely not the best foie gras I had tried, but I'm truly disappointed that it was kinda over done. =( I so missed the melt-in-my-mouth feeling. 

4 Cheeses ‘Bonbon’
Chanterelle Mushrooms, Porcini Mushrooms, Summer Truffle

I liked this dish very much! Because not only it was homemade, intricately designed like a candy, it truly made me appreciate how to eat cheese. In these "bonbons"(meaning candy/sweets in french), there were 4 types of cheeses, namely, soft, semi-soft, hard, and semi-hard. They denotes different amount of moisture in the cheese which in turns affects the texture. Together with the mushrooms, they were a joy, though still slightly saltish for my palate. Love love the Porcini mushrooms.

Black Cod wrapped in Parma Prosciutto, Squid Ink Sauce, Tomato Arancini

Not bad at all! Cod was very fresh and I love parma ham. Went off very well together as cod is usually bland while ham is saltish. Lovely texture. Inside the croquet ball was actually rice. Did not finish the croquet ball though as I was getting pretty full already. The squid ink sauce didnt really leave an impression.

Angus Beef Tenderloin with Marsala Wine Sauce

It's hilarious how dearie and I exchanged a knowing look upon the arrival of our main course. Why, it was so tiny! Lol!! Truth be told, it's the finest beef I've ever eaten. =) I usually have it medium because I cant stand bloodiness. The waitress said chef recommended medium rare for this dish. And surprisingly, I said yes. And I did not regret it. The texture was splendid! Howeverrrrrr, I thought the marsala wine sauce was overly saltish. I had to avoid touching the sauce to truly enjoy my tenderloin. I did not finish my mashed as I was really full, it wasnt really spectacular also anyway, and I still have my Tiramisu!

Classic Tiramisu

I was really full then, to be frank. But I did take a bite. And my whole mouth was filled with dusty tasteless choco powder. (=.=)'''' I took another spoonful, still my mouth was as dry as sawdust. It was this.....cheap dry tasteless sponge cake which was........just not appetizing. I ditched the whole dessert altogether. Dearie finished it all and said there wasnt any rum. It's quite disconcerting to have such a unsatisfying dessert at the end of a degustation experience. Quite disappointing. Hmm really, quite one of worst Tiramisu I've ever tasted.

And BY THE WAY, I just realized they forgot to serve us coffee/tea as per the menu. (=.=)'''''''

Well, all in all, we did enjoyed the degustation menu. With the voucher, S$160+ for 2 is pretty worth it. We will probably return again. But definitely wont order the Tiramisu. Lol. Haha. There are still lots of room for improvement for the food. Service wise, it's pretty good, as compared to the last horrible one at Les Amis. At least someone seated me this time round and folded napkin for me! =P Bon appetit!


Forgot to bring my camera as I carried a clutch(Go ATAS place must act ATAS so must carry clutch instead of big bulky bags) =P ......the lousy iphone pictures.

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