Wednesday, September 26, 2012

F1 finals Sunday and Katy Perry Concert

It's my first time watching F1. =D Thanks to Cel for the tickets!!! Not only that, she actually queued for 2 hours plus in the afternoon with SWEAT for our Katy Perry's tickets!! Awwwwww!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I have so many sweet friends. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! =D

We sat down for awhile at around 7+pm and watched for quite a few laps. I'm one with sharp ears and nose, so despite my ear plugs, it's still pretty loud for me. really dont have anything witty to add because I'm a bimbo all I saw were cars zooming past and I didnt even know which is which and who is who because they were simply too fast. =P After some time, it became kinda boring. So we got out of the seating area and went to grab some bite and drinks. We all had some chips, nachos and fishballs etc; there were alot of German/Mexican food though. They had beer but I just had mineral water. Hmm.........there were really many angmos around.

It was so hot that we're sweating like nobody's business. =( Sebastian Vettel won the seriously who cares.... =P Oh but he's pretty cute though. Hee. =P Finally, at 10.45pm, Katy Perry arrived and awed us with her voice. She's amazing!! The moment she started singing, I really had goosebumps all over!! Her live is much much better than her youtube videos. Her vocals are strong, powerful and the way she moved on the stage simply had my eyes glued to her!! She is very pretty too, funny and straight-forward with a sense of humor. After the first few songs, she started saying, "Do you guys always live in such heat??" All of us echoed, "Yessss!!" She then said, "Oh I feel for you!" Lol. For 2hours and more, she just sang and dance non-stop and only 1 or 2 slightly slower songs. And you guys know that her songs are not easy to sing at all. She plays the guitar too! You have to stand for the concert though. I really really enjoy her concert very much; I simply love ALL her songs. There wasnt a moment of boredom. If she's going to perform in Singapore, I'm definitely going!! 

She makes all my sweat so worth it, despite it's like only a 2hours+ concert. If next time I'm going to F1, I will make sure that the concert performance is worth it because I really cant take the heat and sweat. Anyway, we're saying maybe we can book a hotel room next time because every year F1 finals falls on Jov's birthday(actual day). =) Pictures are taken by Cel's Samsung's Note, transferred by what'sapp and uploaded via my iPhone using iPhone Blogger app. Clear huh~ =) I'm becoming lazier. Much prefer to blog via iPhone nowadays because uploading of pictures is a breeze. It's so troublesome to transfer pictures from camera etc. Not to mention friends will always bug me to pass them pictures. Not I dont want to sendddd, I'm just lazyyyy. SO, I've stopped taking pictures from my camera altogether(HAHAHA!!) and lazily relying on my dear friends' Samsung's handphones. Quite a handful, no need to worry! The only bad point is sometimes the pictures you like might get deleted or not being transferred to you. =P iPhones suck in taking night pictures....sigh.....

I hate being in the front...........make my face so.....damn.....bloody......bigger than it already is.......
Sigh.....but nobody wants to be infront so I have to sacrifice. =(
Oops, I'm just borrowing the cup for taking picture purpose.....I didnt drink okie. 

Pizza face. =~(
Dear Cel, thanks for queuing so long for us!!
If I wasnt busy studying for my exam, I will certainly accompany you!

At Katy Perry's concert!!! With Amanda and jov too.
Makeup already melt like dont know what....
Cant even touch up because we are just so FOS-> Full of SWEAT!

Happy birthday Jov!!! It's her actual day!!!

Super blur pic...already did my best to brighten/sharpen it....
because it's our only group picture.

Had a real fun day out!!! Thanks to Cel for the tickets!!! 
Thanks to Amanda for the lift back too!!!
Smuacks!!! Love love love!!

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