Friday, September 14, 2012

Resident Evil - Retribution

Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: The sequel does have a minimum standard; it's still engaging, thrilling and I feel this episode has more outstanding action moves than it's previous. I think they're pretty good already for a Hollywood movie. Though of coz, still not comparable to HK action movies. However, while the actions and digital effects are satisfactory, it seems there's not much plot? Like how dearie said, it's like being produced for the sake of producing a sequel. Li Bing Bing's role was kinda disappointing. While it's understood she shouldn't fight better than the star, Milla, at least they can make her smarter.  

And can someone please mention to these Hollywood directors? Stop decking Asians in red or cheongsams or red cheongsams with the same black wawa hairstyle!  

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