Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Professor Brawn Cafe @ Boat Quay

Professor Brawn Cafe is a very unique and special restaurant which a friend, as well as a client, brought me to many months back; it's his's client's cafe. (Please scroll down if you wanna skip to the review of the cafe) This is to clarify because my possessive honey dont allow me to meet any male(s) alone UNLESS he's my client and it's for work purpose. Sometimes even mahjiong with 3 males will get him pretty uncomfortable. It's quite tiring sometimes. Everytime I wish to meet a guy friend or a guy friend wish to meet me for dinner or chill(not movies or anything like that), I need to pull a girlfriend along or more people along. I dont mind of course, just that it's SUPER troublesome if we dont have any mutual friends. It's not as if my friends are always readily available for me to jio.

And everytime my male friend(s) feel so weird because everytime each of them meet me, it became a group gathering instead. (=.=)''''' And sometimes, it became taxing on them because instead of having a private, casual and easy conversation, it became a socializing gathering instead. Sometimes, they DO mind. And while they dont mind the 1st or 2nd time, they gradually find it tiring because ultimately they dont know my friends well....and well, sometimes they just wish to talk about their personal issues la and it's not convenient. On the other hand though, my friends love to make new friends so they totally dont mind at all. I do have headaches whenever I'm stucked in between, like if I said I was having dinner with this male friend/client(whom my friends also know) just 2 hours ago, they will like, "Why bo jio??? We all can eat/chill together what." Sigh......  

I wont say I didnt break this rule before, but I do inform dearie nicely whenever I need to meet a guy friend alone. Well it's like, I have nothing to hide!! I'm just meeting a guy friend over dinner and we have things to chat, that's all! I'm growing excessively tired of messaging a whole group of people whether they're available to join so that I wont be alone with a male friend. It creates alot of unnecessary trouble and misunderstandings sometimes. And suddenly I feel absurd agreeing to this condition. Recently, he was just "reminding" me of the promises I made, and I said, "Yes I do remember". But maybe it's time that I need to negotiate with him or something........hmm..........maybe that can be like twice a month or something? Lol. Surely meeting a guy friend only twice a month couldnt possibly lead to anything else bahhhhh. 

Maybe some of you may think, aiya, dont tell him can already lor!! Or, lie to him can already lor!! Saves all the trouble, might even have lesser quarrels. But I really dont like to lie. Not that I've never lie before in my life but I really hate to lie. I prefer being honest and open in a relationship and I hope he can do the same with me. I always tell him, if he ever stop loving me one day, please please please tell me and I will let him go. Just dont let me be the last to know and continuously do redundant things which wastes my love, time and effort. You know, I can jolly well part them with someone else. Lol. Just kidding just kidding my dear. 在你不爱我之前,我是不会不爱你的。=) Too complex to understand? Oh it merely means, I will never stop loving you unless you stop loving me first. =) But if you ever stop loving me, I will never love you one day more. =) 

Anyway, I always need to ask him for permission if I'm going out, and stating who I'm meeting, and where I'm going. Although 99.99% of the time, he'll let me go. I always answer his calls/msgs although they might not be prompt. He hardly restricts my freedom but feels the need that I'll just ask him first, as a respect. He usually let me join my friends even though he might be free that weekend etc. 

Few close friends know I have this restriction. Most of our mutual friends(mostly our colleagues) always have this wrong impression that I'm the dominant one in the relationship. It's actually kinda irritating. You know, it's like they dont know us well and anyhow form impressions and conclusions. But I think I also cant blame them because most of the time, it does look that way. They think it must be me who set the rules on him, instead of him on me. Even when they shockingly accepted the fact that he set those restrictions on me, they're convinced that he did that because I do the SAME to him. ZzzZzzz. That's not true! I totally never restrict him at all lor. He can meet any of his female lfriends as he like or meet his guy friends as frequent as he wants. But he just dont do that, and he said "We must be fair mah. =) " 


Actually I'm realllllllyyy curious. 
Does your partners disallow you from meeting guy friend(s) alone? 
Am I the only one and is this only normal? Hmmmm...............

Okok Back to entry at hand.

Usually I snap alot of food pictures with my iphone but only blog them on my mobile/ipad/lappy when I'm free. 

What's so special about Professor Brawn Cafe is that: Please view the picture below.

Yes, so they actually give opportunities to people with special needs and employ them as waiters/waitresses. Therefore, I do urge you to show them some support and be a little more patient when you're ordering. For example, speak slower, speak clearly and if you can manage, do look at them(with a smile of course) when you're ordering as some of them need to read your lips. Dont worry if they cant get it right because usually another waitress/waiter will be accompanying them to take your order. So no fret ya!

Despite it being named a cafe, I feel the food's quality, presentation, service, environment wise etc, is all of restaurant quality. Definitely recommended. 

Sausage with Rosti
Fish & Chips

The prices are pretty affordable and delightful when the portions are big. While I wont say it's the best sausage, rosti and fish & chips in town, it's definitely decent, well-presented and worth a try! Despite being located in Boat Quay, the place is serenely quiet and peaceful. With lush velvet sofas and posh mirrored walls decorated with works by these special people, the place gives a very opulent but yet cosy and comfortable feel. Great for private conversations. Good service. Their black miso cod fish is pretty recommended too. However, I do think the ice-cream are far too sweet for my liking. 

They do need your support. Thanks for reading!

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